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  1. Charlie HAS to win next year and not just 6 games either. He has to play the guy who gives him a chance to win 9 to10 games. It doesn't matter if its a Freshman or not....That being...... assuming he gets next year. The boat hasn't entered the harbor yet.
  2. You have to ask the question...Why can't Charlie ( Mr defense ) recruit on the defensive side of the ball any better than he is ? Shouldn't we be having to turn guys away instead of scrambling all over the country to find DTs etc....???? Its understandable to be playing second fiddle to the explosive offenses of Baylor, TCU, Aggy, etc....but we should not be behind the 8 ball on defense.
  3. I think some OCs just say, " Hey we can kill 'em with X so why not work on our Y for a while and improve our stats so we can tell recruits we have an offense for you...." Other than that explanation, there is no reason to drift away from what is working until they stop it. Puzzling......Then.... there is always the $EC/ESPN fix theory of keep the game close so strength of schedule looks good for our $EC brethren when they play us or Aggy.
  4. They need to have difficulty every week judging how they played. Kicked KSU's butt.
  5. KSU will come in pissed off after the OU beat down. Charlie will have the privilege of trying to keep our guys from being over confident........SMH KSU getting drilled by OU puts added pressure on Charlie to win. Sirhornsalot, nothing is making sense this season......TCU, Tech, OU, KSU are all Jekyl and Hyde teams.
  6. When you look at the college football scores you have to say," WTH ?????" TCU struggles with Tech and KSU and kills Texas OU loses to Texas but smashes KSU Tech, after playing TCU and Baylor( kinda ) tough nearly loses to Kansas Ole Miss beats Bama who beats Aggy, but Ole Miss loses to Memphis. Aggy spanks ASU, but ASU is playing with Utah.... Is Vegas running these programs ????
  7. Baylor : play 1 ..Linwood for 15 play2 ...Coleman bomb to the WVU 15 play3 Linwood loses a yard play 4 Russell keeper for 16 and TD ..... second possession..not much different... WVU defense looks like a JV team. This offense is a FREAK !!!!! If BU had a defense they would be unbeatable. On a good note...Tech struggling against Kansas....So maybe they aren't all that after all. But sure puts the TCU game in a WTH happened category.
  8. Those are guys we have. I'm referring to 2016, and lack of defensive commits. Seems like nearly all the top recruits we have gone after in 2016 have committed to someone else...Thats what is puzzling since Charlie is Mr defense.
  9. Carson is a big kid ...just a Junior....Looks real good in videos. With his size he could end up spinning down to DT if he puts on a few pounds or grows some.
  10. Like I said he had Norvell who knows OU's personnel. Lets see what Bedford does vs WVU and others. Still remember ND and TCU vividly.....No, not sold on Bedford.....
  11. Johnson ...his dad played for UT...good reason to come to Texas. Burt and Newsome....???? Did they have an offer from Baylor, TCU, or Aggy ? I guess a few just love something about Texas. Besides, we will always get a couple here and there. Baylor, etc can't take them all. I just don't see us getting the elite unless we can show them we will throw the ball round more successfully like the spread offensives do. Again if we can rush for 300 yards we SHOULD get the elite RBs. BUT...we should be having DBs, DLs, etc knocking the doors down to come here....but.....Why aren't we ? Puzzling....
  12. I never said we would never sign a good WR. I said it will be tough to get them if we aren't in the hunt for titles since we are not a predominately passing team like the TCUs, Baylor's, and Aggy type teams who throw 70 times a game......If you are an 18 yr old WR ( not wearing orange colored glasses ), what type of offense would you want to play for ? Aggy, TCU, Baylor, or Texas ? Maybe knowing you have a great chance for a title could sway you to play for a team that doesn't throw throw throw.....Otherwise what ya gonna do wanting t get to the NFL ?
  13. Dickson...Wouldn't be surprised if his commit isn't solid. Navasota area has always been Aggy country...I was surprised when he committed to us.......Plus with him being a great WR and the offense Aggy has, along with Baylor and TCU in the state; its gonna be tough recruiting WRs to put on the Burnt orange if we aren't in the hunt for titles. Baylor throws the ball about 70 times a game. Who wouldn't want to play WR there ? Its a no-brainer...We are going to have to rely on some Shipley types. My puzzlement is why a great RB wouldn't want to play for Texas if we can get some beef to block for them. Bama gets 5* RBs all the time, even when they have two or three on their roster. We should be able to do the same. With that said...We need Dickson. He is a stud.
  14. He is 70 years old...I'm surprised he didn't finish the season, but at 70 coaching football isn't easy. There may be some underlying health issues forcing him out mid-stream. One would think he would announce retirement and finish it out like Grant did at Baylor. It got him some calls down the stretch. May have worked for Steve and SC...LOL

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