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  1. I mean when the entire stadium knows your trying to run the ball on first and second down to waste clock. A lot of the blame is on sark. Manning in the stands watching Thompson get hammered and the ineffectiveness on offense. I’m pretty sure he not coming here.
  2. It’s ok offense should be plenty rested since they been on the bench all second half
  3. Defense wearing down. That’s what happens when offense can’t stay on the field
  4. 2 fumbles in a row on 3rd down. They really do just try and choke games away
  5. Great job offense. Way to reward the defense for getting a stop. With a quick 3 and out
  6. Lol after that embarrassment let’s hope we can hold on to our current commits, instead of pipe dreaming about 5 stars. I’m pretty sure Perkins going to Aggie after knocking out Bama last night.
  7. Lol prolly. They got a nice freshman QB to throw them the ball
  8. Welp you think any of the 5 stars coming after this embarrassment?

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