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  1. Harold is coming back to watch second game in a row
  2. I’d like to see them rotate Karic and Hayden Conner in quite a bit Saturday. Karic stoned that good pass rusher from Kansas St last year and the other night he nearly ran him man into the stands. He seems to have that mean streak an Offensive Lineman needs to have. I doubt they will be I’d like to see them get them in there.
  3. I’m sure there were some on this site but I’m not going to go back and research it. The first game everyone was talking about how great Hudson looked. I just didn’t watch the game at Arkansas and lay alot of that on Hudson. Offensive line was atrocious and as I’ve said before Sark after seeing the situation could have gotten him in a lot better throws and he didn’t do it. I didn’t think Hudson had a great game but it was his second game in one of the more hostile environments he’ll see. I’m just not ready to say I’m done with him after that half of football. I have no problem with Casey playing and I’m glad he’s doing well. I just want to win. I’ll trust Sark’s call on it. I hope Casey keeps playing well. We’ll know in the next 3 or 4 weeks where we’re at as a team.
  4. There’s been quite a few people trash him. Even my daughter was seeing stuff saying people were posting stuff at him Twitter, Instagram??? I’m not for sure which but they were saying your trash, your no good, you need to transfer etc.. Probably kids posting that but I wouldn’t put it past some adults. I just don’t get going at some kid that is trying his hardest and in the way that Arkansas game unfolded. After one half of football that alot of it wasn’t even his fault people are ready to dump him. I think kids need more time especially when I and I’m sure others can see there is alot of ability there.
  5. We are getting a little publicity on Sunday night football. When the players were introducing their self and saying what school, Deshon Elliott said DBU
  6. I really like seeing alot of young guys getting significant snaps. Barryn Sorrell, DJ Harris, Byron Murphy, Ja’Tavion Sanders, Hayden Conner, Brooks, Morice Blackwell true freshmen and numerous RS FR. Creating good depth and I’m sure alot of these recruits are seeing that if they come in and work they may see the field early. We got to keep just trying to improve week to week.
  7. Texas was called for 2…..TWO penalties. Wow haven’t seen that few since 2016

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