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  1. Back in my day, it was common for parents to hold back their sons a year so they would be bigger/older when they played. I wasn't but a lot of guys I went to school were.
  2. Yea, I got to admit I chuckled when I heard him say that on the news but he's right. I also believe you're right about Perry.
  3. Back in the day, we traveled to Lampasas and bought bootlegged Coors for $10 a case. That's when regular beer was selling for $1.69 a six pack.
  4. Correct and the year he redshirted, Texas beat aggy 27-25
  5. I remember back in the 80s when there was talk of Texas and ou going to the $ec. I also remember hearing that when aggy went to the $ec, the $ec really wanted Texas but settled for aggy.
  6. I thought aggy (the guy who runs txaggy) already admitted they leaked it?
  7. I'm not crazy about Texas joining the $ec either. However I must admit it's funny seeing aggy all butt hurt, mad, upset, scorned, you name it. Texas to aggy:
  8. Well speaking of the LHN, they sure are running a lot of Texas vs aggy games today.
  9. If Texas does join the $ec, it will be the #1 school in the conference for total team and individual National Championships. The fact that Texas just won the Director's Cup is also a big draw for the $ec since they will now have a school that can rival Stanford for the title. Be that said, I'm still not sure if I would like it but last time I checked, I didn't have a vote so.....
  10. aggy already crying that Texas may join the $ec stating they want to be the only school from Texas. So I guess Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee can have more than 1 school but aggy is special? BTW, I'm not so sure I want Texas in the $ec.
  11. Yet VY outplayed them both the one time they played against each other.
  12. Didn't a lot of people on this board want Sark's mentor to come to Texas?

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