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  1. hahaha, that announcer was Greg McElroy, starting qb for Southlake carroll and a national champion qb at Alabama, hes thrown more passes than Card, I'm going to go out on a limb and say there was a little truth to what he was saying. McElroy was a heck of an accurate qb but Saban rarely used his throwing skills and instead relied on the run game back then and his defense to win but McElroy could flat out throw accurately. I honestly felt CT gave us the best option to win now but long term the answer was probably Card, he just needed reps. its a conundrum but we cant give away losses to bring Card along, hes just going to have to get mop up duty and learn in that role. Hopefully CT doesnt throw INT's in the tight games thereby losing the same game Card would too just in a different way, pretty much what we've heard from the coaching staff all year about each qb's weaknesses.
  2. Thanks for replying. is it a specific type of live oak then? If i'm remembering right, we had live oaks (green year round) back in east Texas and they didn't look anything like these in central Texas. The oak i'm referring to, will grow sideways and all different directions, lots of character. all of ours out in East Texas were just big live oaks.
  3. SHA....ive wanted to plant the type of oak that flourishes in central texas (San Antonio and Austin) because of the character each oak seems to have, all the limbs seem to be crooked but the oak spreads out and covers or shades quite well. Also, will this type of oak do well here in South Ft. Worth? Otherwise I was looking at the Monterrey or Lacy. Lastly, where in the world can I get a seedling from? not wanting to spend $300 on a sapling.
  4. Dang, looks like a lot of changes to the lineup to me. I haven't read much about whats going on only that the team isn't hitting very well. anyone in the know if the changes are directed at improving the offense?
  5. Bijan shouldnt be taken out of the game any more, hes the real deal.
  6. Kansas St is just bad and making everyone look like conference champions. This game will give Tom and others a false sense of accomplishment and that they are on the right path....or at least thats what hes going to say.
  7. what has been noticeable about Sam from the time he was a freshman are just the simple throws you expect from an elite QB like the fade to Schooler earlier. He just misses throws you need to make to win those games against elite competition and I guess I was spoiled by McCoy. I really thought that Sam would progress to a better passer but I dont think thats the case. When McCoy threw the ball down field, it got to the point that you just KNEW it was going to be to an open receiver or right on the money. It wasn't very often he missed.
  8. I'm ready for baseball season already, i sure hope they are better than they were two years ago. cant believe the state of UT athletics major programs right now. i could always count on baseball to at least be respectable and they shit the bed like no other in 2019.
  9. That reads like an italian mafia gangster list.
  10. Lets see, Boise St.: he was born in Boise, played qb at Boise st. and is now the head coach at Boise St.; he wins, very high percentage of long term job security, gets to play in high profile bowl games as much or more often than Texas does, beats OU about as often as Texas does haha (Im kidding but that was funny) [when we suck this bad, you have to have a sense of humor.] pay is good enough?!?! this I dont know, hes getting paid 1.5 right now and it moves to 1.85 in two years. Thats still a lot of money even though 5 million is a lot more here. vs. Texas: Austin, where they want to and have defunded the police (less safety), the woke liberal democrat bs has resulted in crime sky rocketing, no mountains, infinitely more headaches, long term job security is almost zero which leads me to: what he would be thinking about, if he gets fired, he most likely wont be able to go back to Boise st. where all his family resides so then he has to start bouncing around the country again because he needs a job which he has done already as a result of leaving the first time. Tough decision. Money isn't everything, just based loosely off the top of my head, I just dont see him interested but what do i know about his thoughts on money. But you are right, he could at least get a raise.
  11. Hes a good coach, i honestly hope he stays there, some don't agree with me but I think a stronger big XII helps us.
  12. Thats someone I haven't thought about but I don't think hes ready yet SHA, hes a great choice though, I would definitely bring him on though as the offensive coordinator here and groom him. Maybe the next lincoln riley.
  13. I know I kind of chuckled at this being an option. You remember when he first came to UT and they were talking to him about some of his play calls at Gilmer? He named his plays after popular names from the andy griffith show?!?! hahahaha, one was called "Ernest T." , one the "Barney" and one "Aunt Bee", he also named some after other popular shows. I can see it now - Jeff Traylor, the new head coach at Texas, playing Alabama in a prime time night slot and oh, what was that? I think I just heard him call a play called "squeal like a pig" or "battle of the banjo's" or "Elizabeth, this is the big one" (Fred Sanford) or the "Beverly hillbillies"...you know, cause the plays need to be a little more complex then just this is the "Jethro" hahaha Hey, i"m not laughing at you though, i just couldn't help it, i like Jeff but i'm pretty sure hes over his head here.
  14. 1. I like the list but I don't know whats going on up at Penn St.???? those guys are 1-5 so far this year! I used to like Franklin but whats going on? 2. Dan Mullen - ummm.....not leaving Florida. 3. Matt Campbell - Im pretty sure he can see the dysfunction plenty from where hes at, why would he come here when he can get to the big XII championship game more often at Iowa st.? Thats an Ouch but true 4. Tom Allen - Where the heck did he come from? Ive watched a couple of their games, those guys play, but so did the kids for TH at Houston before he came here, I would have to defer to more knowledgeable football people on this one and his interview and how he passes the football eye test from someone that knows what they are looking for and at. 5. Luke Fickle - not bad, same as above as far as deferring. 6. PJ Fleck - another good option, same as #5. 7. Bryan Harsin - pretty sure he also knows how poisonous are culture is too and wouldn't touch this place with anything other than a nuclear bomb.
  15. Age shouldnt factor into a decision for the next guy, Nick Saban kills that theory otherwise the rest of your post is spot on. Either we think they can do it or not, i dont care if hes 21 years old or 69 like ol saint Nick.
  16. youre one of the only other person I know that mentions the dysfunctional culture besides me, i mentioned that on a post a couple two or three months ago before the wheels fell off this year and was attacked. Apparently 3 coaches in 10 years with the exact same issue with players isn't enough evidence for some people.
  17. Well, i watched it. I like how he mentions the parity in the conference this year. Uuuuummmmm, but OU is probably going to win the conference again this year, OU has been in the championship game every year since 2000 all but 3 times ... parity you say? hhmmmm.....right...oh he means other than OU, yeah, there has been a different team every year facing OU lately.
  18. No, i didn't get to see it. I'll look for it to see if its online some where but enlighten me please. lol I mentioned on the fire herman thread that they should replace him temporarily with the Softball coach. I honestly think he would do better. or the womens track coach i honestly don't care, I want anyone else or no one at all.
  19. So, after 4 years on the job for anyone that supports this guy, this is an acceptable level of performance for this amount of time on the job? If so, please send me an application, i want to come work for you. I'm a great employee, i can guarantee that I will never be last in any category I manage though.
  20. I"m not either, at all, was only putting TH in perspective and I consider those Nick Sabans' recruits that he won the NC with. Like i said before, i don't even care and its pretty bad that its even debatable.
  21. at this point and I kid you not, i would rather there not even be a coach the rest of the season then to see Tom on the sideline. Or I would rather see the girls softball coach take over.
  22. I would include Matt Wells, I don't know how you didn't include him. It took a miracle for Tom to win that game this year and I would say Tech has even less talent then even Baylor but I digress and dont even care to argue it beyond this post. The talent level difference between the two are large chasms in my opinion. I would say that Les Miles is about the only coach that Tom is better than and its honestly a debate at that, I think I could argue that maybe even Les is better but again, i really don't care. just fire Tom.
  23. Isnt this the same exact thing that happened with Nick Saban?

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