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  1. I am starting to really dislike this site, just like all of the other rumor mills that cover UT sports. In fact, I am done here.
  2. If I gave an opinion, it would be based on very incomplete information, so I defer to those with access to all of the information.
  3. Unlike some, I am completely unqualified to second guess Coach Strong.
  4. Apparently, today's news comparing Hillary and Donald for propensity for lying slipped by you.
  5. Uber and lyft kicked themselves out of Austin. Plenty of alternatives are out there.
  6. So, he is in jail? Or was this just an attempt to have a cutesy thread title?
  7. They did remind us about the trombone player from the Cal-Stanford game that Elway and one of the announcers played in. In their defense, how many viewers weren't even born when that happened? Those folks are still scratching their heads, wondering WTF they were talking about.
  8. Thank you. Seeing the future good coming after a loss is always tough.
  9. I disagree. Any defensive player who knows how to put someone's d&ck in the dirt should want to take someone's job.
  10. I have no problem with the two QB system, but please, this alternating from one play to the next just does not work.
  11. Worrying about rankings before Halloween is a waste of time.

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