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Everything posted by tejasrulz

  1. They have Bama's best win as Texas. You know that has to kill aggy!
  2. It's official, in order it's: Georgia, Michigan, TCU and tOSU.
  3. I'm not sure they want a Mich/tOSU rematch so early so I'll go Georgia, Mich, TCU & tOSU in that order.
  4. Well you threw in some Merle, so you can't be all that bad!
  5. Eastexhorn liked this so I'll assume he understood it. Guess they speak a different language/dialect in east Texas than the central part.
  6. FDU looked like a HS team compared to Texas. Glad to see them dominate the Bulldogs. Hey man, what's up with the lady's basketball team? USF is no slouch but to lose at home to them was a surprise. I only saw the highlights but their #3 was lights out!
  7. We all made dumb mistakes as kids. I'm just thankful YouTube wasn't around back then!
  8. Texas fans can be fickle. Don't believe me, read the last game thread.
  9. Maybe but I'm very skeptical of him based on some of the things he has posted.
  10. Kids are just so much bigger today than they used to be!
  11. I have you on block but saw this last night while checking on my phone which I don't log into HornSports with. Texas beat #2 Gonzaga at home earlier this year and #8 Kansas at home last year so your info is incorrect. Nice try aggy
  12. This has the potential to help TCU if the 2 teams meet in the playoffs.
  13. I heard it was the officiating crew that did Texas vs okie lite who did the voting. Nothing to see here.
  14. In regards to Ewers and his regression over the season, the above in bold is the closet to what I believe happened. While the QB gets all the glory, they get all the blame too. I think he was feeling the pressure. Hopefully he'll learn, like other young QBs have, to handle it better.
  15. When is early signing day, Dec 14th? Are we still looking good to get Hill or will he go back to aggy?
  16. Correct but Snead was a true freshman whereas Colt was a RS freshman.
  17. I believe I was wrong earlier when I said JD was a disgruntled Texas fan and not aggy. The post above where longhorn_mig quotes him proves to me he's aggy.

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