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  1. Texas has become a run of the mill team that can score points but cant stop anybody! Big changes must happen on both sides of the ball.
  2. Good series for card! Football is much easier and more fun when you make plays! We are still in it.
  3. Texas defense looks like they are expecting someone else to make a play. They better wake up fast
  4. Hope that Texas does not start off slow again. Tortilla throwers need to be punched in their pie hole from the opening kickoff. Hook’em
  5. This game is up for grabs. Texas is not playing like they want this w. Beep beep is playing harder right now.
  6. Watts is suspect. They will keep targeting him the rest of this game.
  7. qb and 2 wr’s have been hurting Texas. Hope the defense can make adjustments to shut them down.
  8. It is going to be electric at DKR!!! Heres to Sark and the Texas Longhorns “give them hell boys!!! “ HOOK’EM BABY
  9. I was looking forward to this September Landscape edition. Great information. Thank you!
  10. Sheep humpers are getting elite defensive recruits with a DC that was abusive to players and hasnt coached a game for them. smh

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