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  1. BYU, Houston and Cinncinatti proably beat Texas this year. NIL would take care of recruiting. Big mistake IMO.
  2. Blue and grey shirts are not counted in present year. They are counted against future classes. Grey shirt 1 year blue 2 years. SEC schools are limited to 28 signes from Dec. thru May. clnference rule Big 10 can only have 88 playersat any time. These may become NCAA rules in future. edited to correct mistake sorry for number error.
  3. My sugestion is some one go to NCAA site and read how portal workswith 25 limit. And how many years it is in effect No contervesity may be TFloss32 will andpost it.
  4. Between Patterson and PK. easy decision for me.
  5. So many weapons on offense. Good they will need to score every time they ger the ball. Unless PK improves the defense.
  6. More talent yes with 14 and maybe Campbell depth about thesame. Freshmen OL realy need to redshirt butin this casemight play. Alabama will tell a lot hope for no injuries.
  7. Best chance for OL improvement is Jones and Karic to improve. Downside doubt if Ewers has escapesbilty that Casey had
  8. Last season teams averaged 19.3 transfers and so for this season are averaging 13.8. I have not seen any talk of 7 being in reased First time commitee did not pass7. Two weeks changed thier minds. There is a good article on 24/7 about coaches asking forchanges. Mostly for portal windows, likeNFL free agcentlyhas. Its a great big mess and changes are needed.
  9. Yes early enrolles can be counted to previous class.2021 class had per ESPN 23. then 2020 had 19. so how many counted where As I understand it transfers take up available spaces. B Davis Dunn ectra had to take up some spaces. Grey shirts have oneyear and blue shirts have two to enroll but count towards future classes and can not play till then.And in the days of NIL who would grey shirt? Heck I would like to see 40 but see no way.
  10. Welcome to the club. We all wonder about recruiting. Sark proably hae a assistant to keep up with numbers as he has other things more important. Coaches always offer 4 or5 players to one space. PerNCAa rules the 25 number is a hard number players leaving does not affect it. If 50 leave still can sign 25. This is why the 7 extra were granted to help Tennessee and others who lost so many players.
  11. I have. All just opinions so for. Sark may be good but he can not make spaces. Time will tell
  12. By my count Texas is at 85. So if more are signed some one will have to leave by August. One for one three signed three leave.p
  13. On loseing players after spring game hope they are LBS or DL.
  14. SEC math says Texas can only sign 35 commits. By NCAA rules it does matter how many leave or transfer you can only sign your normal25 plus the 7 granted this year only. This is why the 7 were granted to help teams that lost so manyand 25 would never let the coach have a balanced roster.

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