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  1. When you don't have an OL, you need every QB you can get your hands on.
  2. I find it amazing that the LHN broadcast will not allow the band to be shown playing Texas Fight or The Eyes pre game'
  3. I hope I see an OL on the UT side of the ball...............................for a change..........and fewer pimp suits getting off the Horns bus. This is not a costume party. Sometimes I wonder just how serious these guys take Texas Football.
  4. Great read again. As for the team, I think this is going to be a long, long season.
  5. OU does not seem to ever have these problems. They just keep winning. I can barely remember OU getting embarrassed. Horns seem to get embarrassed regularly. Horns are making a mistake leaving the B12. Going from barely competing in the B12 to being that way in the sec isn't much to look forward to.
  6. This Horn roster has been highly overrated. Get ready for more curb stomping's.
  7. UT has no business going to the sec. Horns can't even close to winning the b12. No OL. No DL. 3 man rush and 5 Horns can't block them. We will be wishing this season would just end. Back to the drawing board............again.
  8. I worry about the OL. Card needs more protection before he gets injured.

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