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  1. Has he done anything to help American citizens? Anything?
  2. Look what the super hero tweeted at the cop that shot the girl that was about to stab another girl with a knife. The White House said it was racist and both girls were black. Hope none of them ever need a Cop.
  3. The days of getting a fair unbiased jury trial are over. A Congress woman flys to a state that is not ever her state (not that that matters) gets a police escort and then bashes the hell out of every single police officer. Basically incites violence. Now clown Joe weighing in on what should happen. Well at least we still got a good Supreme Court that will be fair. YEA I knew nobody would believe that. Scared of violence so they just say you don’t have standing. Or I like this one.......says you should have brought the complaint up before (IT HAD NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET) AND then you bri
  4. The Cartel are loving Biden-Harris. Fentanyl into the country is up over 400% but now they’re making millions a day on human trafficking. I like LEGAL immigration where there is a controlled process and everyone is vetted.
  5. This clown is hanging on by a thread. No way he makes it 4 years, but hey that’s just the way Obama planned it. Ole Scranton Joe get in there and sign all the liberal socialism shit and then they put him on medical leave and up steps Kamala. He wanted Kamala and this was the only way to get her. She was running 1% in the DNC and didn’t even pull her own state. Americans are being taken for a ride with this BS. The DNC doesn’t have a fair nomination process and now they figured out how to win a general election without having the votes. They screwed Bernie twice. He had Hillary beat and Obama s

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