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  1. Man we are getting them out of LSU’s yard. This staff can recruit.
  2. I know. I think Flood is a coach that has “it” too. A lot of the kids love him: I can’t even remember the last time I was this optimistic about our offensive line for the next several years.
  3. Banks really is. My wife said something about they might have to let him go after that Monkey incident. I laughed and said nawww they aren’t going to let him go and would probably use that with recruits. Kids like that kinda stuff. Banks has always been a recruiting guru. He kinda like Brewster. I met Brewster a few times and you can tell right away why they can recruit. They used to send Brewster in a lot of times ahead of Mack and then he would go with Mack some. Brewster learned a lot of recruiting from Mack. Some guys just have it.
  4. I read one article after Goosby decomitted and committed to us and the article alluded to the point that Gary Patterson was a big player in this one. Boy I bet that stings the TCU faithful. I think GP is settling in nicely at Texas.
  5. Yes and two passed balls in the 8th inning scored two runs. The pitcher and catcher got mixed up on the signs. You’re are right though. The starter for Oklahoma was lights out and the bullpen let them down.
  6. He’ll to the yes on that. She should be getting time and a half today all the work she is doing.
  7. If you get a chance go watch Chatman’s tape. This dude is a mauler

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