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  1. We or at least I was talking aboutgame ending plays. Thatswhat Bjian fumble was. Guess you missed the part realy was a team and coaching effort. Coaches are not the only people in the world.
  2. Pressures count or would not be in stats. Give me one sack over5 pressures any day.
  3. If pressures affectes QB's how in the world wide sports did TT be so good on forth downs.
  4. You are so right about Texas HS coaches. A while back I said I would take a Texas HSer over slightlyrated out of stater That did not go over well. A lot of posters thought it was Texas pride, whitch I do have a lot of. But was realy because Texas has better HS coaches than most states. Then there is the national recruiting HS's.
  5. Abgree Joey can coach.Out coached all world play called trainedby Saban HS coaches have to be able to coach. They get theplayers the school has and coach them up. There is more transfers thanyears back.
  6. I should know better than to reply. But if a kicker kicks a FG and game is over, then kicker won game. Same if RB fumbles and other team scores who accualy lost game. Really was a team and coaching staff effort.
  7. Some people really dislike Card Last game throwing too hard now he is floating. Right now he is best QB Horns has or Sark would not play him. No this not Johnny D.
  8. Where was the lack of OL and DL depth vs Bama.Did they gas out heck no fhey played like they should play in every game. And to me that is on coaches! If Texas beats WV will be better till OU.
  9. Do nor what Sark callso can not say difference in callsfor both QBS. Do belive Sark wants a pocketpasser like Ewers. Card to me is better rolling out with options to run. However Card is hurt sohas to figure into Sarksthinking. With Ewers out espically.
  10. No I missed that. Diid hear him say he was uncomfortable with Card scrambling around.
  11. We are saving varables of wild cat till after OU game. I could not give aOTG to a player who fumbled Play lost thegame. Then gams was lost before then.
  12. Saw Card as off. player of gamein several places. With internet one never knowsThink one was IT. If not him proably wild cat formation.

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