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  1. So one now can sign 40 players in the fall work them outin spring practice and summer. Then dismiss 15 or so by august Great for the game and the piayers,
  2. If Sark doesnt put on the hat this year, proably never will.
  3. I would bet his time line is as long as Manning is uncommited.
  4. If Manning commits I would bet on Cook and Owens commiting. Iwould have Pettaway just my opinion.
  5. What position is help need most. What is second position of need. What is third position of need Etc. Who will transfer in next?
  6. One could take some players with potiential and possibly develop them. Maybe have freshmen teamlus a few who needmore coaching. A rule no transfers till two yeats would help.
  7. Raves in the spring, then comes the fall and real football games. Maybe this yeat will be different.
  8. Had a great coach who could create an offence and also have a pretty good defence.
  9. Another year in system should help. Watts should help in secondary. New edge? How much input will Paterson have? He to me is best chance of beeing better.
  10. Random thoughts. Wonder if A$M still uses Fedex for delivers One of the two best coaches never beat Texas while at Ala, If Manning commits the gates will swing wide.
  11. At times the staff seems to be late on players offers. Want to be sure maybe, full evalution.

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