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  1. I wouldn't say we suck. We just aren't an elite football team that can win championships. We beat teams we should be, UL, Rice, and will have trouble against good teams Ark. We'll see what happens these next two weeks. If we win, we'll have more confidence going into ou. If we lose, it'll be a long season. In any case, you have to give Sark 4 years to get his own guys in. The problem is how does he get his own guys in if we can't win now, which will deter the elite guys. We aren't the only team having issues, michigan, nebraska....
  2. I like the move. I don't think we learn too much from this. We beat rice at home if one of the walkon QBs starts. Ok, maybe not. It'll be interesting who starts against tech and ou. We know Casey will do well against rice. So if he falters against tech, we have a big question of who gets the start against ou. We don't want to be there.
  3. When you go 3 and out on a consistent basis, the defense tends to get tired. The defense might have had a better performance with a better performance on offense. But like we've stated, we'll never know.
  4. I don't agree with this statement. We know with Card starting Texas lost. Thompson could have done better. Ark defensive playbook may not have worked with Thompson. We'll never know.
  5. I expect the same. Seems we beat lower tier teams but can't seem to win the ones that would lift us to the next level. In fact, last nights game was quite embarrassing. Offense was non-existent and Defense was tired of being on the field.
  6. Colorado is hanging in there. But not able to do anything now; that spells bad news for the Buffs. Hope it holds
  7. He owes a lot to his team for what he and the team already accomplished but doesn't owe them anymore than that. The decision to continue his senior season is his alone.
  8. I guess we answered that question. It was actually a rhetorical question but good info.
  9. You're still confused...expected. Stewart and others have made a calculation and money wins. They don't fear getting hit. Otherwise, they wouldn't have played in the first place. When Stewart and others get to college they will start at square zero and have to create the resume they built in HS. Once that resume is built, they will again have the same decision to make when eligible for the draft. Some teammates will support him and others won't. Only one person matters and that's the person making the decision. There is no "take my word for it". They've already proven at the HS level and the colleges have seen that and they want them on their team. Will colleges start pulling offers because the HS athletes are skipping games, skipping senior seasons (Ewers)?
  10. What's ridiculous about it? Stewart's a highly recruited athlete and will get the pick of his colleges. We have no idea why he won't play just that he isn't. He realizes he could get hurt and why chance losing NIL because of some HS game. Or maybe he has the flu. Regardless, it won't hurt his chances of getting that coveted scholarship at the next level. There was no NIL when you were in HS so it's a different situation these days. FYI, players do skip games because of the NFL. It has nothing to do with fear, it's all about the benjamins.
  11. With money on the line, I wouldn't doubt it. Some HS players are getting threats of "breaking legs", so I don't blame them for foregoing games.
  12. We'll see what Card is made of with his first test in a hostile environment. I was at that 2014 game and it was embarrassing.
  13. Got my email regarding ou tickets. Going to the game. Let's hope our team is undefeated on Oct 9th and 10th.
  14. All teams that give their QB time to run through their progressions. If you don't put pressure on the QB, then any QB on the schedule will do well.
  15. Great job. You've set the bar pretty high at the start of the season. Can we expect this every weekend?
  16. Any losses to big 12 teams this year are going to be even more embarrassing...TCU, Baylor, OSU
  17. Kids already move around to schools to play with winners, i.e. Allen My question is when does NIL hit high school. Or some form of NIL...
  18. No kind words from this representative. Was it our responsibility to make the big12 a great conference?
  19. I heard (jking) that they will be joining the big12.
  20. He flashed Horns down in the video. I already hate him.
  21. With the NIL, $ takes on a whole new meaning. Texa$ in the $ec
  22. Didn't know where to put this but who's idea was it to put a thumbs up for one of the emoticons? Replace it with a Hook'em. I never thumbs up only Hook'em.

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