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  1. Being at the ou game, I can't disagree with that statement.
  2. I haven't seen this mentioned, Jeb Bush is NOT, repeat, IS NOT a Defensive End. He doesn't belong on the defensive line PERIOD. He is too undersized. It sucks that Jones went down. But are we that under-manned at DE?
  3. I wouldn't say we suck. We just aren't an elite football team that can win championships. We beat teams we should be, UL, Rice, and will have trouble against good teams Ark. We'll see what happens these next two weeks. If we win, we'll have more confidence going into ou. If we lose, it'll be a long season. In any case, you have to give Sark 4 years to get his own guys in. The problem is how does he get his own guys in if we can't win now, which will deter the elite guys. We aren't the only team having issues, michigan, nebraska....
  4. I like the move. I don't think we learn too much from this. We beat rice at home if one of the walkon QBs starts. Ok, maybe not. It'll be interesting who starts against tech and ou. We know Casey will do well against rice. So if he falters against tech, we have a big question of who gets the start against ou. We don't want to be there.
  5. When you go 3 and out on a consistent basis, the defense tends to get tired. The defense might have had a better performance with a better performance on offense. But like we've stated, we'll never know.
  6. I don't agree with this statement. We know with Card starting Texas lost. Thompson could have done better. Ark defensive playbook may not have worked with Thompson. We'll never know.
  7. I expect the same. Seems we beat lower tier teams but can't seem to win the ones that would lift us to the next level. In fact, last nights game was quite embarrassing. Offense was non-existent and Defense was tired of being on the field.
  8. Colorado is hanging in there. But not able to do anything now; that spells bad news for the Buffs. Hope it holds
  9. He owes a lot to his team for what he and the team already accomplished but doesn't owe them anymore than that. The decision to continue his senior season is his alone.

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