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  1. So Hunter is into selling art now, huh? This seems like an easy way to funnel money to the Biden’s. Joe will pay the purchasers back with jobs and favors. Wonder if the Trump’s could get away with this? Anyone with a half a brain knows the answer to that. Or the Trump son’s using racist language like Hunter did??? Not one word from 95% of the media about that. Joe’s highly racist too but people march up and vote for him like good little soldiers. It’s beyond embarrassing for these people
  2. He’s here. Chris Beard is doing crazy recruiting in a very short time. We’re about to win BIG
  3. Kicker. Didn’t we offer another kicker. I know Clemson offered the other guy too.
  4. That was a very weak regional. I hope I’m wrong and they get hot. They have enough pitching and defense to keep it close but they’ll see WAY better pitching at the World Series than they’ve seen in the regional or tonight. We’ll see how it goes.
  5. I hate to be critical because this has been a good season but I really don’t think this team hits enough to be a threat if they make the World Series

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