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  1. I too was there, with my Dad. I will never forget that incredible team, that season, that day, that game and the euphoria of beating ND and winning a NC. It has been far too long since we beat the Irish.... Time for an epic upset on Saturday!!!
  2. Less than 51 hours to kickoff!
  3. Among a number of key parts of this game, the 2 biggest for the Horns IMHO: 1. OL success 2. Defense must impose it's will on ND
  4. That is a huge break for Doyle - Jones was a beast and the OL may have had to often double team him and/or call running plays away from his spot. I think Doyle sould be able to handle Tillery most of the time one-on-one.
  5. Well what a huge surprise! Damage control and CYA time at BU.
  6. Momentum must be sustained people. The McLane Stadium monument ....very recent winning on the Brazos. Art Briles. You watch, the decision makers and cigar chompers at BU will come up with some kind of tortured and convoluted defense of Briles about this thug and his crime.... I could be wrong, but I suspect they will pass it off that he didn't know, now let's move on.
  7. This is stain on BU, this is really UGLY. If that woman was my daughter or a family relative I'd sue their asses off. This Baylor scandal is as deeply disgusting and nefarious as the murder scandal of that basketball player a few years ago. So, we know how the Judge sentenced Ukwachu... very lightly IMHO. So, how will the Baylor Cigar Chompers handle / sentence Briles for his role in this horribly sordid affair? Briles knew everything, he took the risk, he lost big time, time to pay the price IMHO.
  8. This story is disgusting and disgraceful. I think they knew. Baylor may be the next thug U.
  9. No. J.B., some sacrifices must be made for the betterment of the Horns... I have never burned a sofa before but I am willing to do it to please the Longhorn gods that will demand it after a monumental upset victory in South Binge.
  10. Let's hope that it is a perfect storm game for Charlie Strong and the young Texas Longhorns... everything coming together and an epic upset of the Irish. It could happen... if it does, I have already told my oldest son he will help me drag our den sofa out to the back yard, set it on FIRE and then hoot and holler like we have lost our minds!!!
  11. the loss of their DT was huge and their starting Center from last season quit so they will be breaking in a new Center... so things won't be so rosy for the Irish in the trenches on Sept. 5th.
  12. I am loving me some Frosh Malik baby!! Frosh Hagar is nasty - just like his Dad!! I strongly suspect Frosh McNeal will be the next Finley / Thomas at TE!! The frosh at ou suck !! OK let's play Where's Waldo? OK, how many times have I used the word "Frosh" in this post?
  13. SHA - this thread was chock full o good info and tips for me and my lawn. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
  14. No band, no Bevo, next thing you know they will say no Chaps Girls! Hey, next year when ND visits let's enforce the DKR no creepy damn leprechaun policy!
  15. My understanding is the visiting band stands / sits on the sidelines @ ND so they do not take up seats in the stands.

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