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  1. I know this is going to sound foreign to everyone, but as tomorrow is Ash Wednesday heading into Easter: Lust is something I’ve personally been struggling with in a bad way, and this UT forum has been really debilitating to me. I want to truly thank y’all for a fun way to discuss and analyze my beloved Alumnus and my favorite sport of Football, but this is goodbye as i wiIl no longer log on again. Prayer requests for my lust struggles are appreciated. Love y’all
  2. I know you all mean well with the Kate image posts, but I’m going to call us all out and put the line in the sand and say we should not be posting this on a UT football thread and causing each other to lust over these women. Let’s point each other towards Jesus not towards Sin
  3. I love my ‘Horns to death, but I’m reminded of this sad truth regarding the wide receiver position, and I’m wondering if y’all agree: the wide receiver position at UT is where good receivers have gone to die ever since Colt McCoy. This has been due to offensive system, play calling, and most of all - QB play. But how have we had such talented and athletic receivers (take our deep room this last year as example #1: Colin Johnson, RHM, Devin duvernay, Humphrey, etc.) end up with such terribly weak stats and even transfer out of the program? Tough sell to current recruits, but I’m confident coach herman will address it and turn things around! Cheers to a great signing day, and to improved QB play in 2018
  4. I think the first commitment will be chip scoop from Stratford high school
  5. First Juan now him... I'm officially a total sad boy.
  6. I'm gonna be a sad sack of butt until Juan comes back. I miss that man dearly.
  7. Can anyone summarize why Utah won this battle for him over us?
  8. Thankful that the Word became flesh and Dwelt among us! God moved into the neighborhood. - John chapter 1
  9. Happy birthday to the big man Himself, King Jesus
  10. Who/what do you want to see in an Offensive Coordinator?
  11. Times like that, when you see reporters that break news before letting the actual high school kid make his own announcement, make me wonder what these media people are doing with their life. Sad
  12. Little wants the education opportunity available at Stanford. It aligned more specifically and more prestigiously with his career goals than what UT could offer. Way less to do about on-field football/coaching stuff than you would normally think
  13. People don't realize how much Little prioritizes education. He cares WAY more about his education and career than football situation so if he decides Stanford over Texas - Herman should not be penalized or thought any less of as this decision has very little to do with either coaches recruiting and more about the schools themselves
  14. Lake Travis vs. the Woodlands next week... what a matchup
  15. No doubt there is risk with those 3 - BUT the upside case is bright: Warren is a BEAST Porter is very quick Johnson is an all around complete athlete who ran well with the carries he has received. If all three healthy can make for a potent backfield next year
  16. I don't think young is much of an excuse in college basketball these days. Look at our team last year - not young at all relative to most teams and we still were not good
  17. I heard from Lake Travis HS students I'm friends with that confirmed Sam broke his wrist this week. If true, this game will not be close at all. LT will blow them out again

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