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  1. Has anyone seen a DCTF mag. on news standor in stores? None so for in this at Wallmart or Albertsons. Need one to check on Texas possible recruits.
  2. Yes Sark is a great recruiter. But not as good as eating a good melon
  3. My suggestion is buy a DCTF mag. will give a good acount of schools abd players in the area. Also lots of other football related articles. Get a map and can find distance of the games you want to see. Congrats on new job and getting back to Texas.
  4. Yes I have ate a few vally grown melons.Cass county is know for good melons. And Naples still has it watermelon festible.
  5. Texas ruby red. Grapefruit are as common in the vally as oaks are here.
  6. Some times Ihave trouble too. This all started when I posted that this class of Texas recruits was not rated as past years. Some times in talkingabout apples and oranges some start talking about grapefruit.
  7. Is it set in stone somewhere that teams in a conference has to play every one?
  8. dGo read NTG post he says it much better than me. Will agree on Tom as A person. Every one can not be a poliction. Do you belive ou had a chance was bear before K O. I hate the cheaters but will give the devil his due. Some times I wish I lived in a different world but the 30's and 40's made me live in a realistic world. Hookum
  9. I take no joy in beating a team with no QB. Texas had better talent in walkons.
  10. No conference titles been a eon or so since Texas won a con. title. 1-3 vs ou recent coaches have had trouble beating ou old ugly is better than old nothing or abowl loss. Beating poor ole Rice is getting nearer.
  11. You might be right.Present team has had injuries not as many. If Tom wouldhad nil he might have done better in OL recruiting . Extra 50 K helps.
  12. Yelp Sonny had a team of talented players every one try to recruit. Just folled outthe balls and said get um. Tom inheired a train wreck. fify. He did have 4 winning seasons and 4 bowl victories.. You might could handle the truth, but have drunk too much koolade. And my property is not for sale till Iam gone then wife will sell and go home.
  13. If you belive TCU had more talent than Texas there is some ocean front propiety here in Malta for sale. The Sark to win anatty was a compareson to your statement on TCU andK. St. Poor Saben lost the only off. cord. that could win atitle. Tom left a winning team that won a bowl game that Sark did what he did. I hope for some one whocan handle the truth. Whitch hurts.
  14. Guess Texas is the exception to this they have had highly rated classes last 7-6 years.

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