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  1. I don't twitter so..... great minds think alike eh?
  2. @joeywa, I'm outside by the pool with family watching your updates on my phone (I don't log in so can't comment) so I thank you for both games today!
  3. We'll be lucky to win a game in the Big XII Championship
  4. And aggy, in a rebuilding year, is #13. CDC should have brought Jim Schlossnagle with him.
  5. Man, I left the game it was 7-0 Texas heading to the bottom of the 6th. We were having some drinks with some friends, I checked the game and it was 10-7 okie lite! Well it may be safe to say Texas lost their Top 16 seeding this weekend. If Texas doesn't go to the CWS this year, especially after being the preseason #1 team, is it time to start looking for a new HC?
  6. That will change. Texas was flat out embarrassed yesterday. We may not even be seeded at the end of the season. In the 6th when okie lite put up 7 runs with 2 outs, Tristan got screwed on a call that should have ended the inning w/no damage done. Granted it wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game but that "ball" was definitely a "strike" for the 3rd out!
  7. Other than our pitching & hitting, this team is pretty good! @joeywa, you're a better fan than me. I have to clip my toenails or something like that. Maybe we can salvage a game at home tomorrow.
  8. That walk should have been a backward K and Texas out of the inning. Texas is imploding and okie lite is pitching a no-hitter.
  9. I'm not sure Blue knows his zone. On the first KO of this inning, on back to back pitches the "ball" he called was closer to being a strike than the "Strike" he called.
  10. Well he is the manager so he can make that call. A couple of those pitches were over the chalk of the batters box!
  11. If you noticed in the 9th they mentioned Texas giving up no walks than Nixon hits the batter on what would have been ball 4. Never seems to fail that if you mention something, it happens. Great point, I was coming on here to state something similar. I've stated this before but Nixon's confidence appears to have been shattered at Tech when that runner stole home.

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