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  1. IT is saying once MM sets foot on campus, he will be highest skilled DB.
  2. You missed Brown aRS. Still is more need than edge. Sorrell, Finkly, Tapp, Burke and Collins has played at edge. Plus three commits one stud and one super stud 7 bodies for 2 positions. But all in all its what Pete wants.
  3. Are you a Star Gazzer or a Junior Manager? Check out IT free article.
  4. I would guess the players announce about time bowl practice begans. I am with you in hoping all players play in bowl.
  5. Yeah as I got older my parents got a lot wiser! And for the record I never called Ewers as a competor. That was another poster who assimed I did and rushed to hid defense. I wish Texas had a QB as comperive as Duggan and Rising. original statement. I belive this does nor single out Ewers.
  6. Texas has two other QBS Ewers is not the only one. Why not defend them?
  7. IT has a good free article 5 things Texas needs to improve on to win Big 12 Didclaimer #1 will not be liked by most.
  8. You just have to fill in the missing words. Yes the 30's language was quite different. Dude was a simi bad person and a joint was a bad place to be. The whole USA had different dialects time has changed this.I was 12 years old before I knew Damm Yankee was two different words. No TV no phones just radio.
  9. My eyes might not be 20-20 and typing not so good. But I stayon subject and when it lookslike loseing do no insult posters. That said I will not respond to your posts if you do the same. Hookum
  10. Fighting Mack Brown's shot thier self in the foot (or tar heel) but are losing to a TexasQB. Purdue is giving Michigan all they want. Michigan loses then what.
  11. I belive you are right on. Espically on Jimbo.
  12. Saying Ewers is not the competitor Duggan ( evver put itthat way) is not slighting Ewers. Hope you can see that.
  13. Agre 100%. Put Sams heart in Ewers or Ewers arm on Sam and you wpuld have two all americans.
  14. If you are going to quote me please quote the whole senance not just part to try and prove your point.
  15. He di this year and last year do not know about the rest. It has been my experence that 10 year oldssome have and some do not. Baseball that is. It is a trait you are born with. Players and coaches too. Do not belive I said Ewers is not a competer. May be another poster assuming that what I meant.
  16. I am not against Ewers hope he wins two Heismans if that means Texas is winning big again. What I am against posters ( you are not one) who read things that are not there in my posts If they think they see any slight vs Ewers out somes the excuses thatdoes not pertain to original post. I forgot the smilie on Sams post.Hope this clears things for you on how I feel about Ewers. Honest guestion Do you think Ewers is the competer as Dugan. This to me is not skills or experence just fire in the gut.
  17. TCU or Alabama how does thier strenth od schedule stack up.
  18. Just for the readers who read things that are not there. Wish Texas had QB that is a competer like Sam. And to some if they think Texas has A QB that competes like Duggan I doubt thier eyesight nothing against Ewers or any other player.
  19. Please go back and reread my post.I only said competer no comparison of skill I belive Duggan and Rising were competers as freshmen. Thats some thing you have or do not.
  20. Poor ball spot on the goal line stand. The lSt two play calls were worse. With you on same teams. And really feel bad for Duggan he left it all on the field.

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