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  1. This conversation was brought up regarding Evan Stewart and comparing Dumas's production to Texas WR. He brought up Whitt to divert from the lackluster performance from the former 5 star Dumas. I brought up Worthy. Its not even close when you compare Worthy with Dumas.
  2. A faggie trying to explain Dumas's low production this year.
  3. But wouldnt have to be announced publicly? So we should be seeing Stewart announcing a 100k deal after signing?
  4. I am sure bag men exist but why isnt there any proof of it. I mean come on you pay a kid 100k, coach bitches the kid out a year later, like Moore, then why wouldnt he just spill the beans on the school as he hits the portal. Doesnt make any sense to me. Wouldnt the recruit hold massive leverage over the school afterwards? Better play me when I want coach or else. Sometimes I wonder if we all just use this as an excuse for not having the #3 class in the given year to make us feel better about losing this recruit or that one. Maybe a 5-7 season and losing to Kansas has something to do with it. I do realize it does happen. My father in law is a booster for Bama, not necessarily a BMD but he has seen them get paid there even years ago. We pretend we are above that and maybe we are but do you guys really think that doesnt happen here? I have my doubts. So some teenager turns away big money to play for a 5-7 team whose coach is constantly on the hotseat?
  5. Regarding Stewart. I poached this off another sites forum. Sadly its true.
  6. This one hurts but on the bright side see him in the portal after he gets 10 receptions next year
  7. I can definitely relate. Something similar happened to me. Wife bought me a sweatshirt that was maroon. I asked her if this was a joke. She paused for a second then said "oh right"
  8. Ah come on tex. I dont want to rat him out in case i might be mistaken. Wouldnt be the first time. He/she/it/sheepshager seems to enjoy the shitshow this year a little too much. Well that is my perception anyways. Besides this person appears relatively new to the board so yea smells like a troll. Well crap I probably ratted him out anyways. Where is @Bear19 when you need him.
  9. At one point he was referred to as the QB whisperer
  10. Wait....what? Bro what about Kate? I dont have either as well. I dont speak twitterese anyways
  11. Beat me to it. He was pulled by Fatterson then complained to the media that Sark over used Bijan with 30+ carries.

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