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  1. Yea I chuckled too. Big road win against a good team. Just look what TCU did to Iowa St in Ames. It was nice to see Jones break out of his 2 game slump. I also noticed @Sirhornsalotwasn't counting TOs and Texas had 1/2 of what they did the other night. You also have to love the play and hustle by Cunningham.
  2. He's only a 3 star on 247? Doesn't play like one!
  3. As soon as you stopped counting, the TO's ended so quit counting them! I agree though, way too many TO's and some were really bad. I saw Beard get really mad a couple of times due to players not taking wide open shots. They tried to penetrate into crowded areas and yep, they would turn it over. Shooters can't hesitate, you do that and it likely doesn't end well.
  4. As stated above several times, this loss was bad. In the Big XII you need to win all your home games and sneak a victory or 3 on the road. This loss eliminates the 1 road win (at KSU) the Horns had. Carr tried to carry the whole team and did for the majority of the 2nd half but just couldn't do it. Allen had a decent game but missed badly on those 2 FTs near the end. Jones and Ramey each had a very bad night shooting the ball. I too thought that was a flop however a different angle clearly showed Ramey's elbow hit the KSU player sqaure in the head, so who knows. If it was a flop, it was well played.
  5. Is there a real shot of flipping him or is he just having fun?
  6. It has a Temple address but it's actually a Belton ISD school.
  7. I believe Rotty is correct, it was Jones and he kicked some KST arse!
  8. So the mighty $ec was 0-3 vs the bdf conference. As texbound mentions above, at least LSU showed up to play so give them props for that.
  9. Did NTX steal your beer and/or woman dude? They mention Jones not making the trip and why on the ESPN ticker tape last night several time on the bottom of the screen while I was watching the ou vs Baylor game since Texas wasn't televised. From the Texas Sports link below you'll notice it mentions why Jones didn't make the trip. No. 14/16 Men's Basketball wins at K-State, 70-57 - University of Texas Athletics (texassports.com)
  10. Hopefully the new arena will have some configuration changes such as the students being behind the benches and the gray hairs (which I'm one) on the other side of the court. Think Duke or NC. Years ago I took my kids to a game and they were standing up and cheering during the game. We were asked by some older folks behind us to please sit down during the game and only stand during TOs and breaks. Out of respect we did but that's always has been a problem at the FEC. That and basketball just isn't that big in this state.
  11. I watched the game. While WV was without their stud, the Horns still played very well and built up a big lead. In the second half Beard rested a lot of regulars and that's when WV made a mini-run. As far as tinkering with the line-up, I'd like to think/hope that Beard is making a point of you practice hard, you get a shot of starting. That and maybe going with who's hot leading up to the game and who matches up better against certain teams. The Big XII is loaded this year. Baylor is the top of the class but it should be interesting to see who the next 3 or 4 teams are.
  12. Don't look know but the bdf conference is 2-0 vs the mighty $ec! If Kansas St wins it will be 3-0.
  13. Funny, that was the first thing I thought of also when I heard he may be heading to Nebraska!
  14. Yea Bama dominated the game. aggy getting ready to celebrate a "we beat the national champion" championship!
  15. As mentioned above, Michael Griffin was the DB with the INT and Drew Kelson was the LB who stayed step by step with Bush. Weird thing was that Drew Kelson was a JR that year but didn't see the field much his SR year.
  16. Didn't we win that game? I swore we did cause I was there. I hope I didn't get really drunk and get confused. Texas had a better offense (#1 vs #2) and better defense (#9 vs #35) than USC that year so statistically Texas was better. I agree we would have lost some games if not for Vince but the fact is he was there for all of them and he was a member of the team.
  17. They actually did have this bowl scheduled but it was cancelled,,, due to Covid.
  18. You do realize that Nebraska lost in the championship game in 5 right? Losing to a Big X team is not chocking. Texas could have played better but the Corn was clearly the better team that night (hated typing that).

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