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  1. I'd say by the pure fact that never-ending coaching turnover being the root of our demise for a decade now is reason enough to keep some people around longer to create some sense of consistency and stability.
  2. When >50% of the players who sign to a program actually stick around, that tends to happen. We're at what, 40%(?) of the players left of the 18-19 classes still on the roster? A trend that's continued with all the coaching turnover since the early 2010s. We have to stop firing coaches every 3-4 years.
  3. @Sirhornsalot Still feeling good about this one? Or we thinking the late $$$ push from Corn pulled him in?
  4. The entire concept of "brand" doesn't carry weight anymore. W's on the field and NIL is how the war will be won. Currently, Texas is losing on both.
  5. Do we seriously think we're going to be stuck for 2 years of overlap with the new expansion teams? I'd imagine there's some negotiating happening behind the scenes to make this move happen sooner, or if the conference is doing whatever they can to stick it to the Horns one more time before we exit.
  6. Gotta give them credit. They're throwing their weight around.
  7. My friend confirmed Corey will be heading home to Cincinnati. Will be a Bearcat.
  8. Thanks for posting, Floss. A long time friend, and the best man at my wedding, was Corey's position coach at Roger Bacon. I'm trying to get the scoop on a potential landing spot for him. I know he was not a fan of BK. Everyone I know is pegging him to return back home to Cincy, but will find out.
  9. Why the hell aren't we doing the same thing?
  10. Can we start using the #AllHypeNoCommits hashtag yet? Ill look forward to another weekend of "silent" nonsense. Should be fun to see cool pics and stuff again tho

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