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  1. Not bagging on the D, but man, when your O can hang 40+ on ANYONE, you should win 100% of the time. D has to get stops, period.... This true frosh QB is gonna be great. He's Colt part 2 in my book. In fact, he's ahead of Colt this early in his career. He throws a great ball, specifically his long ball for the most part. Looks like he has great football savvy. D has to get more push to hurry the QB. Can't allow QB to sit..Can't happen. Specials have to be great, Punt, PR, KOR, KOC, FG/EPT.... A lot to clean up and get fixed...difference this year and moving forward, looks like Coach Strong has the talent to win!
  2. Play side guard whiffs on the 3 tech and backside pursuit still doesn't blow it completely up. I love this play..
  3. Tom Herman is a brilliant man. He's part of the MENSA High IQ society. For those that do not know about it, here is how you become a member. "Membership of Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised." Along with his passion, desire and willingness to do the work, his intelligence level is through the roof! So, yes.....he gets it!!! If you have to ask what "it" is, then you don't have "it".
  4. There are no other changes you can do with your offensive staff once you have replaced your OC.. The only other change Strong can make, is to hire another OC right after the season, IF that will suffice. Yes, you can change your OL coach, your QB coach, your WR coach, your TE coach, and your RB coach, but all those coaches with the exception of your OL coach, all fall in line with your OC''s demands. Typically, your OL coach and OC work very closely together. If they don't, you got the wrong OC.. I do not profess to know the answer, other than recruiting AT THIS POINT. What I will say, is that recruiting usually is the answer. I said "usually"...here is what I do know. It seems we have been behind the 8 ball with recruiting, development of the recruits and team play for some time. The one position you HAVE to get right, is your QB..Everything else on the O, comes in a distant 2 nd place. Heard has talent and can be really good. He's young, very young..I think he can be developed, but that takes a minute....Strong will have another season to show where the trend of the program is heading. If it trends down, then the state of the program will be the proof in the pudding. I believe Strong will be judged by the "State of the program' more than he will be judged by wins and losses on the short. It will depend on how we win and how we lose next year. One more year will be what he gets, UNLESS the bottom completely falls out for the rest of the season. We need to win these last few games, or at least show we have a competitive product we are trouncing out on the field!
  5. Great analysis, but this is so much simpler than all the explanations....Bottom line - The D-line doesn't get there!!!! This is a quick game throw. However, the QB buys more time. I'd say he has close to 5 seconds. At the end of the day, most QB's can find someone open if they have this much time..This is on the D-line!! EVEN if the QB did't complete the pass.
  6. True on your analysis, however I will say that sometimes the other team wins too! This is a double move post corner, with the receiver running a very good, if not darn near perfect route...Guys, covering that route when run like this, is very difficult even for NFLer's!!!
  7. This is a game film study that happens in the film room. This has to have been seen before at some point during the year that Texas aligns to THIS FORMATION IN THE RED ZONE in ZERO, WHILE BRINGING 7 AND COVERING WITH 4. Thus, the reason they get picked. Bad alignments HAD to have been seen before. Why? Because this is a rhythm throw on the 3rd step. The QB is "spot" throwing where he expects the receiver to be on his throw, since there is NO read because it's straight up man coverage.
  8. For whatever it's worth, Nike has more products to fit the entire athletic department for all sports as well as many more choices per item. They also make better deals because they can. We have looked closely at what everyone in this business has to offer, and it's surprisingly not even close. Those that choose differently, either have a relationship that draws them away from NIKE, or a deal is made that Nike choses not to compete for....or, there is something I am missing, which happens often.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Aaron. Hey, for whatever it's worth, my last name is spelled KELLEY...
  10. What's up Echeese? I'm here in houston and coach at HBU. My mother passed a few years back. It was a blessing as she had advanced stages of breast cancer that spread to her bones. She was simply AWESOME. However, time heals and the memories will last forever. Hope you are doing well. As Aaron and I talk often about getting together when the season and recruiting is over, we all need to get together and grab a cold beverage. And lastly, I was much more lucky than good!! Peace brother and Hook'em
  11. Wow...didn't see that coming, but that is what makes this rival so awesome....Throw out the records...They competed their asses off, and did what they needed to...Hook'em
  12. So true...AND if you hit a few of these plays, it softens up the box which allows you to run the ball..
  13. Actually, the choice is to run the ball here. I know, I know, you are counting the safety as being in the box, but the power is being run away from him, so I would not count him as a box player, in this sense. You have an apex player playing the overhang, thus as you point out, you have 3 on 2. That being said, had the ball been snapped where the QB could immediately field the ball, the ball would have been out faster which would allow receiver at the bottom to not have to hold his block as long, which would allow the slot to have caught the and get up the sideline, which would have probably given us a first down. Again, I am counting 6 in the box with 6 blockers, So the run option is there since the power is being run into the boundary. However, there are too many breakdowns for this play to work with Heard spitting the ball. It takes too long because of the bad snap. I tend to to believe that this play only "looks" like an RPO and is a called "spit" play.
  14. Yes we can blame the OL, HOWEVER, you have max protection off a playaction, no deep safety, ball should be out to the X, NOW!!! Sack should have never taken place!!
  15. I agree. RPO's are basically illegal because the Linemen always are engaging past the LOS and blocking downfield. They were supposed to crack down on this, but they really haven't. Happens every ball game in College ball.

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