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dillohorn last won the day on December 26 2019

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    Mr. and Mrs. Dillohorn enjoyed traveling the western U.S. in our motorhome until her death in March 2020.

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  1. I HATE ou, but I'll bet that they don't skip a beat.
  2. I don't think UT has a QB on its roster that can lead it to the next level. I just don't think Card or Thompson are that great.
  3. Bye. With a nickname of "bad guy", you need to go elsewhere.
  4. Glad for the win. Things go better when it's a team effort to win. Let the purge begin.
  5. Another throw into triple coverage.......................worked that time.
  6. Well. So much for getting a little excited. UT has no QB. Thompson makes awful decisions and can't throw anyway.

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