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  1. There is zero QBs separating themselves for the Heisman this year...and Bijan isn't even gonna get an invite to NY. Effing joke man
  2. Anyone think we win the Big 12 and are in playoff position if Cam Rising was still a Horn? Haha something I pondered as we watch him play in the P12 title game tonight. Kid can ball.
  3. Sucks to see this. I remember T.O. flashing during spring practice before he busted up his knee twice. Kid could be an absolute beast if he can get/stay healthy.
  4. Word going around that this is a done deal. We'll find out soon. As a Cincy alum, I'm sad to see Fickell go, but Cincy is and always will be a stepping stone program. Having Fickell in the program was awesome while it lasted.
  5. This was my thinking too. What exactly is the draw to Auburn that isn't already at Ole Miss, with the exception of maybe some potential better NIL opportunities?
  6. Glad we don't need to pass today. Ewers has lost all ability to remain calm under pressure, it seems.
  7. If KSU beats WVU, does that officially eliminate the Horns from the Big 12 CCG?
  8. That's called absolute sh*t clock management. Almost blew the chance for his team to make the Playoff bc he made a trash play call on 3rd down with no timeouts left.
  9. Oh, OB is a sh*trag for sure... whether or not it's true, the speculation is bad enough bc fans freak out, rumors start cycling, and it's just an overall bad look. I'm just sick and tired of the BS.
  10. Lmao...and this is why I never get excited over anything with the recruiting hype, lol. There's always some disappointment lingering around the corner shortly after.
  11. Agree on Worthy. Not elite, but can get the job done. Honestly sucks we've missed out on both Neyor and a fully healthy Omerie. Imagine a full WR corp of those 3 together. When T.O. showed up on campus, he was a stud. We just can't seem to catch a break for it all to click at once.
  12. Be sure to tune in to the game Saturday. So much momentum building this week.. I'm fully expecting the inevitable letdown (or gut punch, as you put it) of a giant L to the Frogs, and all our recruiting hype turning up a big fat goose egg of commits. Again... A decade+ of disappointment has destroyed my burnt orange glasses. Sorry, not sorry.
  13. While this would be awesome.. color me skeptical until these hyped up names actually start dropping for the Horns. It starts by winning against the Frogs this weekend.
  14. We better f*cking win this weekend then.
  15. What is it? Honestly, what the hell is it? We lead the country in QB pressures, and constantly get our hands on the QB, but can't finish. And 99% of the time, the same play goes for a long first down. All you can do is shake your head.
  16. Kansas St now wants this win more than we do. It's a wrap.
  17. This. Plus, veterans like Jamison being lazy and coasting with a second half lead before choking it away

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