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  1. Thank you all so much! Sorry I haven't been around the message boards much -- Senior year is taking quite a toll on me! I'll try to be more diligent in the future.
  2. I completely agree. Unfortunately, Texas isn't seen as a basketball school to many. I, for one, have been one of those students that walked out because I didn't get seats near my friends (I am not happy to admit this, of course). This past year was one that revived the students' confidence in our basketball team. We're Texas, we like to win. Attendance was greater, but not at the level that I'd like it to be, and it wasn't as consistent as I'd like it to be. Volleyball won a national championship and soon the games were sold out. While the basketball stadium is larger, I think that this kind of audience growth could happen if our team continues to produce. I know I'll be attending way more basketball games this year, and I plan on being as spirited as I would be during a football game!
  3. Thanks for posting this article! I love reading about Myles Turner. Students will be flocking to the games this year, I tell you!
  4. It's pretty interesting that he would keep A&M in his top 6... it's not exactly a highly-rated basketball school.
  5. Follow Longhorn NetworkVerified account‏@LonghornNetwork Ricky captivates the crowd from "The 41st Acre" #ALLTHELIVELONGDAY pic.twitter.com/Pmwe4vrhtF Reply Retweet Favorite More
  6. It was an event I believe. Longhorn Network had Sonya Richards-Ross and Ricky Williams interviewed and for some reason put it under the name "the 41st acre". Maybe it's in relation to some sort of new show that LHN is going to have? I understand the congressional and historical explanations, but I think this is something PR related for LHN.
  7. I actually just asked that same questions! My boss at the stadium thought that I would know, but I honestly have no clue. If anyone is enlightened, share the knowledge!
  8. As of this morning, there are reports that the chancellor will be chosen today. I'm incredibly inspired by Admiral McRaven and am completely content with the decision if he is selected.
  9. Just heard this on the radio: the improper photography charge was because during the alleged act, Sanders attempted to record it, but had the flash on his camera turned on so the girl noticed it.
  10. I really enjoyed this article; thanks for sharing!
  11. While I understand Kacy is talented in many baseball positions, I prefer him at first.
  12. Well, I think we should all consider a HornSports tailgate and hash things out the American way: with beer and cornhole.
  13. Sorry I haven't responded! I was out of town. It still covers basketball, baseball and volleyball without needing ticket reservations, which is nice!
  14. I'd prefer Y2Y and I'm willing to pay a small fee. Remember, I'm a poor, lowly college student, so my tops would be $25.
  15. Easily the game that I'm the most excited for. It's definitely a huge opportunity to prove ourselves, whether we win or lose. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a win, though!
  16. It was $75-85 last year, but got bumped up to $150-175 this year for student tickets.
  17. As an employee of the stadium, I can honestly say that I'm not too upset about beer sales. People don't exactly issue self control during tailgates, and allowing them to continue to drink inside the stadium could be a liability. As a student and patron of football games, I'm bummed. My student ticket went up $75 and I would at least feel a little better if I knew I had a reward. All in all, I'm interested to see this debate next season.
  18. Not sure if y'all have already heard, but not only were some of our boys put on watch lists, volleyball star Bailey Webster was nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year. Pretty awesome to see UT being recognized in so many different ways! From TexasSports.com: "Webster nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year The award recognizes senior student-athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in the areas of academic achievement, athletics excellence, service and leadership. IRVING, Texas -- The Big 12 Conference has nominated former Texas Volleyball All-America Bailey Webster for 2014 NCAA Woman of the Year, the league office announced Tuesday. Webster is joined by Oklahoma State track and field standout Caitlin Way as the league's two nominees for the prestigious honor. The award recognizes senior student-athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in the areas of academic achievement, athletics excellence, service and leadership. The top 10 honorees and the nine finalists from Divisions I, II and III will be honored, and the 2014 NCAA Woman of the Year winner announced at a dinner in Indianapolis on October 19, 2014. Webster competed on four NCAA Division I Volleyball Final Four teams, including the 2012 championship squad during her career with the Longhorns. The outside hitter was named Most Outstanding Player of both the 2012 NCAA Championship and Austin Regional and of the 2013 Nebraska Regional. Webster was a three-time All-Big 12 First Team selection and named the 2011 Big 12 Player of the Year in addition to All-America honors in three seasons. The advertising graduate student garnered Capital One/CoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team honors in 2013 and was selected to three Academic All-Big 12 First Teams during her career. Webster was inducted into Texas' Friar Society in 2013, which is the oldest and most prestigious honor society at UT. She also received the V.F. "Doc" Neuhaus Award recognizing her athletic and academic accomplishments. Webster served as a team captain in two seasons and was a five-year member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, including president in 2013-14. The San Antonio, Texas native's civic projects were UT and Me, Survivor Challenge, Orange Santa and instructing students at youth volleyball clinics."
  19. I'll be at a lake house with my pup, drinking my special 4th of July cocktail (spiced rum, cranberry juice and Sprite) and attempting to get some sort of tan.
  20. Great preview, 59 days til the season starts! HOOK 'EM!
  21. He goes by one name and one name only: NEYMAR.
  22. I want to say $150-200, but I'm not sure. I didn't purchase the tickets.

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