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  1. Consider the audience. If Democratic voters actually believe that Biden who couldn't even win the Democratic nomination in the 2 previous attempts got more black votes than their hero Obama did. So yea he could feed them shit and call it pudding and these morons would be cutting in line to get seconds. The real plague of this century are Democrat retards.
  2. I was starting to drift to the koolaide until I heard Mike Stoops. Hopefully this is a false alarm.
  3. Watching China stocks go up +6% on the day this moron is sworn in. Wall street will never pass up an opportunity to take full advantage of dumb Democrat voters.
  4. I sure do hope all you guys are right. This thread reads like a wet dream of koolaide binges. I can understand why there is so much bottled excitement or hope in new coaches, staff hirings, signing day, etc. There hasnt been much to be excited with regards to the actual results on the field in a decade. I wont drink the koolaide this time. Sark is going to have to prove it mostly because of the hangover from the last two head coaches
  5. Yea I have never understood this "boy" issue. My friends called me boy and I called them boy back the day. I never thought of it as a sign of disrespect on either side. Just a cut up word. Context has meaning for a reason.
  6. Left = weak minded sheep, especially the ones who come here to boast about their own murder suicide. Pathetic. Albert Einstein quotes: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” - Its already here “The only source of knowledge is experience.” - and what has been the socialism experience throughout history but you leftist morons have it all figured out. which leads into the next quote... “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.”
  7. The biggest disappointment is that idiot Overshown is returning next year. I wish he would take his kneeling to some NFL field instead of the eyes. I cant support ignorant blm players wish they would all hit the portal or draft.
  8. Wow. Georgia just elected a BLM radical anti white psycho and a Chinese spy communist to the senate. Next DC and Puerto Rico become states and Democrats will trash this entire country. Any American that voted for these lazy socialist self entitled pigs into government should be ashamed. You Liberal Democrats are a plague to mankind and freedom. As this country moves towards socialism you can tell your children you were responsible. I bet you blame Russia or Trump for your own stupidity.
  9. One of the best videos I have seen to date. Shame on all you liberal retards for not having the mental capacity nor the intelligence to see this for yourself. Yea I am back and it is 12/27/2020 11:03 AM and you liberal retards still suck
  10. There is nothing inspirational about Biden. BLM is ignorance pushed by hatred and the blame game. The media and the Democrats throw around the racism word to work up emotions and hatred. It works though look at the chart below....election years. They use the black people and then those same black people call Trump a racist. Talk about gullible morons. Trump fixed the 1994 crime bill that imprisoned blacks wrote by Biden and they call Trump a racist and vote for Biden. You cant make that stuff up. Its truly pathetic
  11. I have never touched it but I tend to agree with @UT1983. I dont perceive it to be any worse than alcohol but there are some disturbing studies showing it can cause permanent psychosis after long term use. Besides since PD brought it up "light up", we now understand his condition.
  12. Yup. Since legalization in Colorado. Rocky Mountain high liberals Section I: Traffic Fatalities & Impaired Driving Since recreational marijuana was legalized, marijuana related traffic deaths increased 151 percent while all Colorado traffic deaths increased 35 percent Since recreational marijuana was legalized, traffic deaths involving drivers who tested positive for marijuana more than doubled from 55 in 2013 to 138 people killed in 2017. This equates to one person killed every 2 ½ days compared to one person killed every 6 ½ days. The percentage of all Colora

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