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  1. IMO if you are looking at twitter or instantgram you arelooking for trash. Check out football sites.
  2. No commitments but I hear we are close to getting two more DL.
  3. The koolade is flowing. IMO the great improve ment was caused by Rice. If Hogs were next game I sure would not bet on Texas
  4. All recruits at the game should be impressed by score or chance at earlt playing time.
  5. On QBS IMO thier job is to make plays. If the called play breaks down, run to pass or justrun to make yardage. Maybe throw the ball away. Just do not stay in pocket with deer in headlights look and get sacked needls essly.
  6. For the recordSark said he called only one running play for Casey vs hogs.
  7. Colts lines were bad enough to get him knocked out of atleast threegames. HeckB.Layne would have been better than Colt vs Ark.
  8. Good news forsome teams. NCAA rules commity is again considering raising 25 limit. Seven more to account for portal transfers . Will this help Texas if it passes?
  9. Why can't he run all his offence. I thought Sark was hired to Win not to just run a offence. If one wants a offence only hire a Briles. What is difference in QBS? Casey is faster better runner and better long passer. Card is better short passerand most every one thinks hehas more potential.
  10. 83Dee throw in the Ladies sports and I am with youThere are Horn sports other than football. Johnny D agree on wanting to win now. But thats about all.
  11. Bradley got his chance small hands led to fumbles. He moved to DB and James took over.

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