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  1. Well, I guess I should say, I've never seen anything quite like it without all 9 players chasing the ball all over the field at the same time lol
  2. Before this, there were 10 scored runs between the teams....with none coming by way of RBI. Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it ha
  3. That was a big inning...needed to capitalize with based loaded, 0 outs. Got some gifts from UH pitching, but hey, as long as the runs cross the plate.
  4. Is Chiaka a national POY candidate this year?
  5. Somehow, Kentucky has the #1 RPI (or at least they did when I was watching the Texas vs OU match), so that might have had something to do with that. But I agree, we should easily be in the top 4.
  6. Looking good so far... Offense was a struggle yesterday, so glad to see we are starting a little better than yesterday
  7. I need to rewatch, but I believe we called the same screen play on the first drive of the second half and the WR made sure to stay well behind the LOS, so seems like the adjustment was finally made.
  8. Them punting honestly surprises me...down 2 scores with 2:30 left? I know it's 4th and very long, but have to give yourself a chance, right?
  9. Roach put his big boy pants on and MAULED that LT. WAY TO GO DEFENSE!
  10. Also how the hell do they pick up that late hit flag if they called it on us earlier in the game. I don't think that it's a penalty, but if they called it on us then they need to call that. Absolute BS.
  11. hoooooo hooo hoo hoo hoo Elliott makes the play wow I held my breath for a second there lol
  12. That's the way to answer!!! BEAUTIFUL play design on the counter. Just beautiful.
  13. WHY THROW THAT?!!! As much as I love Sam, he makes some very very bad decisions sometimes...decisions that a high school player knows not to make.
  14. LOL that's why he false started...he knew the TD play was called for him!
  15. Hey! Carter was tackled after the whistle! Late hit refs! smh
  16. If roles were switched, they probably would've called defensive PI against us with all these ticky tack calls against us smh

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