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  1. As long as Taysom Hill can’t come back I’m ok playing BYU . Some of you surely remember that beat down. I hate not playing OSU. They’ve been pretty good against us, but I’d still like to play them.
  2. Good win last night by our team. Every win in the Big 12 is a hard fought, great win. There are no easy nights. Good job.
  3. So sorry for your loss. Prayers of healing for all your family.
  4. I wonder if CDC has to approve off on doing a Pride Night? I assume he does. If I was an AD I wouldn’t want to approve anything that a high percentage of the fans aren’t going to like. CDC is a money man and I would think he wouldn’t want anything that disenfranchised people from coming through the turnstiles.
  5. Ole Beau used to go down on those special teams and knocked the crap out of people.
  6. I know they have helicopters and such to make the process easier but I tip my hat to Sark……….he works his tail off recruiting. Hence the classes he’s brought together so far. I remember reading where Gary Patterson said that he really liked Sark, how organized he was and how hard he works at the craft. I’ll say it again…….if you keep stacking talent like Sark is doing, the wins are going to be there. The portal has helped these lower level teams stay pretty good, but over time the talent is going to win.
  7. Uh oh the dreaded auto correct. Got to love it.
  8. I read this article and at the end it said Texas had 3 jobs posted. One was for a Special Assistant to the High Coach. I thought that is what Patterson is. Is Patterson leaving or taking a different job or am I reading this wrong? I haven’t seen anything about him leaving.

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