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  1. Thompson stoodout in Saturday scrimmage .per TFB.
  2. Hecanceled A$M visit to go to USC maybe he just wants to goout of state.
  3. I do not think the Zags had any home state players either, Had a football player trying to play basketball.
  4. With a doubt the great state of Texas has the best basket ball team in all the land.A rout and with the reffs it would have been worse
  5. IMO this is no big deal. There is a lot of WRS in this class who are rated above Marshall.
  6. Cannot win them all. You can if you are good enough. Ring a bell?
  7. He could waited to be fired. Then he had a chance o go to a better basketball school and he took it.
  8. Me too. Will add Texas caps t shirts to game vcr tapes for big bon fire.

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