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  1. I laughed when people were saying we were no better off now than when we have Shaka Smart. It’s going to take Beard a little while but make no mistake…….we’re better off. I think in time he can get us to Monday night. Coach Vic too. CDC knew what he was doing going out and getting these two guys.
  2. I’m going to be in the house against Texas Tech so we gonna win that one
  3. I’d like to get Greathouse locked up this weekend.
  4. Don’t know where to put this. Troy is dropping something
  5. Man Neyor looks good. Good get for Sark and Brennen Marion. They’re not going to be able to double Xavier anymore or if they do there are going to be mismatches all over the field. The offensive line is going to have to be better and they should be. Just so many weapons on offense.
  6. I have watched a lot of tape on Neyor. He is one big dude.
  7. Watching his tape, he wins the jump ball. Let a 5’9 corner get on him and it going to be a huge mismatch. He may get them to quit doubling Worthy and Worthy is going to win all those. Sark and crew have done a heck of a job bringing top talent in. Where is that Kool-Aid jug
  8. I feel like we’re loaded. Worthy Neyor Whittington Omerie Washington Dixon Brennan Thompson and several more via for the rotation. Two of them are low 10 100 meters. If everyone is healthy it’s not far from loaded. About as talented as I’ve seen us have in a long long time.
  9. I thought this was a done deal him to Tennessee. I guess not

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