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  1. Two questions for board. 1 Anyone have a number of players on roster? I have 87. 2 Anyone who accesses On3's top 100 recruits, is the list scrambled or maybe my Ipad?
  2. Does Red have that kind of speed? I would think Wisner would fit in that role. Spring game will work out a lot of questions.
  3. If Red moves to RB staff must not have any faith in Blue. However Brooks, Baxter should be able to handle main RBS snaps. With KRon getting 5-4 special plays a game.
  4. Maybe they will let some one else sign him. Then discover how good he is and go for the flip.
  5. Maybehe hasno intrest in Texas. All the recruiting list think he is good enough.
  6. Looking at the offence needs Horns have their QB. RB Tatum or Peoples would do nicely Prefer Tatum ecause of CB prospect. WR Hudson and Miller would be great. OL Uini or Williams at tackle, Cruz inside OL or Kibble Moddon WR or DB proably WR DT Alexander DE Umeouzulu LB Pierce CB have Allen Black a must, or S Hardy, Kabonga Flores IMO these are good enough players so consentrate on them get aoral and move on to other things Forget the 3 stars.
  7. A De is needed to add depth and hopefly start. Grad transfer would be ideal. Play one year and let the young ones develop. As for as a big RB unless Blue leaves after spring game, I see no need for oneThen a 240 lb FB would be nice if room.
  8. When the window reopens, Burton thinks Texas needs an edge and a btg RB. Guess he means a 225 pounder or close to it.A senior transfermight be bestone and done.
  9. To me the next 3-5 years is 2024 through 2028 so waiting or not it is in the future.
  10. 3 to 5 years no way will Horns fans or powers to be will wait that long. Better have a double digit win season this year. I for one do not see that much improvement so far.
  11. There has been discussion on number of stars players has. TCU had 17 4 star or better players on last seasons team Texas had 59 4 star or better. Very big difference.

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