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  1. So giving up 34 points to a mediocre tech team and letting tech convert 6 out 8 4th downs is no big deal because in your infinite wisdom everyone’s defense sucks in the big 12. Laughable.
  2. Everyone is blaming sark for being conservative, which is true, but the real problem is our defense and has been for a decade plus. UTSA and tech are average teams and we shouldn’t be giving up long time consuming drives to mediocre teams
  3. In other words we aren’t as good as we all thought last weekend
  4. Haha listening to Lowell talk up UTSA as if they are Georgia is like nails on the chalkboard. You do not outplay Bama then shit the bed vs UTSA. No excuses
  5. Same ole shit different year. Play up or down to your opponents level.
  6. I figured it was a loss today. I dont care for moral victories but this team fought hard and we should have won this game. We outplayed them. What is it with Bama knocking our QBs out. FFS. Had to relive the entire Colt saga all over again.
  7. Just scanned through this but I thought Kirkland was committing this afternoon?
  8. Been busy but doing good bud. Hope you and your family are doing good. I haven’t been on much but as dee said it’s close to football season. Very stoked on this class and looking forward to the season
  9. Someone here, forgot who it was, bet me Arch wasnt coming to Texas. You can Venmo me that cash brother

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