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  1. I saw someone share on Twitter that Hicks told the ou staff he was committing to them. Then this morning flipped to aggy and didn't say anything to ou. 'Crootin.
  2. Bummer. Of the current top 20 in Texas in the 247 player rankings, 12 are heading out of the state. Looks like we're still having trouble bucking this trend of Texas talent crossing the border. Sucks to see.
  3. No. I think we're staring at 3-9 or 4-8. I wouldn't bet on us as the favorite for any of the remaining games on the schedule this season. Every team we play wants to win more than we do.
  4. This. Although, I'd argue that there are alot of young guys that are earning their spots, and maybe that's a good sign for the near future (don't worry, my koolaid drinking days are over, so I won't believe it until I see it). Hoping the roster turnover helps us be rid of this problem. Too many of our upperclassmen have been all talk, no results for years. At some point the players need to want it more than the guy across the field from them.
  5. Think of how many we were also winning and didn’t finish bc the players wanted to coast after taking a lead.
  6. Odd, considering Texas and OU aren't on the SEC schedule that was already released this week.
  7. I'm gonna go 27-23 Horns. Still don't completely trust Card to move the ball all that well just yet. Hostile environment will be interesting.
  8. Absolutely, yes. Note how the dominoes are currently falling in the landscape of CFB right now, with mass realignment and what looks to be a clear Power 2 conference structure, and then everyone else. Taking a Big 10 job almost anywhere is a step up from Baylor and Waco... by a mile.
  9. Ridiculous. Imagine throwing your life away and being called a terrorist forever all over the outcome of a football game. Some people, smh.
  10. Absolutely stupid. Appeal denied bc "the QB was defenseless as his eyes were downfield" and DO tackled him too fast? I mean, what the hell are we doing here.

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