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  1. I don’t know if he needs to be fired or not. I said it last night because I was highly pissed off. Either way they need to figure out the defense and like soon. I’d like to see more of those young guys rotating on the DL. The guys are trying but they get gassed. Patterson needs to interject with the DBs. This letting them catch it and then hopefully making the tackle we’ve seen over the years for too long. Every pass needs to be contested and if we get a couple of PIs so be it. Remember how his DBs did at TCU? They were all over you. I don’t care what it takes but find a way to get some hits on the QB. Bring however many you need to get hits on the QB. Yesterday their QB was uncomfortable when they were getting back there and it didn’t continue to happen. I guess they gassed. They got 100 plays because we couldn’t get them off the field. It’s going to be interesting to see see what/if anything changes.
  2. I really didn’t like the 4th and 2 and they go out of the wildcat and get stacked up. Sark’s motto is All Gas No Brakes. He needs to start playing like it. We score there and the crowd gets out of it and the whole game possibly changes. I don’t know why it is so slow to look better at Texas.
  3. This is probably one of the easiest teams we play all year. We’re going to get killed in the SEC
  4. Quit the wildcat shit and run the offensive. On the road in Lubbock had a chance to put our foot on their throat and we run that crap
  5. I’ve seen Banks stoning some guys up front. We’ve found our left tackle

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