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  1. This time of the year sun and sand can be impressive.
  2. Texas has had and proably always will have many more H S footballers than Georgia. Keep Texas est home and you have a winner.
  3. After perusing DC'S Rising Mag. afew thoughts on offense QB sure Texas is all in on Manning. Arnold of D. Guyer would a good backup. RB Owens the same. Wisner backup.or Sanford of Harker Heights TE Platt, Davis or a late riser. WR Greathouse TE, Pettaway Palfreeman, Hale , Cook OL Shannahan, Cojoe, Robinson, Stroh, Sewell, Chatman, Deal DT also. , Porter, Carter, Bowden, Deal, Hicks, James, Renaud. LB Hill, Spence, Bratwaite. DB Tovano, Rogers, Yaits, JohnsonBowen, Meyers, Thomas. Some may have offers others need offers numbers at positions will work outlater. Good year at most positions in Texas. '
  4. Thanks must have had him mixed up with H. Connor. Thanks to all the help my count agrees with OB'S 88 on roster and 2 ships left. Then Campbell already signed ( some where) so 1 left. On to2123 recruiting.
  5. Some one help me out. Checked roster a Texas site and this years class. Could not find a Robertson listed. Where did he come from?
  6. I do not have Robertsol on my list so guess thats it. Thanks for help.
  7. My mistake one count on defense side.so one more to my count for 87 I still have only 14 at OL maybe they are counting Campbell should be clearer come Feb. Should be no troublereaching 85 limit after spring game belucky if 5-4 is all that leaves.
  8. Does this help. Yes it does they have one more TE and one more OL than I do. Now to figure who they are. maybe Billensly at TE.
  9. I could acess thier schoolarship board is behind pay wall?Wanted to compare thier list vs mine.
  10. Agree with all except the 85 numbers. I count 86 now and 2 morewould be 88. OB could be right this year is almost to keep up with.
  11. I count 86 on ships if Perkins comes it would be 87 and Campbell would make 88 and 33 ships for this class.
  12. No suprise here who beat Alabama and who lostto Kansas? Also they have better bag men.
  13. I do not belive Texas will stay in Big 12, but do belive it a mistake to move. proabily kn a few years ESPN will declare any school thats wants to play big time football has to join SEC Wonder how Big 12did vs SEC in bowl games.
  14. Winning or not, Texas is the premier program in the conferebce. Winning makes the top program. or whykeep score.Or we talking about swimming?
  15. Where did you draw the conclusion that I thought Big 12 is terrible? Said in a conference you all think is terrible. Money coming in yes it all about money not wins on the field. Losesomegames by joining SEC. Texas is losing games now in what some sayis a terrible conference. On the medium sized frog I might have been generous at least for last 10 years. Beening honest how many times in a row has OU won. How many conference titles we won in how many years 30 20 or so. How many teams have left Big 12 and won any thing? I have been a Texas fan for 60+ years lived thru highs and lows but now as some one says we suck till we dont.
  16. Thats why Baylor Okie lite and others win they recruit by evalution and not by stars.
  17. Well guess all thats left for 2022 is to find out if Campbell signed with invisable ink.
  18. No I am quaifying teams on thier to beat the worst defensive coached in 40 yeats. I do not prop Texas up by running down other teams. Texas was great and it pains me to say today they are just asecond team in what you all say is a terrible conference. They aregoind from a medium sized frog in small puddle to atadpole in a pond.
  19. BYU, Houston and Cinncinatti proably beat Texas this year. NIL would take care of recruiting. Big mistake IMO.
  20. Blue and grey shirts are not counted in present year. They are counted against future classes. Grey shirt 1 year blue 2 years. SEC schools are limited to 28 signes from Dec. thru May. clnference rule Big 10 can only have 88 playersat any time. These may become NCAA rules in future. edited to correct mistake sorry for number error.
  21. My sugestion is some one go to NCAA site and read how portal workswith 25 limit. And how many years it is in effect No contervesity may be TFloss32 will andpost it.
  22. Between Patterson and PK. easy decision for me.

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