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  1. CS future as the head coach is too unstable . Texas may lose a few committed players soon.
  2. Hate to be the one going against the horns in this one. I dont believe wv is better or more talented than the ones in burnt orange. Texas still isnt where they need to be but is moving in the right direction. WVU 35 Horns 24 couple of self inflicted wounds .
  3. Damn..Im not feeling great to get a win. I feel more relived that it is over.
  4. Hate tech but I hate losing more!!! Cmon D get a stop
  5. WTH was that? playing not to lose is what makes you lose..!
  6. One TD away from icing the game and now tech scoring due to bonehead mistakes...F@#K!!!!
  7. He is ok. Gonna rub some dirt on it and break the record.
  8. Haines and Bonney bad combo on that play. Haines studder stepped and lost the angle. so freakn fustrating to watch.
  9. Horns just need to get the hell out of their own way and this game is a win. penalties, dropped passes, turnover its crazy to be going into halftime with the lead.

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