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  1. USC is going to have the bigest jump in recruiting in history. Out of below 50 to top 10.
  2. Hope you are wrong. Then Texas has a history in lering the wrong QB go. KeepingCard and Wright?
  3. Crunching some numbers looks like defense needs 4-5 DBD and DL needs to portal ( lose) 4-5 same with LBS lose 4-5. Offense needs 5-6 0L 2 WRS maybe 1 RB and lose a TE would make a balanced rostersome thing Texas has not had in several years.
  4. My money is on Stoops Mark that is
  5. Have read that Murphy has improved footwork and pocket presence this year. Also led his team to state champship game. Do not know who won.
  6. Casey will be just fine with a healthy thumb and improved OL. On trashy WR S Whitt. and Washington says hi. Horns 6 or 5 OL portal about half of them Also need 5 or 4 DBS Also 3 WRS And a lot to go portal to make room
  7. With this defense more like 4th and 5th division then maybe 2022 recruits will work out better than ptesent DL.
  8. The main thing was Good pass rush takes QB out of comfort zone and takes away time to get set to pass.
  9. Note to PK this is what a pass rush can do to a good QB.Okie St. Auburn and Mich, all made Good QBS look poor to average. Maybe next year.
  10. Same with several players. Side view OU is as dirty as old Miami.
  11. The three new starters had a lot to do with better defense.Also a little more fire in players. Then that might be progress.

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