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  1. We are getting a little publicity on Sunday night football. When the players were introducing their self and saying what school, Deshon Elliott said DBU
  2. I really like seeing alot of young guys getting significant snaps. Barryn Sorrell, DJ Harris, Byron Murphy, Ja’Tavion Sanders, Hayden Conner, Brooks, Morice Blackwell true freshmen and numerous RS FR. Creating good depth and I’m sure alot of these recruits are seeing that if they come in and work they may see the field early. We got to keep just trying to improve week to week.
  3. Texas was called for 2…..TWO penalties. Wow haven’t seen that few since 2016
  4. He’s going to need more touches moving forward. To much speed to not get him in there somewhere
  5. Yes I’d like to see what Some of the other lineman can do the second half. Karic, Hayden Conner, Hookfin, Tyler Johnson. We have to find 5 that can play when we go against some better defenses
  6. They are rotating alot more guys tonight. Barryn Sorrell from New Orleans giving them good snaps. True freshman
  7. Man I love Roschon. Ultimate team player and when his number is called he brings it
  8. I’m not against Casey starting. I trust the coaches to figure it out. Whatever it takes to win. Having said that. I’m really surprised the amount of people that have trashed Hudson Card this week. A young QB in a hostile environment that none of the team or coaches were ready for with the Offensive line laying an egg and people actually trash Card. He didn’t play his best game but I lay more of that on the OL and Sarkisian who could have got him some easy throws to loosen things up. I said last week that Sark was rattled and I still believe that. There’s been people trashing Card saying he needs to transfer. This kid is highly rated and is going to be a really good QB. I bet a high percentage of people doing that have never put on a helmet and shoulder pads in there life. These things of trashing a young kid after half of a football game is not normal. The same people are begging for Arch Manning. I hope we get him but kids aren’t going to want to play somewhere where they are trashed. I hope Casey plays good and we win the game and Card comes in and plays good…….and OL plays better.
  9. There were times they rushed 3 but they were a bunch of times they were shooting LBers and hitting our RB in the back field. Bringing more people than we had to block so several were free. I tip my cap earlier to Odom that he got the best of Sark.
  10. I was surprised Sark didn’t get Card some quick throws to get them to back out a little bit. We got some guys that can be dangerous in space. I guess it’s easy to call plays from my couch but i agree Odom got the best of him and they were more physical.
  11. Yes on defense we’re using these smaller guys as edge rusher. You’d like to see them get home more because we’re giving up alot of size. You got a 320 lb tackle blocking on a 240-250 edge rusher. If the tackle gets them turned it leaves a big running lane. I did see Collins in there more snaps last night. I’m sure PK will get the best combo figured out. Zach Evans had a bunch of yards yesterday so you can bet they are going to try to pound the run
  12. Good comment but no you have to do what moves the chains. I’m sure you’ve heard of teams that throw the ball and then that sets up coming back to the run. But Arkansas wasn’t going to let Bijan beat them. They would rather put the game in a QB’s hands that’s in his second game with not many proven receivers. As I said we’ll see this the rest of the year. Offensive line needs to play better, QB’s need to play better, receivers and Coaches. We’ll see what if any adjustments in two weeks in Fort Worth
  13. When a team can make you one dimensional then it’s going to be a long night. Arkansas defense stopped the run and made Texas one dimensional. That’s usually a whole football game is the offense wants to establish the run and the defense wants to stop the run and make them throw. Because you know when you throw 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad . Briles offense spreads you out where you can’t stack the box and runs out of it. That’s why offensive line is so important so that you can force the run. I think down there on the goal line when we ran it up the middle and kept getting stacked up, Sark was trying to send a message to his offensive line. He was used to being able to smash people back at Alabama. It’ll be interesting to see the offensive line moving forward. Teams saw that crap last night and we’ll keep seeing the same thing over and over again until we can do something about it. Watch what Patterson does in two weeks.
  14. I am wondering about the offensive play calling. I know Sark is touted as one of the top play callers in the country but it seems like there would be some open throws out in space to make the defense change what they were doing. I am not saying this is a fact but it’s hard to be the head coach at Texas with the demands that are put on you during game week and having enough time to really study film of the upcoming opponent. I know they have interviews nearly all week as well as other things. I am sure Sark, Milwee, and Flood were conversing alot. It’s different than what he did at Alabama for sure. I know they have to have something for the LHN but if it was me I would be looking to do less of these and keep it very short. Usually the questions are stupid anyway. “How did you feel when you could run the ball and your offensive line was having trouble?” What’s he supposed to say. “Oh I really felt pretty good about it” or trash your players which he isn’t going to do so there is really no answer. Just part of the job I guess but we haven’t had many head coaches calling plays in the past especially with the LHN around. I remember Herman saying he couldn’t believe how many things he had to do during the week that wasn’t game planning. Just something to watch I guess but I’d try to cut it down as much as possible. I thought he got a little bit rattled last night.
  15. They’ve got to open up the competition at offensive line and find 5 that can play. I’d go circle drill and find out who the toughest 5 are.
  16. Honest question Down there on the goal line and we keep getting stacked up losing yards…….Q- When was the last time you saw a Texas team get down on the goalline and us be able to knock people back off the ball? It seems like we have been doing that for a long time. We should be able to drive people back and get a couple of yards.
  17. I’m sure everyone knows but we’re going to the SEC so we better start getting alot better or we are going to see these kinds of nights alot

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