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  1. The heck with chatter. Break out the check books and commit several.
  2. Great post as usual. I thought Horns played a very good game. DBS need work on long ball coverage. What was that stacked I formation in defensive back field. LBS?
  3. Foster is a super jr. think he or other three DBS might come back.Doubt if any or pro. ready.
  4. TT'S second QB was a much better passer. Wish Texas QB s had hjs long ball touch. OL play was much better ( did not see Rice or Arkie) Only improve that needs to be adressed id DB coverage .
  5. I would take Campbell over all the others or evén Deberry. No suprize.
  6. Please no revenge tour. I remember the last one vs K St. and we all know what happened.
  7. How foes two ships in 25+ years sound. Some how I belive Mack started the conference does not matter 10 wins are better.. Hear that the Eylau player is really good.
  8. Brown 2 in 18 years, Mac. 2 one co. in 6 yeats, Williams 1 in 5 years. DKR 11 but over 40 years. Missed Akers 2 in 10 years Per media guide.
  9. National or state top 50 guys? Never belived you can compare players at different positions o each other. I look ar thier position rank. To me much more accurate. Top ten at aposition is probably an elite player.
  10. IMO if you are looking at twitter or instantgram you arelooking for trash. Check out football sites.

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