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  1. @TFloss32Jeff Choate was at Plano East. Do we know who he is looking at? Didn't know which thread to put this in...
  2. Karic gets to protect his old HS teammate
  3. No reason to compare the 70's to current times. It's a different game. Winning at any cost is the game now. And that cost needs investors. We're supposed to have some of the best investors. So play the game.
  4. $50k seems like a positive for that....might be $75 by the time he signs.
  5. What quarter will the Brocks be playing tonight?
  6. If abiding by the rules, kudos to them. I'm surprised our boosters didn't come up with something first. Aren't our boosters > a$m boosters?
  7. Agree with everything you said. It's a new era of college football. Conform or get left behind. We've already been left behind given the last decade and a half for whatever reason you want to mention. We have BMDs at UT. Let's see how much they want it.
  8. Where there's money involved, there's always someone there to exploit and get what they want.
  9. Interesting. I remember seeing a #3 out there but I thought that was Jones back from his injury...
  10. Yes, you've explained that you made the statement sarcastically. Your OP is understood. The issue now is others are starting to jump in. So I'm choosing to respond to them.
  11. You'll have to explain what my marital status has to do with it. Are you're trying to imply that I should have known her statement was done in sarcasm? To which I say, sarcasm, tone, inflection is not convey through text alone. It should be accompanied by caps, emojis, bold, etc. Even an "lol" would suffice. What part was dead on? She made several statements. And I refuted several. I think we all want what's best for UT football. Otherwise, why waste our time here.
  12. Not sure what you're referring to here. I can assume a couple of things, "keep your opinion to yourself"? Ha. That will never happen. But you already know that.
  13. Couldn't somebody have given him some UT clothes as he walked into the building?

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