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  1. not sure about 6 years but it it is definitely more than 3. I think Sark knows the game is won and lost in the lines and it will take time to recruit and train OL and DL. I truly believe once we get a dominating OL and/or DL, games like last week will be few and far between.
  2. Stats are for Johnny D. They don't give you the true picture. 4.8 yards per play for 100 plays gives you 480 yards. 7 yards per play for 60 plays give you 420 yards. What does that mean? W's and L's are what count, not stats.
  3. I completely agree. We don't have the DL or OL to beat people. We have talent but it's too young, not experienced. Playing freshman OL means we suck. They can't compete with 22 or 23 year olds. Ain't gonna happen. The D lost that game. You can't let a team continually run 15+ plays a drive every time they have the ball. Put 10 on the line and let them beat you if they can. At least the D won't be out there 100 plays. We may be 8-5 or 7-6 at the end of the year but I do see some improvement, or at least moreso that in previous years. Get great DL and OL and we will start winning even if we have 3 star running backs. When we start creating holes all of us can run/walk through, then we'll be back. Until then....we suck until we don't. At least we're getting good at that.
  4. Are you inferring the aggies are involved in making the list or that johnny d does the list?
  5. We need this one and we can't fall behind early like we did against UTSA. TT appears to be pass happy but they've thrown a few INTs. Texas D needs to step up an pressure their QB. I think Texas continues to hold opponents to 20 and under. With Card as QB: Texas 35 TT 20
  6. hmmm. that's basic football. i'm no football technician but i know that much. So, while Quinn was slinging the ball deep and Worthy was beating their DBs, the DBs had to play deeper so they wouldn't get beat. That kind of opens up the running game as long as you continue to throw intermediate(LBs) and deep (DBs). Once Quinn left the field, the deep ball is no longer a threat. Bring everyone in and stop the run. And while our O-Line appears to be improved, I wouldn't say they were good at this time. We have plenty of potential. I agree that we have talent at the high school level but not sure at the collegiate level at this time.
  7. I agree. If Card isn't 100%, don't play him. He will take a sack and then we risk losing him for the season. I'd hate to lose this game but I'd would hate to lose Card for the season and then go into conference play with a 3rd stringer and walk ons.
  8. No! No! No! that's not what Donnie Jepp said. Everyone is putting words in his mouth. Card doesn't work in a grocery store. He said Card knows how to take a sack. He's had lots of practice holding the football and taking a sack.
  9. Not this week. If RoJo runs the wildcat this week, it will be strictly runs. Now for the ouSux game, he might pass.
  10. This is the game that tells us what this team is made of. Does the hangover from the 'Bama loss affect this game? If we play like we did last week, then it don't matter who the QB is. 3 yards and cloud of dust becomes 7 yards and a cloud of rubber pellets. Texas 30 UTSA 9
  11. With that said, I'm changing my pick to Kansas winning the Big 12.
  12. I think they were reviewing the targeting only so the refs could only make a call on that. I don't think they are allowed to make other changes to the play unless their is an official review for him being down. At least that is my take on reviews.
  13. Really, I have no idea what to pick here. It's too early to say against a quality team. Can we score against an elite defense? Can we stop an elite offense? I'll go with: Bama 45 Texas 22
  14. That's because the donors asked them to put him at #5.
  15. I know I'm getting older and forgetting some things, but for some reason I thought Texas did very well in the first half and decent in the 3rd quarter last year. It was the 4th quarter that we collapsed. yeah, we sucked last year but I'm not sure I would put the blame totally on Sark. I think we saw what some entitled players and players not buying into a 1st year coach's schemes. Now, were they the right schemes? I don't know but I do know we needed to clean house and for consistency sake quit firing coaches every couple of years.

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