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  1. I believe @Sirhornsalotmeant people from this site. Fair or not, you're the QB so you're going to get credit for wins and blame for losses. Especially in Texas.
  2. The Muscogee Creek Nation. So yea, my dad was an okie but my mom was from Texas!
  3. I can't stand ou however I have to give that kid props for one h3ll of a catch! Like Wayne stated though, it would have been better to knock it down
  4. My people, I knew I liked him for a reason! Do you recall hearing what tribe he's from?
  5. They talked about that stat last night during the game. He may not be the best QB in practice but last night Thompson showed this is his team.
  6. Seeing just 1 post about Rice this weekend. I hope the team has moved on from this past weekend and they're focusing on this weekend.
  7. That statement is not accurate, on at least 2 balls (may have been back to back plays) the balls not only sailed long but to the right. One one of those plays you saw the WR try and turn his body around. Card has some talent, that's for sure. However without mentioning names, we've had QBs in the past that looked great in practice but not so great in games. Be that said, Casey deserves the next start in my opinion but I'm not the coach. I will root for and support whoever starts against Rice.
  8. You may think Texas isn't your bowl game but your team dogged piled and your fans stormed the field so actions are stronger than words. BTW, I hope yall have a good year and beat aggy
  9. Conrad Dobler, that was one mean SOB back in the day! Going old school there bud.
  10. Very well stated, especially the player safety part
  11. Thought I'd wait a day to post. First of all I'm sorry for your loss texbound. Losing a mom is hard, I still think of mine often. The 2 targeting non calls by Arkansas. Why have replay if you're not going to use it. Either that or quit telling me it's for safety when both times were ignored and the announcers and their rules guru said both were obvious targeting calls. Thompson should start and I've felt this way since it was announced. I know some will say "but Arkansas was playing soft by then". Look at the 4 plays from the 1/2 ft line and tell me they were playing soft. They didn't want Texas to score, period. Card over threw 2 wide open WRs that could have been TDs or at least 1st downs and get Texas out of their own end of the field. Whittington also dropped passes this week that last week he caught. Defense and offense were bad, very bad, it was a team effort. Arkansas was playing their bowl game and it showed. Texas was caught reading press clippings. Bottom line is we got whupped, an old fashion arse kicking. It will be interesting to see how the team responds next week.
  12. I don't watch the NFL and haven't for decades but I'm glad my friend was wrong, I'll let him know.
  13. I also heard via a friend that they didn't play the National Anthem before the Tampa Bay vs Dallas NFL game, they played a different one. Sad what has become of this country.
  14. If I was Maryland, I'd quit the Big X and move to the Big XII, they'd probably win it every year.
  15. Any buzz from the recruiting world after the game? Wondering if Coach Stark opened any eyes.
  16. Well done sir, very good observation there. The only thing I would change is Whittington #2 for the O with Card at #3. Edit note: That TD pass from Card to Brewer was perfect, great throw by a young QB.
  17. Related to the game but off subject, for those that went I heard getting into the stadium sucked, i.e. long wait times. Anyone else experience that or not?
  18. Everyone I know who went to the game today told me the gate situation at the stadium sucked, i.e. very long wait to get inside. Anyone else experience that also or didn't?
  19. Live in the Austin area but will get some burlap for sure after this past winter!
  20. Thanks for the invite but I'm letting my kids have my tickets this year, going to watch from the couch.

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