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  1. I was starting to drift to the koolaide until I heard Mike Stoops. Hopefully this is a false alarm.
  2. I sure do hope all you guys are right. This thread reads like a wet dream of koolaide binges. I can understand why there is so much bottled excitement or hope in new coaches, staff hirings, signing day, etc. There hasnt been much to be excited with regards to the actual results on the field in a decade. I wont drink the koolaide this time. Sark is going to have to prove it mostly because of the hangover from the last two head coaches
  3. See this thread is proof Herman is cancer.
  4. Now thats a smoker. My grandfather had one like this. Best BBQ I have ever had
  5. Same I tried smoking a few times. Didnt turn out very good honestly.
  6. My grill is this model. primo 400 or whatever. Its pretty good
  7. My enthusiasm reached critical level after ou. I watched about 10 minutes of the Baylor game.
  8. Can we please fire Herman now? No reason to hold on to this pos coach
  9. Just a guess here. If you are against BLM propaganda and activism in sports then its racist? The NFL and NBA would like to know as well
  10. Its the compassionate thing to do. Herman has empathy and cares and loves everyone. We should build bridges not walls. I am sure my sarcasm is showing but just let me know when POS arrogant fraud of HC is fired and BLM activists are gone.
  11. Even if Herman wins out, which is highly unlikely, I want him gone. Its not just about coaching and player development anymore. His attitude and arrogance after losing to the worst ou team in decades has forever sealed my opinion of him. Herman is a fraud and hopefully we are working on securing Meyer. Meyer is arrogant as well but I highly doubt the guy would all smiles after losing to ou. Herman cares more about activism than he does about our school. fk him
  12. The media likes to spin their propaganda as fact but will use words like "theory", "believe", "possible", "ties to", "think" Once your eyes are open you will see it happens a lot.
  13. Texas wins this one but only because Baylor had COVID to deal with. Texas 45 Baylor 38
  14. I would just remove any Band members that dont want to play it. We can always find more or as @Sirhornsalot mentioned invite HS bands. Employees that pull that crap get fired and replaced. I dont see why students should be treated differently. You dont want to play it then find someone who does. Problem fixed. Any players not wanting to stand for the Eyes, show them the portal. They are not entitled to that scholarship. They can go elsewhere for all I care. I do not want them here at all, yes that means you Overshown and whoever else. I dont care how athletic they are. I would rather have scab roster of players who feel proud of our school and song than listen to this activist bullshit one more minute. This entire movement has crushed the excitement and spirit of the game for me personally. I would rather watch a bunch D5 5th graders play than this self righteous and arrogant group of players and Head Coach. They cant fire Herman fast enough for me. Appeasing shit like these students NEVER solves the problem. It will always make it worse as people will always test your resolve.
  15. Personally I wouldnt be concerned with recruiting or Carrington for that matter if Urban eventually lands as HC. Urban already has taken a lot of Texas HS top talent to the snow lands of Ohio. One would think Austin would be an easier sell for him. I am sure we all remember Dobbins and Wilson
  16. Nick Saban $9,300,000 Ed Orgeron $8,687,500 Dabo Swinney $8,258,575 Jim Harbaugh $8,054,000 Jimbo Fisher $7,500,000 Kirby Smart $6,803,600 Gus Malzahn $6,900,000 Lincoln Riley $6,507,143 https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/ @Baron

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