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  1. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Houston Westside DT Jordan Elliott (@JAE__95) is making an unofficial visit to Texas this week #HookEm — EJ Holland (@EJHolland247) June 15, 2015[/indent]<script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>'] Huge, we need this kid
  2. Thats a partly faded metallic flash tattoo, which is a type of temporary tattoo that some girls wear to music festivals, parties, the beach, ect.
  3. My cable provider is Comcast, which doesnt carry Lhn. Anybody know of a live stream I can watch the game on?
  4. Not recruiting related but vote for Texas for best college athletic program https://twitter.com/SportBrackets
  5. We need some players who aren't afraid to step in and crack some skulls instead of worrying about the feelings of some players in the locker room who are content with losing and mediocrity. How great would it be to have a team full of Quandre Diggs' and Cecil Cherry's
  6. Here's a piece from Scipio over at barking carnival regarding the remaining targets for the 2015 class for those that are unaware. This should be an entertaining home stretch and if the right players fall in place late, a Top 5 class is possible. Even if Texas closes out on only a handful of final targets - some of them back-up options - a Top 10 class is more or less assured. DefenseDefensive Back Priorities Mark Fields (Texas, Clemson) Kris Boyd (Texas, Texas A&M, Florida State, Baylor) Holton Hill (Texas, LSU, Alabama) Texas would be thrilled to land any one of the three and two of the three would be a major coup. I think Boyd eventually commits to the good guys and Holton Hill is a coin flip. South Carolinian Mark Fields is every bit as good as Boyd and Hill and he just tweeted that his final two choices are Clemson and Texas. Home state Clemson is favored. Contingency Plans Deandre Baker (Georgia commitment) Xavier Lewis (LSU commitment) Sheldrick Redwine (Louisville, USF, Texas) Baker is a late rising Florida 3 star currently committed to Georgia who will OV on Jan 16th, Lewis is highly ranked and committed to LSU, but wants to explore his options and Redwine is a Floridian back-up option who will go to Louisville if Texas doesn't circle back in late January. Defensive Line Daylon Mack (LSU, TCU, A&M, Texas) There's a gap between Mack's public statements and private sentiments and he seems to enjoy the recruiting process quite a bit. Texas will remain in the game with him as long as it takes and needs to impress on his Jan 23rd OV. Linebacker We're loaded. We're done. ** My ideal close would be Boyd, Hill and Mack. Ambitious but not unrealistic. OffenseOffensive Line Drew Richmond The Ole Miss commitment will visit on January 30th. I'm doubtful as to whether this visit happens and he's a long shot at best. Running Back Likely Chris Warren (Texas, Washington, Long Shot Nick Brossette (LSU commitment) Soso Jamabo (UCLA, Notre Dame, A&M, Texas?) Warren favors Texas but hasn't found the reason to pull the trigger. Perhaps LSU commitment Nick Brossette's OV on Jan 16th will be sufficient motivation. It's hard to pull Louisiana kids (much less Baton Rouge natives) away from LSU, but Brossette likes Strong and may not want to share the spotlight with fellow Tiger commitment Derrius Guice. We have a lot of ground to make up with Jamabo and I'm not sure how he views competing with Warren. Tight End Chris Clark (Michigan, UCLA) Clarington's commitment means this recruitment is likely over. Wide Receiver Likely Ryan Newsome (Texas, UCLA, Tennessee) Gilbert Johnson (Texas, Kansas - former Georgia commitment before JUCO) Long Shot Kai Locksley (Maryland FSU commitment) Damarkus Lodge (Ole Miss, LSU, Baylor, A&M, Texas) Carlos Strickland (Texas Tech commitment) John Burt should decomit and sign with Auburn. The question is whether he gives us a heads up or pulls a signing day switch. The availability of possible options means that our staff has been low pressure with Newsome and slow-played Johnson while they sort out the realistic possibilities of Strickland, Lodge and Locksley (Jan 23rd OV). Newsome favors Texas and Johnson appears to be ours if we want him. That depends on Kai Locksley (Jan 23 OV) and our ability to sway Damarkus Lodge and take a run at Carlos Strickland. QB Texas will keep its options open for graduate transfers or JUCOs, but right now the candidates are all speculative. ** Texas will grab a RB, a receiver or two and the right QB transfer, if available. ConclusionGive Texas a final group of Mack, Boyd, Hill, any one of the remaining RBs and fill the rest with any of the WRs still on the board and this class finishes in the Top 5. That's ambitious, but not totally unrealistic. Interesting how Scipio considers Kai as a WR prospect. I know FSU might be recruiting him as one with three QB's in their class, but surely we are recruiting as a QB
  7. Lampkin tweet: "I'm hoping for a commit in the Semper Fidelis Game! Idk exactly. We just on a roll sooo its a high possibility"
  8. Looking at these players I'd say the most likely to commit would be warren or possibly hill. No way its Mack, probably not Strickland as I dont think we would take another WR receiver unless burt decides hes going to Auburn. Locksley or Richmond I dont think would commit until after an OV. That leaves Boyd, Warren, Hill, or someone nobody is expecting and I think Boyd is having to much fun messing with Aggy to commit tonight. But i suspect that Lampkin is probably just messing with everyone on twitter. 1. Boyd 2. Hill 3. Warren 4. Strickland 5. Mack 6. Locksley 7. Richmond

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