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  1. I heard (jking) that they will be joining the big12.
  2. He flashed Horns down in the video. I already hate him.
  3. With the NIL, $ takes on a whole new meaning. Texa$ in the $ec
  4. Didn't know where to put this but who's idea was it to put a thumbs up for one of the emoticons? Replace it with a Hook'em. I never thumbs up only Hook'em.
  5. Is Stewart going to run T&F at the College level? I would expect him to do this too.
  6. Great AB for Zubia. Bases loaded, no outs, top of the order. You better get runs.
  7. Missed the game....why do I have to work??? At least, we weren't 2 and to the house.
  8. High heat is hard to catch up with. 1st time through the lineup though. He'll probably mix it up more 2nd/3rd time through. Hopefully, we'll chase him by then.
  9. https://rgvsports.com/news/107627/mcallen-baseball-to-take-center-stage-at-college-world-series/ Valley baseball
  10. I believe I'll be at the Carroll v Martin game. That will be interesting to see Trevell Johnson play against Ewers.
  11. Been there once with my aggie co-worker. He paid.
  12. No, he was originally committed to ou. He switched to bama. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/2019/04/30/denton-ryan-star-athlete-drew-sanders-switches-college-commitment-from-oklahoma-to-alabama/
  13. Nice. He was originally committed to ou wasn't he? I've seen this guy play for a couple of his denton ryan years. He's a beast. Watching him and Ja'Tavion Sanders on the same team, it wasn't fair to the other team.

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