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  1. Been busy but doing good bud. Hope you and your family are doing good. I haven’t been on much but as dee said it’s close to football season. Very stoked on this class and looking forward to the season
  2. Someone here, forgot who it was, bet me Arch wasnt coming to Texas. You can Venmo me that cash brother
  3. Its so early. Quinn hasnt even taken a snap yet at Texas.
  4. LOL You mentioned studies in China first of all and never cited one. Then you stated the drug "helped". I asked how it helped and you gave zero response. I knew you were talking about pain and I stated as much but clearly you choose to overlook that. Selective reading and cherry picking seems prevalent in this thread. Cannabis helps with pain like acetaminophen temporarily relieves pain or alcohol temporarily relieves anxiety. I have said so throughout this entire thread. Then you state I know plenty of people who smoke pot and are still smart as hell. Well I know a guy who has smoked pot since he was 16 and he is mentally feeble as shit now. I am surprised he can even tie his shoes in the morning. He blames pot for his mental handicap. Show me one peer reviewed research paper or clinical paper where smoking cannabis improves memory function, depression, anxiety, and any other mental disorder other than the temporary dissociative effect.
  5. Everyone has their own views but its a stretch to say well its no worse than this or that drug. That's a pretty weak argument considering the damage the drugs you mentioned has caused. When you say it has helped people in Chinese studies what is the "help" you are referring to? It cures cancer if a cancer patient is smoking weed? I realize you are talking about pain. So weed does nothing to improve the disease. Weeds acts a dissociative drug just like morphine or opioids is for pain. It literally provides no other health benefits at all. Now if you want to make a case of legality of doing cannabis that is different. People should be able to make their own choices without government overreach. Alcohol destroys livers and if cannabis destroys brains then its your own choice to do so.
  6. Again the study you cited didnt come to a conclusion either way. You are saying the absence of a conclusion in THEIR study is proof. That isnt how this works. If there was no link they would have clearly stated that in their conclusion. There are many studies which show a mental disorders including depression, anxiety, psychosis, dementia, schizophrenia, cognitive decline and many more mental disorders. Again I dont care to carry on this conversation. I am not a hippie nor proponent of pot heads. I dont care what other people do. The evidence is clear to me. If others want to smoke until their brains cease to function of a normal scale then more power to them, i really dont care but if doctors are going to prescribe or recommend cannabis for mental disorder treatment then its malpractice in my view. The very thing they are trying to treat is making the condition worse and so the answer is do more lol. Its pathetic. Doctors prescribed opioids too and look how that turned out.
  7. Ok so now you have shifted from the "More positives than negatives" to there is no "clear" link that marijuana causes psychiatric disorders. The study you cited has zero to do with the benefits of treating depression or anxiety. The study you cited was to determine is Cannabis caused psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders. They did not come to any conclusion whatsoever of psychiatric disorders but rather compared it to a control group of alcohol and other drug users. How exactly is this at all relevant to your claims? On the other hand cannabis has been proven to reduce the blood flow to brain. Your support for using cannabis is solely for comfort level only and there is absolutely ZERO evidence cannabis treats mental disorders but rather the pain of dealing with the disease. Well the exact same thing can be said for alcohol, heroin, morphine, and numerous other narcotics. The irony is if doctors are prescribing cannabis for mental disorders then they are contributing to it. Its malpractice and a scam. Hell insurance companies even offer marijuana malpractice insurance.
  8. First of all you have not cited one clinical research study. I have cited numerous studies. Show me one credible research study which is peer reviewed which specifically says there is "no link". You are just making shit up now. Secondly you said I am focused on depression well no shit my initial post was to the poster who said he takes cannabis because his/her doctor prescribed it for depression. You are the one that chimed in to response with unsubstantiated claims of the benefits to marijuana. If you are going to debate me then get your shit together and not just spout opinionated drivel. Lastly you make another claim "We are learning more and more about how marijuana and other psychotropic substances may help with these disorders" Who is we? And what are those benefits? There isnt any. We both know you are talking getting high to disassociate the burden of daily struggles, stress and anxiety. Other than pain relief there isnt one thing weed getting actually cures. Same goes for drinking and other drugs. Also lets not forget you said "Marijuana has many more positive effects for medical problems than negative." Where is this cited. Its not. Its just gibberish you are spouting.
  9. More positive? As in how? You mean its easier to cope with stress when you are high. Frankly its quite reckless to say it more positive than negative when even lead researchers are not sure. There is ample evidence weed stunts the development of the brain at early ages. Cannabis is a medical treatment for pain but to say its helps with reducing mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis is disingenuous. That's like saying morphine is used to treat acute pain....well no shit I will add this. Personally I couldn't care less who smokes pot and for whatever reason they can come up with. I have my own vices, one being alcohol. Next time I drink a bottle of bourbon I am going to tell my wife its doctors orders to treat stress and anxiety. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33332004/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23082832/
  10. They are out in force at the piggly wiggly, scouring the parking lot for loose change
  11. This seems counter productive considering prolonged use of marijuana has been linked to depression. To think a doctor prescribes this as treatment is even more hilarious. https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/there-link-between-marijuana-use-psychiatric-disorders
  12. Every year its the same thing. This guy is a day one starter. I still remember Patrick Hudson was the answer to everything and we didnt even see him until year 2? then he medically retired I think. Our OL has sucked wind for a very long time, even when Conner Williams was here. To think some 17-18 year old OL is just going to stroll in here and start is very unusual and highly unlikely. OL is one of those positions that takes a certain level physical toughness, stamina and mental understanding. Its not like sticking a freshman RB into the system in year one. Even if they are more talented than the existing group of linemen, which is more than likely true, its not going to be pretty at first. They have to build an understanding and cohesiveness together as all OL have to.
  13. I am probably going to get flamed for this post but NFG. You know you are my brother @DBut82 so this isnt directed at only your post. I dont get it. What is this The University of Casey Thompson? Why he left doesnt matter he is leaving by his own choice. I dont blame him but I am not going to cry a river of "We will miss you!". Some of you guys get so emotional with the common accolades "played his heart out" blah blah. Seriously how many players say "FU" team and fans when the bowl game comes around because they want to protect their NFL future? We see it more and more. How many recruits ditch UT for other schools even though they grew up longhorn fans for money or NFL aspirations? Yet we are all supposed to show empathetic FEELINGS for players that do this to the team. He left by his own choice. Bye! He is thinking of himself and thats his life. I dont blame him for it but wont kiss his ass for it either. I will support the players that stay on the team Roschon is a team player. Played a different position to help his team. Plays with heart. That is a player I salute. Not Casey Thompson. Casey said something like "I think I had a good game but I cant make the defense do their job." I am paraphrasing of course but it was after a game the defense sucked. How did that look to the fam? Even though its true I am sure it didnt go well with the family in the locker room. Yes players leave early for the NFL or transfer or sit out games. Thats their choice but its my choice who I support. I have said many times VY is my fav. I realize he left early for the NFL but he had nothing left to prove except for winning the Heisman which he should have won regardless. He wouldnt leave his team hanging in a bowl game. Hes a true longhorn. Players like him and Roschon are the players I salute not players like Casey Thompson. Nothing wrong with thanking a player but honestly this is business. You want to win or ne an emo center of caring. They make business decisions then good luck...next
  14. You are not wrong but others like to get emotional over players leaving
  15. When someone calls me mac daddy that is racist too
  16. I laughed so hard when I saw this. Listen to jumbo talk about NIL and paying players "above the board". Interesting to watch his body language as well. Classic looking down and away shows dishonesty in his answer. Not to mention after answering the question he reaches for the water bottle. Dry mouth buddy?
  17. Well ags probably have their best recruiting in history and it probably cost them a pretty good amount of cash. This reminds of the time they paid Jimbo an insane amount of money 10 year 75 million. What did they get for it? Kevin Sumlin 2.0 I would tell any ag relatives not to be booking NC just yet
  18. Well im still sending congrats to them on their last NC. I usually send this
  19. Where exactly did I claim or give you the impression that I was saying we are only the school that pays for recruits? Never said that in any form. I have said this many times on this forum. My father-in-law was a bama booster and has told me many times their players get paid and he has seen it. Of course it happens. Even Travis Hunter is rumored to have 1 million NIL offer to go to Jackson State. The reason we have sucked for nearly is a decade is the lack of big uglies on both lines. Its about time they get some. They did and I personally do not care how they did it. Without the big guys upfront we will continue to struggle
  20. Yea I know. Every time we got a recruit it was a F-350 according to the ags and everytime the ags get someone its cash bags on door steps. If you think for one minute that the public 150k a year to OL was not a major factor in landing the best OL class in a decade, especially after a non bowl qualifying 5 win season as well as a loss to Kansas at DKR, well then I want what youre smoking. Its been what 9 years since we landed an Allen recruit? Some WR cant remember his name. Yea pancakes for everyone. I will say Flood and Staff have worked hard and im excited about the class.

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