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  1. Must be a late riser could not find him in DCTF.
  2. On the QBS is everyone forgeting Manning Recruiting has not been Texas problem over last few years at least in rankings. Coaches and team have showed improvment over last year. First year was regression.
  3. Roster should hape up by bowl game time. portal will be ib play+ signing day.
  4. Two srs. on offense K Rob and Neyor.Seven on defense. Then might get some upper class portals.
  5. Guess Flood sees something. Has the size lacks the weight.
  6. Independent refs. would help. Another thing to me is train a group of reviewers. Leting the refs. review thier own calls, is like hiring foxes to keep coons out of the hen house.
  7. Most of he big stars have a spot in hand before entering.
  8. Proably means the coaches have their starting line up already. On offensereplace a RT. Defense a little harder.
  9. No need to go to Houston. Called my ex brother in law in La Port. He said it was a weather ballon.
  10. The #1 reciever should be the one who is open.

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