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  1. My guess on a RB leaving would Wisner. Un less he moves to WR.
  2. Season is over. Next year looks bright 8 starters + 4 pitchers return. Citlaly(freshman) looked very good to me. Lots of ball movement good loacation, she deserved betterfielding support. 3 runs but 2 wereunearned. Top 10 recruiting 6 signed Good lord willing and the creeks don't rise be watching next year.
  3. awheels fell off. Hate to see ateam look that bad.Maybe next year.
  4. Not been agood for the Ladies espicaly the SS.
  5. Top 4th ou 4-0 on thier way to breaking Arizona's 47 wins in a row record. Counted ou chickenstoo soon 3 HRs later now5-4 Clemson.
  6. Didn't some west coast defensive guy fill Patterson position?
  7. Sanford just broke the game wide open 7-2 still batting. zthey advance to World Series. Not good for Directors Cup.
  8. Yes it was a tough draw, Then to be a champ you have to beat them all sooner or later. I see no way any one can beat ou in a three game series.
  9. Bottom line all schools want games for a easy win, or for recruiting reasons!
  10. They are like LSU and gorrila ball of years back. And worse they signed #1 lefty pitcherfor next year.
  11. I enjoyed beating the pigs about as much as any body elsenot named sooners. Mjust never go to thier home games, you will regret it. They are not nice well not all of them.
  12. Back to years ago. Played them every year for a long time. Bad part it will help thier recruiting espicaly Arkie.
  13. Well we will see how it plays out. Who signs (witch does not mean to much) where Know you liked Peoples.
  14. 5-2 final had chances but could not get the hit when needed. Tommorow maybe.
  15. Not good so far. 4-1 Vols. top 4 th.
  16. Could not edit so new post The low ranked deal was in responce to D Foreman and J. Brooks not comming to Texas because ofranking posted by texbound.
  17. Not sure what you mean by this low ranked thing. Clark is ranked 25 or 26 by two services And that is "lower ranked than several Texas RBs.Did it ever occur to you not to read things in my posts that are not there, I have been around long enough to know some kids could care a tinkers dam about Texas. I never said these Texas RBs was interesred in Texas.( elive Tatum was) Just wondered why go after a #26 RB ifhigher ranked ones were availavle We are talking about some one who might sign and might not. belive he is 90+% to Texas.
  18. Ladies Horns take on Ladies Vols. today. Go Ladies. Also give a cheer for Dukeover Stanford.
  19. Just checked to see if my data was old. Justfor infro. 24/7 Tatum #1 RB by position # 42 player rated 95 24/7 Gibson #2 by position # 86 player rated 93 24/7 Peoples #3 by position # 94 player rated 93 ON3 Frazier (mater dei) #1 byposition. Gibson #2 byposition #3 Tatum #13 Peoples #25 Clark Looks like services vary .These are two I can acess and ESPN which I do not like.

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