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  1. Would fungicide for lawns work (which I already have) or would I need to buy some fungicide for plants?
  2. @Sirhornsalot, what is the best stuff to kill mold on palm trees? BTW, good stuff as always Sir!
  3. They should should start in her home district and D.C. The sad thing is people elected this idiot.
  4. Does anyone know which QB is running the 1st team offense the most?
  5. They haven't sold season tickets yet but it will be after that.
  6. No, I thought Baylor would win but I thought it would be a better game.
  7. Not @Aaron Carrara but I won it by picking Baylor over Gonzaga.
  8. Watching it now. I must admit he wasn't my first choice but listening to him speak I can see why CDC wanted him. Makes me want to put on my old Converse sneakers and play!
  9. IMHO, Ford is the best basketball player to ever play at Texas. That put back dunk of his against Baylor was mind blowing.
  10. Agreed. He left a loaded team (I believe Tech will only lose 1 senior) to take over a depleted one.
  11. I've stated all season that Baylor might be the best team in the nation so going with my gut, I have Baylor beating Gonzaga in the title game. Should be a good game, if they both make it.
  12. It's going to be feast or famine for me. If Baylor wins it all, I'll take 1st place. If they lose, I'll drop towards the bottom. It pains me to do this but.....

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