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  1. Definitely not a troll, lol. Just a diehard fan who's tired of seeing the turnover shitshow and now operating under the "I'll believe it when I see it" philosophy. haha. The Kansas L was my breaking point. Hoping for a change in the right direction this fall, though.
  2. Hard to have this perspective when we can't even beat Kansas. As for me, the floor is 1-11 and my ceiling is 6-6 until I see otherwise. At least if we go above that, I'll be pleasantly surprised. This may be debbie downer territory and I dont care, but I've been burned enough and have no confidence that we walk away with a W from any game on the schedule until I see the Horns handling their business against lesser talented opponents more consistently. Im well aware of the issues we've had over the past decade....here's to hoping the real talent we're accumulating actually stick around the 40 Acres and are developed. As Mike always says, we suck until we don't.
  3. Vasek to blowu. Sucks to miss out on that one.
  4. Don't forget to turn the Playstation off or it'll overheat.
  5. I'd assume the goal here would be for the Horns and ousux to be in the conference by 2024 to cash in on the new deal, right? Waiting until 2025 would be brutal.
  6. Let's hope this sentiment sticks around after we actually play some games this fall. The time for talking is over, and we need to put up some W's to keep this momentum going.
  7. Would be happy to have Kirkland jump aboard. It's a shame the kids moment is ruined, though, if he is indeed leaning Texas.
  8. Do we have any insight on how this is trending? Seems Vasek has been keeping things pretty tight throughout the process. Would definitely like to have him in the class.
  9. This. I'm leaning to the Hamilton is getting played option.
  10. Man, if we aren't leaving until 2025, that's gonna suck.
  11. There's also a common sense element that says he's not choosing a program that still loses games to Kansas, and the Domers have made multiple CFP appearances. Just sayin. We suck until we don't.
  12. Hopefully the staff feels we're in a good spot for some of our other WR targets then.
  13. Anyone know how this one is trending? I keep seeing ND for Greathouse.
  14. Damn I hope so. Waiting until 2025 would be an absolute joke.
  15. Obviously happy to have the big uglies jump aboard, but I agree with your point. Would be nice to start pulling in kids that are in the Top 30 in state, at least.
  16. I think we're in line for some improvement in conference play, but I'm nervous about the inevitable bloodbath in Week 2 against the Tide that puts a magnifying glass on just how far behind we are to the best of the best.
  17. I think we started Friday ranked around 34th. Great damn weekend.
  18. Still so disappointing to see us falling behind schools like Tech and Washington for Texas kids. Missing on Vasek would be a bummer.
  19. Can he talk to some defensive guys instead? I'd really prefer not to give up 57 points to the Kansas' of the world again.
  20. Would be nice to grab a commitment this weekend to get the ball rolling for the 2nd half of the summer. The timing would be perfect, and hopefully Sark and staff see it the same way as well.

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