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  1. It said don’t expect him to play in the bowl game. I don’t know if Roschon is going to play or not. It may be Brooks and Blue doing most of the running.
  2. You know I think it’s been mentioned on here before but I wouldn’t mind seeing them change the rule to the player gets one transfer without having to sit out a year but after the first time the player has to sit out a year. I know I know they aren’t going to do it but it would keep players from hopping teams every year.
  3. He was at Indiana first and transferred to Washington. Please please don’t say Maryland. I’ve been going to therapy for years because for some reason I freak out when I hear Maryland
  4. I’m not for sure but he lead them in tackles this year I believe
  5. Brian Jones rocking the Longhorn emblem on his IPad during the Georgia-LSU game.
  6. Don’t laugh but I’m hoping in a few years we are headed to looking like a Georgia is. Sark came out from Saban as Kirby did. Both are high level recruiters. Both have pretty much any resources they need. Both have veteran staff. Sark was under Pete Carroll too. It looks pretty far off right now but if it can happen at Georgia, it can happen at Texas.
  7. She is putting alot of twits out. Something must be up.
  8. Herman did recruit good but mostly skilled players and not so much line of scrimmage guys. Sark’s doing the Saban way.
  9. This Tyler Johnson is on the Recruiting staff
  10. I don’t know if this is a 23, portal or nothing but maybe it’s something
  11. I know Sark has a huge staff of people trying to figure out which of these guys can make our team better. They are going into the portal so fast I can’t keep up. Whether you like or hate the portal, it’s important to get guys if they can help your team. Evaluation is very very important these days. I’m ready to find out who we’re going to get.

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