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  1. I don't agree with the entitlement argument. Entitlement would be not practicing hard, not putting in the work, eating junk food, skipping class and expecting to win. If you can tell me that's happening then I would believe it else I don't buy it. The problem with the Tech game was the offense was sub-par which caused the defense to be on the field way too long.
  2. I guess they need to put flags on the QB and defenders go after the flags...
  3. I think you should repost this instead of kate
  4. My friend, who I played baseball with, was asking for prayers and I was wondering why. After seeing their score, I understand why. He played baseball at Troy.
  5. Sorry, I don't understand the hand sign. Can someone interpret? Is that a Lobo running???
  6. Not Hicks either because he's not committed, I believe
  7. 4. The refs missed two blatant pass interferce calls against bama too. If those are called, it's a different game. 6. I saw that on Network TV. As he was running out onto the field, he yelled as someone out of frame...something about "class" if I recall correctly.
  8. As lopsided as this box score looks, the final doesn't reflect it. Less than 100 yds rushing for a&m, wow.
  9. I'm sure they laughed at us when we lost to Kansas at home....Good to see that karma is alive and well.
  10. Question. Where do the recruits sit during the game? I hope it's not behind the opponents bench....like I've seen in the past years. I can see Bama players waving at the recruits if they're behind them...
  11. Unproven QB against a National Championship contender, it's going to be ugly
  12. I interpreted as quickest as in release time....not sprint time
  13. Both unproven at the college level. One isn't even on campus yet. I hope they turn out the way we all want them to.
  14. I'd give that ranking up for a trip to our first CFP appearance.
  15. We've been hearing "Texas on the Map", "Texas is building something", blah blah blah. I hope it's true this time. Over a decade of mediocrity...
  16. That SOC vs Desoto game is going to be a good match up of Longhorn recruits.
  17. Yeah, I don't know about that. Success in high school doesn't always translate to success in College. There so many other variables.
  18. I remember my sophomore year on campus. A couple of the football players raced at Clark field (I believe that's what it was called, next to Jester). They ran the full length of the field; probably 100 yds. They were quick.

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