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  1. Sark and Marion keep added speed. Defenses are going to have a hard time covering all the guys. It’s going to be great to watch.
  2. Going to start seeing high school kids sign NIL deals.
  3. Agree but I still don’t see how Sark would get touches for everyone. As long as Sark is the coach we’re going to be in the race for the top offensive skilled guys, so I just don’t get wrapped up in any one guy. Would I want Addison……absolutely but I just not that worried about the offensive skilled guys. I am more worried about how the offensive line comes together and how long that is going to take and how well we’re going to play defense. We’ll see pretty soon.
  4. I think he was going to USC from the start. Had to play the I’m looking around game to take the heat off Riley. Having said that……..we are as loaded from top to bottom at WR, TE, Slot than I think I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. If Sark is the top offensive guy in the country as most think, then we’re going to light up some scoreboards. I’m not for sure if Addison had come to Texas if he could have kept everyone happy with enough touches. We might have had some of our guys looking to leave. We got some pretty good running backs so they have to have a lot of touches too. So I wasn’t too upset when he picked USC as I thought he would from the start.
  5. I watched this kid in the championship game. I think he’s going to come in and get in the rotation. He causes problems.
  6. Good statement here by David Pierce. We’ve seen these “teams” in football cancel games because they didn’t want to play and now we’re seeing it in baseball to try to manipulate their post season standings. It’s just not right in my opinion. I’ve rooted for Texas for a really long time and I wouldn’t expect anything less than what Pierce said he.
  7. The players are working hard on this

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