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Mike Garland

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  1. I'll give my thoughts once I watch the whole game.... Golf course kept me busy...
  2. Yea...... I can see that being a issue.... IMO it sucks for Texas but good for college football..
  3. Objective....... Understandable.......... nothing at stake........ I'm able to see things different........ Nothing against anyones opinion that differs from mine...... I just have different opinion.
  4. Oh I'm just someone that does'nt have goggles on...
  5. Let's be real for a minute...... Does Herman have everything he needs?
  6. TCU isn't a cellar team.... IMO.... I get the point of it but Patterson is a hell of a coach and no matter the talent he has he isn't cellar. IDC if anyone says other\iwse... Truth is, Texas isn't back....
  7. I know someone of yall have mentioned yalls frustration from todays game............ Say it here and yall it should of been different or fixed during game..
  8. 17 views but y’all suckers quiet. Talk away.
  9. I’ll put it like this...... Sometimes it’s about the jimmy and joes.
  10. To helping out with recruiting and general football input. Couldn’t think of a better group to help out. Aaron is a good dude with tons of passion for UT. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle. Feel free to ask questions.
  11. Gerry with ESPN is saying Cobb will NOT visit with coaches today and pretty much has ruled out Texas.
  12. I believe he got in too late last night to meet with coaches coaches. He cancelled is OV with Texas back when he was committed to OU.

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