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  1. Porn is one thing but child porn is completely disgusting. To be sexually attracted to children and kiddie porn is beyond all decency. I dont care who you are. No excuses period
  2. Good for him. Hope he gets paid. That said I worry about the direction college football now. Basically free agency every year.
  3. I could have sworn I read somewhere Arch himself wants to redshirt.
  4. Banks didnt make first team? What a joke. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned the Big 12 Conference
  5. I never noticed this before https://xavierworthy.com/ His logo is very cool © 2022 Xavier Worthy. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. This thread kinda reminds me of the All Things Politics club
  7. Yea after what Sark said the other day, paraphrasing "We want guys who want to be here and not just for NIL money" Something along lines I figured that wasnt a good sign regarding Worthy. Who knows hopefully he stays if he does leave I sure hope it isnt Riley. Fk that guy
  8. Honestly some of my friends can’t stand Sark. I do not understand why because he fits this job well from a PR standpoint. Mack was good at it. Charlie just looked lost. Herman was an asshat I think Sark is going to make it. He recruits well and once our OL is matured this offense will be a beast with the right QB
  9. I was not a Charlie fan as everyone who has been on this board during that time knows. It was weird relationship because I genuinely liked the man and felt empathetic towards him but as a HEAD coach he was way out of his league here at Texas. His recruiting was polar opposite of what Mack did but just trying to be fair to the man he did land some good talent.
  10. I see it differently. I thought Strong was a terrible Head Coach but a decent recruiter. His timing was suspect and not at all what we were used to under Mack but he did bring in some good players. "All I've got to say is that if you don't want to go to Texas, don't let (Strong) get on your couch because that man is very persuasive”
  11. The true bright spot this season is actually seeing player development. This list is long. Sorrell, Barron, Ford, Sweat and many more. The offensive line is very young and should be much improved. Things are looking very good
  12. Touché. Now we have warped into the Chicken and egg argument. Where this all started I dont even remember. Just let it go. I have better things to do.
  13. Strong sucked at recruiting? Is that hindsight or in the moment? From I remember he pulled multiple top 10 classes which everyone was impressed with at the time, including yourself. As for Herman failing on Ewers well part of that was Herman the manchild but also NIL money and certain laws in Texas which Ohio didnt have at the time. I am with you regarding the OL recruiting which I have been saying for years. I do think Sark is doing a good job as I have said countless times. But FFS if people want to point aspects of team or players that dont fit the Sunshine guidelines they should be able to do so without being flamed.
  14. I will add this argument is starting to stray off course. It started with people pointing out Ewers mistakes and now has evolved into a pissing match over what the future holds of which we all guessing.
  15. You say Sark had to fix the culture issues but the exact same thing was said when Strong took over and also when Herman came in. Yet nothing changed. Never heard that before. Strong and Herman both recruited great as well. I dont know the number of top 10 classes but there were multiple Top 10 classes for both of them. Your argument is based on the premise the future looks bright so stop being negative yet it has been 13 years of let downs so spare me. Charlie is a defensive minded coach, The quarterback whisperer who mentored Bridegwater, Herman is MENSA, blah blah blah. Your arguments have been recycled for over a decade. Nothing has changed as of YET. Strong had a stout defense his first year. Was it indicative for the next 5 years? Absolutely not. For the love of God I hope it is different but you flaming people for being negative is hilarious. All you do is point to the future and parrot the same words we have been hearing for 13+ years. All of the let downs and the Sams "WERE BACK" comments have not come fruition so yea if people are skeptical they have good reason to be. So you can spare me the the self righteous real fans are positive crap.
  16. To be fair, some of us have tried being positive for about for the last 13 years. When you say future exactly how long into the future are you talking about? 1 year? 20 years? I tried being positive about the future of the team after we beat Georgia in the sugar bowl in 2019. How did that turn out? I might be fertilizing the daisies soon so excuse some of us if we don’t want another 13 years of let downs. This whole negative vs positive crap is silly.
  17. Well it’s a shame if Worthy leaves but oh well. Next
  18. I know it’s a stretch but I’m very interested in the k-state game. Stranger things have happened in rivalry games
  19. Agree. I am not either, matter of fact Depp is on my ignore list for various reasons. Mainly I think he is a troll but whatever.
  20. The first half was terrible. We were fortunate to only be down by 2 points considering the number of plays ran and time possession advantage Baylor had. Part of that is we scored quickly but I was worried the defense was going to get gassed
  21. Even though I quoted you my post was in reaction to numerous people. Like the comments "all knowings" or "people narrative" etc. Seems petty and ridiculous. The bottom line is Ewers is young and inexperienced but he seems to be a very slow learner. I remember Sam taking a sack for a huge loss when he had time to throw it away. I cant remember the game but the very next game he was put in the same situation and throw it away. I have not seen that from Ewers. He repeatedly makes the same mistakes and new ones. Anyone here who says otherwise is part the Sunshine club and simply sticks their head in the sand. I have been a member of both the sunshine and pessimistic club. I guess it depends on what I see in the game. I do not sugar coat it nor am I rooting for failure. Even Sark jumped Ewers after the Safety. I know my first though was thank god for the Rojo and Bijan because if we had to rely on Ewers I would have been very nervous. This isnt really a winnable argument because the sunshine crew will point to 2 years from now. Its difficult to know whether Ewers goes the way of VY or Colt or the other direction of Gilbert. He could go on to be great but I dont know and neither does the Sunshine crew so save the petty comments. I do know going into the Kansas game Ewers was 4-3 as a starter completing 55.2% for 1507 yards with 13 TDs and 6 picks. Not counting his fumbles which I do not know. As I said its not all on him: young OL, questionable play calls, dropped passes etc. Regardless I am rooting for the kid but my allegiance is to the school not any one player or coach. In short we are all rooting for the boys but im tired of the flames just because someone points out the mistakes.
  22. Needless to say I hope he comes back but it’s doubtful. I wish him the best. Great young man and player
  23. It’s a forum and we all have different opinions. Sark has done a good job. We improved record wise and players are being developed. Quinn will as well but he started hot and went downhill. That’s not improvement this year but he’s inexperienced. Not a knock on him just facts. Some of wanted to lynch PK just a few games but now he’s all praise. Hopefully next year with an experienced OL we will be even better

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