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  1. 1. Wisky 2. FSU 3. Auburn 4. TCU 5. Bama 6. Kansas 7. Oregon St 8. Wyoming 9. Texas 10. Oregon 55 points
  2. Sure, I'm in. I don't follow many teams so don't mind taking a guess or 10.
  3. I'm going to hit it this week. Malik will play most of the 3rd and Arch will play most of the 4th. Wright gets to finish this one. Texas 66 Opponent 13
  4. I checked TexasSports.com. I can't find anything for this year, but in year's past there is a sign-up outside Gate 6. There is a link to the map. https://texassports.com/news/2021/8/26/hook-em-herd-field-dash-for-kids-returns-for-2021-football-season
  5. I cut the cord a couple of years ago. For local channels I use an indoor digital tv antenna. It works great for me and cost about $40. I then use Sling for ESPN and other channels.
  6. I missed the first game so I don't know what everyone is talking about. Bad play in the first game of the season?!? not possible. Didn't someone once say "Damn the steak knives. Full speed ahead". I'm sticking with my first week score. I got to be right sometime. Texas 66 Opp. 13
  7. I'm going to miss the game. Some $%&#$ scheduled my mother-in-law's 90th birthday party at noon today. Yeah like I would rather spend an afternoon with a gaggle of in-laws than watch the Horns play their first game of a championship season. Rice 13 Texas 66
  8. yeah and every time Texas scores, we play BTO's "Takin' Care of Business" as loud as we can.
  9. So basically, it's Texas unless it's LSU. It's 100% LSU unless it's Texas. My confidence level is 100% that he will pick a team.
  10. Seeing a game at the Big House is on my bucket list. I'm hoping to get tickets.
  11. With NIL, can a player give up their scholarship and keep their NIL to allow another recruit for that year? I'm sure QE is making a lot of money via NIL. The scholarship money is peanuts to him. I don't know how all this works now so just wondering if this is possible/probably.

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