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  1. Three OL and three LB would look great for recruiting. And throw in 2 DBS.
  2. Where is the Houston like offense? Tom needs a Houston like QB.
  3. Then tell us which is overated the players or the coaches or both. Of all the games I watched only Michigan looked as lost as Texas.
  4. Yesthe defense was almost as disapointing as the coaches. OL improved but still a way to go.
  5. The defense again lost the lead late in the game. Is the defense good are only look good playing the offense in pratice.' IMO it would help to forget all the co cordinaters and put it all on one man. Maybe too many cooks in the kitchen.
  6. Saw a H S football game last nite and each team had a better offence than Texas is showing. And to think that Herman said of the offence we are good. Doubt if Patterson or the Wizzard could do any thing with these players Never want to hear revenge game again.
  7. There is more encluding half of the pony express Dickenson spelling?
  8. Read somewhere that Shepherd,s girlfriend has enrolled at Texas.
  9. True. Then no one said they all would play in a 4-3-4 either. Still would be great to have them all no matter what defence was played.
  10. Its still great but reality and angry personal wins football games.
  11. Not really since Texas plays a 3-3-5 defence I for one miss the old 4-3-4 defence but B12 offences dictate more DBS.
  12. If the 20 spaces open is correct that leaves 8 spaces open. Not counting attrition IMO mosted needed for the 8 spaces is. 3 ol, 1dt, 3lbs and 1 safty, Attrition which will happen as it always does could open spaces for other positions.
  13. As to the RB's depending on medicals there could be 0 to 3 RB taken. With no Cain or Saunders why take a chance on one
  14. IMO Texas is closer to 20 spaces than 17. Check the roster.
  15. Not Java but ithas been reported on other boards that Dobbins signed a few hundred items and some were sold.
  16. J. King is no sleeper to fans who have watched him in action. One coach who played both teams remarked he was harder to tackle than Ingram.
  17. I do not know if LSU recruits good hitters or has a good batting coach. But they can always hit.

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