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  1. Maryland isa proudprogram trying to recapturepast glory.They were a tough row to hoe when Tatum was there.
  2. MM and Toviano would be just asbig to me!
  3. 11 more spaces, lets go for 42 and run half the team off
  4. K-Bar made in Olean N. Y. Case in Bradford Pa.My father bad a K-Bar stockman that cleaned many a fish and skinned many a squirrel.
  5. Been perusing DCTF site Horns have commitments from 3 of top 10 OL and chance for another Deal. Also have 3 and 4 of top 10 aths. Nibblet and Wisner with chance for #2 H- Pilot. Number 1 has kin at Texas Now for # 1 and 2 CBS. Edited #'s 8 and 11 edgas DES commited also. WR # 1 and 7 commited and # 2 pending.
  6. What is an edge? If it is a player on end of line of scrimage. it could be a DE, LB. CB or Safty. aybe it another made up word like pitcher takes the bump to pitch. Maybe it like the word dishes. First time I saw it thought they were giving away cups and plates like moyher oats usto do Back to edge I thought it was something you put on a K-Bar or case. To set on the DPB to whittle on a cedar stick It a different world now days and not a whole lot better.
  7. Last word on Walton if I am around in 2-3 yearswill have another on ersation.
  8. Chris Braswell per Ala. offical roster is a LB. Might have playerd Edge in H S.Per roster lightest DE is 278 Maybe Walton is recruited as a LB?
  9. Numbers from here on for ever commitment some one will have to leave?
  10. Horns will score. The defense will not stop Ala. as much as thier defense stops us. Saban likes to pound his former assistants!
  11. You can sign as many as you want to. Only limit fot next two years is eighty five come august
  12. 6-2 210 might get up to 225-230. But a player at6-4 240 will grow also.
  13. Then new staff could bring new life to program.
  14. Nothing against Walton hope he developes into a all american. If you want to competewith the best you had better get the best players you can get
  15. If you are recruiting to win games you need to recruit players that will make this happen. Agree 100% Just belive there are better players than a210 lb. DE. When Alabama comes to town check thier DES. 305, 295, 292, 292, 278.
  16. So spaces are not limited any more. You can only have so many at one position or you weaken other positions. Who will leave at the edge position to make room for new ones? Check number of Srs. and Jrs. too many have ieft in past. If you want to win big you nee a team loaded with srs, abd jrs. just my 1 cent worth
  17. Hope you are right! Meanwhile Hicks, Vasek and Renaeaud are uncommited why not try for one of them?
  18. On Walton hope all of you are right. Maybe a late riser. He is #11 edge in Texas. Seven edges returning and two commitments ( so far ). Room for Vasek, Hicks or other higher ranked edge? Let the attrition began come next year.
  19. Greathouse proably to N. Dame. Hale or and maybe H. Pilot Horns. Pettaway across the river. IMO.
  20. Is Walton a on his on recruit? Or to help with Muhumad
  21. Shakeup might have been needed. There was some thing wrong somewhere.
  22. H Tole right hand pitcher 6-6 210 home town W. Falls Soph. this year.
  23. Walton is not in top 100 of Texas players per 24/7.

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