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  1. I was starting to drift to the koolaide until I heard Mike Stoops. Hopefully this is a false alarm.
  2. I sure do hope all you guys are right. This thread reads like a wet dream of koolaide binges. I can understand why there is so much bottled excitement or hope in new coaches, staff hirings, signing day, etc. There hasnt been much to be excited with regards to the actual results on the field in a decade. I wont drink the koolaide this time. Sark is going to have to prove it mostly because of the hangover from the last two head coaches
  3. See this thread is proof Herman is cancer.
  4. Now thats a smoker. My grandfather had one like this. Best BBQ I have ever had
  5. Same I tried smoking a few times. Didnt turn out very good honestly.
  6. My grill is this model. primo 400 or whatever. Its pretty good
  7. My enthusiasm reached critical level after ou. I watched about 10 minutes of the Baylor game.
  8. Can we please fire Herman now? No reason to hold on to this pos coach

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