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  1. Nebraska 7-7 with Louisiana Tech at halftime????? Wheeee this may take Matt Rhule longer than anticipated.
  2. Milroe just threw an interception in the end zone. Look right at the guy and threw it and Ole Miss DB was waiting on it. Nick better figure out this QB situation or he’s going to lose several more games
  3. I laughed watching this A&M game. I told my wife this game features some shady characters. 1. Jimbo 2. Petrino 3. Durkin 4. Hugh Freeze Those are the ones I know of for sure. There may be others.
  4. We need to not let them get in this and get the crowd. They’re saying we play down to our competition. We’ve got better players all over the field than Baylor. It’s time to start going into these places and kick ass so that everybody knows it. Hostile environment shouldn’t matter. There will be a hostile environment every week next year. Everybody hates Texas and they circle this game. That is why kids come to Texas. That’s why we root for Texas. You have to Embrace the Hate and enjoy it. Like AD Mitchell caught that TD against Alabama and he got he and hollered remember me? That’s Embracing the Hate. We got to go do it today.
  5. Urban Meyer just said OU still has troubles. He said after last year he could either blow up his staff and start over or move forward with them. He choose to move forward with them but he got himself in the middle of the defense which Urban said you can’t do when you’re the head coach. I guess we’ll see. He also picks Texas as his # 1 playoff team. Man we get rid of Herman and Urban starts showing us all kind of love. For some reason I don’t think he liked Herman that much. Must have been two cocky personalities clashing.
  6. Coach Vic and staff got a commitment from 5 star # 7 player in the country last week and got a commitment from 5 star # 8 player in the country today. They’re doing some work.

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