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Everything posted by shotime73

  1. I'm in just Total shock right now. I just can't even process this . My prayers and thoughts are with all the families
  2. Could be Princely .. LV has been quiet lately .
  3. Kelvontay is going to be interesting to watch . UTSA is interested in him. But the head coach I know really well is huge in recruiting the East Texas pipeline
  4. Well you know SHA it never fails something is always gonna happen for NSD . Something strange or crazy going on
  5. I second the motion on that one Mike. How in the bluegrass hell do you delay your announcement when everyone else knows where your azz is going???. That's like saying you eating a Snicker bar and deciding that you don't like candy bars
  6. No I'm not talking about Collins I'm just talking about recruiting as a whole
  7. To be honest Mike I'm still in shock. I couldn't believe how well they played light's out like that. Now if they can keep up playing with that kind of intensity level like that.. flood gates will open
  8. Is it just me SHA or did that win last night put some interesting Intel in the recruiting database?
  9. He's scares the hell out of me. I just think he likes to take pictures
  10. After watching that game last night..all I can say is these two things here. First off holy shit I wasn't expecting this at all defense was everywhere and I dare I say special teams ACTUALLY showed up and SHOWED out!!!!. Secondly. Ossai whooped dat azzz. You mean to tell me this is what Texas had in them all along?!!!. I will say this I don't know about the rest of you in here but Texas came in that game pissed off.
  11. Yeah true. Now primal ? And I don't want to get off topic but could you or anyone in here imagine if they would have another bowl game called the Toilet Bowl. I mean we got the Potato Bowl. If I'm not mistaken lol. No pun intended
  12. It was good I needed time away to focus on me and getting myself back together. But after hearing about Texas self destruction this season. And I say that in a not so nice way. I think they needed a vacation worse than me. In fact I'm amazed they made it to a bowl game
  13. He was amazing against LaVega. I wouldn't be surprised if Texas shifts into gear for his recruitment it would help. Plus they really need to pursue Landon Jackson in the worst way. Lol I know I'm way behind posting. But I was on vacation in Canada then returned to the U.S. to visit my dad. My apologies
  14. I hope you guys had a good holiday season and oh boy Byron gonna get that peach tree switch whipping from Motha Hustla.. ohhh lordy mercy
  15. Wow and I missed the early national signing day . I forgot what day it was gonna take place
  16. I'll be keeping you updated on him. By the way what is your cousins name?

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