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  1. Im hearing Beck probably isnt leaving Ohio. He is an Ohio guy and probably not in a hurry to leave home.
  2. Kid has a great deal of talent. Texas had interest in him this summer but he didnt attend their camp and that turned them off. He has a ton of big time offers and he has Texas talent.
  3. Joey is known for defense fellas. He was the DB coach before he took the head job at Cedar Hill. If he gets a college job more than likely it will be on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. The more I am hearing I don't think Major will be the OC. It needs to be someone that can handle the QB situation well. He must bring in someone that can be good in the metroplex. Meekins will have to really battle the SEC schools in Houston and he needs someone that can beat OU, TCU in the metroplex. Recruiting Houston kids to come to Houston is much easier because you still aren't battling the LSUs, OUs, A&Ms consistently for kids. Kids are not just going to come to UT off of Hermans name.
  5. Mike I have heard some yes and no from some fairly reliable folks on Major to UT.
  6. This is a much better situation then what Strong was faced with. Macks staff was told they would be out and didn't even recruit the final year. That was told to me by someone on that staff. Everything is in place for a 10 win season next year.
  7. Major actually called the plays at UH. It will be interesting to see what happens with the OC/QB spot if Meekins is at RBs and Brewster is the TE coach.
  8. Stidham is down to Auburn or Aggie but I bet UT could be in the mix.
  9. You have to practice fast so it seems slow when you get to the game. Thats simple, I do think it was a very risky expensive hire but when they offered Cumbie all that money they were stuck with having to offer the next guy a high amount also. Paying a guy that much money that didnt call plays is risky but everyone has to start somewhere.
  10. Big time hire. He has recruited Houston before and knows the entire state very well. He also isn't a jerk which helps.
  11. Probably the most athletic of the Dlinemen UT signed. 1st play on the HL he is returning a kick. He only gets about 10 yards but he does a few things that kids his size really shouldn't be doing running full speed.
  12. This kid will be the key to the defensive class. He will instantly make the Dline better.
  13. I don't know what position this big joker plays but you can win a lot of games with a big kid with his skills.
  14. Simply amazing job of recruiting going on right now. If they can find the balance next year between attacking 17s while staying in th 18s ear bigger things will happen.
  15. Traylor is earning his check. Easily Strongs best hire.

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