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  1. And there was Billy Sims. Old enough to vote and still in high school!k
  2. On Bru if you are going in SEC you had better take all the talent you can get
  3. Scratch the better QB some how thought Card was in last years classis a true freshman.
  4. Every one expected recruiting to get better. Is it better than last year at same time? Hasnew staff done a better job atrecruiting? Has SEC joining helped? Or NIL? Yeah I know just wait when we start to win you cannot beat them offwith a stick. So farit get who you can and hold on to them if you can.
  5. Atthe time of the movie therewas no Coors in Texarkana.
  6. Read some where that he was not offered. Only one new offer to LBS.
  7. Tennessee? Maybe Vandy. It is hard to win against cheaters
  8. Has anyone heard about A$M paying players to visit. Roach is suposed to have brought it up. This is the conference everyone is so happy about joining.
  9. Yes winning is tied to recruiting.If Horns are played close in first game. it will get bad. Then if a blind hog can somehow find an acornseason is gone to hell in ahandbasket.
  10. Just perused 24/7 top 10 recruiters and suprise suprise Texas coaches were missing from list SEC and NIL will change this?
  11. I do not count on any thing a teenager says espicaly a football player. Big deal Texas loser a THREE star LB to Michigan!

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