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  1. I'd rather have classes ranked outside the top 20 and have players who want to wear the Burnt Orange and work their ass off instead of this entitled culture bullshit we've been dealing with for the past decade. Give me the hungry players. Those type of players have been dominating us for years now.
  2. Isn't it supposed to be a roughing the passer penalty when the defender drives the QB into the ground? You know, like it was called on us last drive?
  3. Overshown out for the game it seems. In street clothes on the sideline.
  4. OL..... ugh. Pokes are committed to stopping the run now, and we can't counter.
  5. Death, taxes....and a stupid ass penalty on Texas to ruin a 3 and out, only for it to turn into a TD drive by the other team.
  6. We'll need a spark today. Calling my shot. DJ makes a house call on a kickoff today.
  7. Really excited for my alma mater. Hopefully coach Fick sticks around for a long time. Rumors around these parts in the know is that he's committed to staying in Cincy while his kids are in school. I really don't see him leaving unless the OhSt job opens up again at some point. He's a Midwest guy thru and thru, so all the USC talk lately gave us a little chuckle here in Cincy.
  8. Sadly, this is 100% accurate. As Mike always says, we suck until we don't.
  9. I'll never understand how teams like Nebraska and WVU can hold the OU offense under 25 points.. and we constantly give up near double that every time we meet the Sooners. It's just maddening.
  10. I mean....what is there to say after that? Why did Sark try to adjust away from what they were doing in the first half? I understand feeding Bijan, but they needed to keep using him as a decoy. Can't keep feeding him with 7-8 guys in the box.
  11. 100% agreed. No way you can watch the first 9 mins of this game and tell me that Sark hasn't made a difference in < 6 games already.
  12. Are there any rumblings at all out there of when an announcement for our first year in the SEC will be? Would be nice for that to happen so we can get Perkins in the boat.
  13. I don't think he actually committed, as far as I can tell? Correct me if I'm wrong, tho.
  14. Have to go play action on that 4th down. That box was loaded.
  15. The endzone fade throw from inside the 3 yard line is the dumbest play call in the sport of football. Cmon, man.
  16. Not a fan of the keep there by Casey. Let Bijan pick up 3 damn yards. Been doing it all damn day.
  17. Everytime I watch Bijan, I find it absolutely absurd that Herman thought it was a good idea to limit this kid touches. Just absolute idiocy.
  18. Is our OL this effing bad they can't even block these Rice guys? Casey has gotten murdered twice already. Cmon man.
  19. I'm thinking we see Casey as the starter moving forward. Seems to be alot more calm behind the OL and has a little more patience to make good decisions. I'm good with it.
  20. Ahhh. Thanks, I didn't see that. Hopefully he's healthy soon and we can make him useful.

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