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  1. 2025....there's so much that can change between now and his signing day, he may not be Big12 ready
  2. What does Chris know...I wonder if he remembers throwing 4 INTs in the Big12 game against Colorado....That was him wasn't it?
  3. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/2022-college-football-bowl-game-tracker-live-updates-all-confirmed-bowl-matchups?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=BrettMcMurphy Bowls
  4. Congratulations to TCU. Who would have thought that only OU and TCU would have made it the CFP from the B12?
  5. Can they participate in bowl practice and then elect to sit out? In any case, I'm good with them sitting out. Does playing in the bowl game count against games played for anyone that is trying to redshirt?
  6. That would be a great get. The kid can run and has the 6'3" height unlike some exaggerated HS heights.
  7. If I'm reading this right, I think you're saying Arch will play next year unless he doesn't
  8. Yeah, more like Crimson Tide CB Khyree Jackson signs the largest NIL deal for a college football player ever sponsored by the famous BMDs ...see inside
  9. The difference is MM has been in the system for a year. So Sark has seen him and knows what he can do. Someone has to challenge QE for the QB1 spot since Card is leaving and Manning won't be ready.

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