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  1. Maybe that's why he wants to play out of state?
  2. Thanks. The "Since 2000" is what me think Simms.
  3. Weird that Travis County isn't Burnt Orange but instead Maroon for Texas St.
  4. IMHO, this is an addition by subtraction. The steal of home base by Tech was the final nail in his coffin, he never recovered after that. I wish the young man luck with his new team, unless they play Texas.
  5. I have to admit I was pulling for ou over aggy in this one. Now please excuse me as I have to shower after typing that!
  6. Man, did I just get insulted? I've tried to be respectful however I can admit I'm a tad spoiled. I'll guess the jury is still out and I hope under Pierce Texas can win the NC, hopefully even more than once. I believe basketball gets a pass because historically, Texas has never been confused with Duke, N Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky or Indiana. As always sir, thank you for your input and all your updates this year.
  7. Bingo! However, is it wrong for us Texas fans to want great coaches, i.e. Gus & Augie? I've seen Pierce appear to be nervous in the dugout, could he be passing that onto the team? I know you have questioned some of Pierce's moves this year and it appears he has made another one which is surprising to you. Is Peirce the baseball version of Coach February? Can recruit but not excel at the X's & O's? Another big question is, did CDC (if involved) get rid of the wrong coach? I admit you know more about Texas baseball than I do. I too am curious to see where all this goes.
  8. I didn't post last night since I wanted a night to sleep and cool off. First of all, I hate, hate, really hate losing to aggy, in anything but especially football and baseball. The other 2 teams in that bracket are also teams I hate, ou & ND. My worst case scenario panned out. I had a feeling, a bad feeling, that this would happen, thus my I hope to eat crow statement. I'm not happy we just made the CWS, I wanted a title or at least a chance to play for it. 5 runs in 2 games with the best offensive team in history and in each game our pitching gave up 7 & 10 runs. Call me spoiled but Texas should be playing for titles and not settling for 2 & BBQ. I really believe this team had the players to do so, so congrats to the players for a good season. For me the jury is still out on the staff. HOOK'EM!
  9. If I remember right, Texas had a CF who was their "5th" pitcher who got drafted by the pros, as a pitcher. Shiraldi was the ace, Roger was 2nd, Capel was 3rd and after that a lot of good arms.
  10. Agree about aggy pitching but it's their hitting that worries me, they can score quickly. Agree but those facts don't add any runs on the board for Texas on Sunday.
  11. Hard to win when you can't generate any offense. The play of the game may have been that ND pitcher getting Faltine out at 2nd on the bunt by Hodo. If not, Faltine would have scored to tie up the game on Melendez's hit and who knows what would have happened. aggy is gonna be tough Sunday. Hope the bats wake up by then.
  12. I didn't realize it's been 29 years since aggy won a CWS game!
  13. ou 13 - aggy 8 aggy lost the game but they broke the hand of an ou player on a HBP and plucked another in the chest plate that had to hurt. aggy used 6 pitchers, ou 4. I wished we would have played first since the wife invited some people over tonight. Luckily, they're Horn fans so maybe they'll want to watch the game!
  14. aggy catcher throws out an ou runner trying to steal 2nd to end the inning. Camera flashes over to aggy fan standing and clapping while some other dumb aggys below him are doing the Horns down. They're playing ou, getting their arse kicked and they're doing the Horns down. aggy gonna aggy
  15. aggy got screwed on that non-foul ball call, clearly hit the batter's foot. texaggy going nuts now I bet!
  16. I like that thinking. I thought aggy would beat ou but early on it appears I'm wrong. Either way, as you stated, I want to see a lot of pitchers from both teams on the field today.
  17. It's on my bucket list to go sometime, hopefully when I do, Texas will win it all. I went there around 5 years ago when Texas lost to Nebraska for the NC in volleyball, it's a nice town.
  18. aggy gonna aggy A quote from said aggy "You know, if I'm going to do the Horns Down, I'm going to do the Horns Down," he said. "I don't think anybody's going to stop me from doing it." Uh, they just stopped you dude.
  19. Thanks for the info. I had to leave to go out of town right after that play and didn't get back until Sunday afternoon, so I missed anything that wasn't updated by @joeywa. Hope I'm wrong and Pierce win's a title with Texas. Maybe I'm spoiled watching Gus & Augie, I can admit that.
  20. I'd like to see fewer fundamental errors made by the team. This year Texas has made a lot and some, if not most, I would point to the coaches. The latest example being Game 2 of the Super when Hodo got thrown out at 2nd. Why didn't he slide? Did he think it was a full count? The 1st base coach should have been telling him after every pitch what the count was. As ugly as that was, I thought he made it watching it live which replay confirmed he was safe. Why didn't the coaches challenge the call? Luckily it didn't bite us in the arse however if Texas did challenge it, we could have possibly scored a lot more that inning. However, we won and I'm happy for that. So it appears to me that we have made some bad decisions and luckily we have the talent to win some of those games most other teams would lose. Be that said, HOOK'EM!
  21. So I'm assuming that the capital One Cup different than the Director's Cup? I ask because it shows Stanford winning both the men and women's last year which would make them the overall winner. Why do some sports (which ones are they) count as "triple" and others don't?
  22. I hope to eat crow, I truly do but we'll see. Luckily the team came back and won the games they needed to get back to Omaha!

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