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  1. aggy came back to beat Arkansas, or shall I say Arkansas gifted it to aggy.
  2. I agree Card was the offensive player of the game however I think Texas wins this with Quinn at QB. Card underthrew several passes and 1 was picked off. He also missed several receivers by throwing to the other side of their body, he throws it on the right side and the WRs most likely catch them. I also believe Quinn would have kept some drives alive longer resulting in additional scores. If nothing else, he keeps the O on the field and gives the D a chance to rest longer. Speaking of the D, did anyone else seem to notice that Overshown seemed a little tentative when it came to tackling? I think that horrific call last week got in his head. Speaking of bad calls, check out Iowa St vs Baylor with the CB blocking below the waist. Terrible call. Back to Texas, we need Quinn back at QB. While Card played with moxie, he just doesn't see the field like Quinn does. Bijan's fumble hurt big time but he's still one of, if not the best, RBs in the country.
  3. On the bright side, they will now be able to have dances and alcohol on campus!
  4. I stated on Sunday they wouldn't overturn this (fox watching the chikens). Bad call, bad rule, call it whatever, it was just bad. In the replay you can see the QB pull the ball down. Throughout the game he did that just before he eluded the pass rush to scramble for yards. Maybe Jack Lambert was correct, QBs need to wear dresses.
  5. The spaces between the name makes it easier to read, just my opinion
  6. You may have answered your own question, issues with parents. I'm not sure why not but maybe it's changed since you ref'ed? Why else are they posting on Facebook stating they need members (3 @ $60 each) for a chain gang when they could get 3 dads for free? Austin Football Officials Association | Facebook
  7. You nailed the reason why. A friend of mine (a TASO official) posted something on Facebook not too long ago stating they are in need of people working the chains. I believe the pay was $60 for a varsity game. I'm thinking that maybe they aren't allowed to use dads or students anymore?
  8. What makes this call even worse is the fact that it wasn't called on the field but by the replay booth. They had several chances to see it and probably in slow mo. It was a terrible call, it should be overturned but I don't think it will be.
  9. If directed at my comment, no it's not. However I'm not sure what happened to cause the shortage that night. Did someone, or maybe even more than one person, come down with Covid and there was nobody to backfill them? Was there a family emergency? A wreck? Who knows why but unless it's not a good reason, the officials can get fine for missing a game and even face the possibility of losing future games thus creating an even greater shortage than there is.
  10. There is a shortage of officials in all sports in Texas. Care to guess why? Unfortunately, it's not BS but reality.
  11. Well aggy did give Jimbo that cool national champion plaque, so they did kinda of lure him away.
  12. Well if he did make disparaging remarks then kudos to the coaching staff for standing with the guys who picked them.
  13. I've read several articles regarding Jimbo but haven't seen that one. Post the link if you can please. BTW, he didn't rob aggy, they're the ones who offered him the money and extended his contract! aggy gonna aggy!

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