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  1. No. Georgia maintained their deadline.
  2. Exactly. The qtrumplinkins don't like facts. Even when it's their party stating the facts.
  3. There was an audit done and it proved what was already known. https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/elections/historic_first_statewide_audit_of_paper_ballots_upholds_result_of_presidential_race#:~:text=“Georgia's historic first statewide audit,results%2C” said Secretary Raffensperger.&text=By law%2C Georgia was required,race following the November elections.
  4. He's propagating a lie. That's what he did wrong. He didn't win Georgia. Biden did. After many recounts and investigations.
  5. Could be the same story. However, the Hill story, which I posted, doesn't mention anything about the Post (assumed to be Washington Post). It mentions the Wall Street Journal. Everything stated in the Hill story is correct. There is no "find the fraud" in the Hill story. You can read it from the link I posted. Here is the audio recording from the call with Watson. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/full-audio-call-between-trump-georgia-secretary-state-investigator-over-signature-match-audit/IT2D4LO2AJG57PFM67YSUWBN3Q/
  6. Looks like the Kraken is cracking I know plenty of person's her lawyer speaks of.
  7. Received the same. Didn't seem to stand out to me. With the assumption of everyone to be vaccinated by the time football season starts, seems like a good capacity projection; along with the disclaimer that plans can change.
  8. Agreed. There are two former Longhorns on the Desoto coaching staff.
  9. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/1/31/22258326/rep-adam-kinzinger-movement-reclaim-gop-fringe-elements-qanon-marjorie-taylor-greene-trump Good video from Rep Kinzinger https://www.facebook.com/electadam/videos/732525050707374/
  10. The first thing I noticed was this kid was huge. His name fits his stature. It seemed he was limited for some reason. Not sure if he was coming off an injury or what. He didn't play the whole game that I saw. The plays that he was in, he dominated the man in front of him. Basically, drove the guy in front of him to the QB.
  11. Saw him play this year. Hopefully we get this guy.

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