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  1. Gosh, after my surgical procedure today I had hoped to enjoy watching the broadcast. Whoa! Is FOX brutally bad or what? I understand this is their first time in the Barrel, so to speak, but good golly guys. I didn't even get some of the Graphics. Added nothing. Did confuse me and no it's not due to pain Meds. I can't take pain meds, just powering through again. Brad Faxon...... snore. Did FOX steal anyone, anyone from NBC, CBS or even ESPN that has worked golf. Not sure if anyone at FOX other than the Network Executives even play Golf. We deserve better. shame on he USGA for trying to squeeze every last Penney outta the negotiation. OK, now that I've gone all Randolph Duke on the U.S. open, I'll go away.
  2. I got to see that on my Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral. Stunning. Unfortunately that memory is tempered with the vision of all the dead cattle we saw as it was at the same time as the Mad Cow Disease episode in 2001. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.
  3. Tough, tough, tough day for aggy. One minute they're popping the cork on Champagne bottles and mooning their Longhorn neighbors, the next, they're taking off their Johnny Football replica helmets and running head first into flagpole with the SEC flag that they sued the Homeowners Association to erect. Just a tough day all around. But that's what life is like when you put your happiness and well being tied to your Slave Masters. Welcome to the old South aggy.
  4. Am I the only one that really misses Harold Reynolds at the CWS?
  5. Total beat down of SEC team. All aggys on suicide watch, again.
  6. A non-posting member is having his episode of Undercover Boss replayed now on OWN Network. He's an old friend and did a good job on the show. It was the first episode of that show FWIW.
  7. No takers? OK, I also have a Laser Office Printer for whoever wants to pick it up. It's a HP G95. It's an all in one. Printer, scanner, fax. Not wifi but I had It hooked up to a small print server that worked well. It a workhorse. Lots of different trays for different paper loads. Anyway, it works well. Just a little big for my study.
  8. Dennis wanted me to add that this TV, because it's floor standing, has much better built in speakers than the new flat screens. This is not an older model CRT but a rear projection early model HD TV that would be good in a play room etc since it's fairly indestructible.
  9. Free 52' TV on Katy! I've got an RCA rear projection TV that I was donating but I thought I'd throw this up here first. It is, 1080i RCA, works well, has remote, does not have HD I input but does have DVI which means simple HDMI to DVI converter will do the trick. I have one. This is good for HD TV that sits on floor. Not very well wall mounted . I'm getting rid of it by tomorrow so just respond here if you or anyone you know might want to come pick it up.
  10. So, young man, you do remember that you need to let me know if you're going to make it to Austin for a game this year. Please give me as much advance notice as possible. I've got a. Couple of tickets with your name on them.
  11. Soooo glad Frogs won and will rep the Big12. That said, and it's hard for me to say this, just a ton of respect for Ryan Hendrix. One of the gutsiest performances I've ever seen. I'd say they should be on suicide watch in College Station but this is just how aggy rolls.
  12. Not able to watch game today. My brother is at the game however. He's texted that he's seen six aggy fans kicked out. Aggy guy sitting next to him said one lady was mom of aggy player. Is anyone here.... THERE? Have they mentioned it in the broadcast? If the games on ESPN then I doubt there's a peep about it. Gotta protect that SEC SEC SEC.
  13. Wow. No cents of humor on the board today. After the baseball team, the golf team and the Lumkin news I kinda understand. But that's exactly when you need to laugh. Trust me. So I'll keep er goin. If your invitation to the watching party includes the recommendation that you bring your banjo cus they're all gunna be playin "Duelin Banjos" at halftime whilst they watch the halftime festivities, <pause> <pause>........ You might want to avoid it.
  14. I should add that there will be a few gamewatching parties to avoid at all cost, unless you enjoy the Pooftas. Example, if it involves having to wear a Keep Calm t-shirt just to get in, you may want to avoid it. If you're greeted at the door with a sheep in French Maids outfit, you may want to avoid it. If you're greeted at the door with a guy in Crimson and Cream and he introduces you to his wife and sister and there's just one woman standing there, you may want to avoid it. OK, maybe I've started something here. Ya'll feel free to chime in.
  15. Great suggestion Sir. As we get close to the season, post more, revitalize this thread and you'll get multiple invites to game watching parties. So which one to accept will be your biggest decision. It will depend on gametime, how many in your group will be with you, age, jus how bad you want to teach Texans that we're just beginning to learn how to drink Beer, what part of town you're in, etc. So you see, it's a little premature to plan that day. But I like that your on top of things early, Mate.
  16. Kinda funny thing I saw today. After my appointments at MD Anderson, I stopped by my wife's office at a Rice. She had just finished a meeting with a couple of guys that work in her dept. Both guys had stayed for the entire game last night, then made it back in to Rice by 8AM. Both looked really bad. Kinda smelled too. I laughed... to myself.
  17. We'll, strike me down. Something we can agree on. I'll take a step further and say that those coaches and handlers that like to operate on the fringe are anxiously waiting to see if this ploy is successful. They'll be all over it. The NCAA really needs to nip this in the bud. I know DeLoss was not fond of turning in other programs but Patterson..... Weeeeee'll see. 😆 And before you even ask.... no I haven't.
  18. I've spent a lot of time inside the ropes. A lot. I've been called many things, many much worse than whatever he was called. I've had water bottles thrown at me. I've had other things thrown at me while I was "inside" the ropes. It was all part of the job. Actually a part I Hated, setting up right in front of people that had paid good money for tickets or just worked hard to get good green side seats. I never, never, not once, not for a second thought of retalliating or responding in any way other than a few times I pointed out the offender when something was thrown that could have actually hit someone other than me. Am I a saint, no far from it. But I also new that I wanted to be recognize as someone to be looked to as a mentor etc. I also recognize my greatest opportunity to get fired, branded trouble or just be looked at as not a responsible cameraman was to respond IN ANY FASHION! No, the fact that he thinks he can earn the millions he is paid and act like a punk and still be able to be treated as a conquering hero, tells me all I need to know about the guy. To those much is given, much is expected. BTW,I did not give myself the nickname, Shevis Irons. But I wear it with honor.
  19. It's Football, not a Cake Bakin contest. Yes, I would descent hem as sweet. Which is not a complement. In fact, I think they look like a moldy cream filled donut. So, maybe not so "sweet" after all.
  20. Loooooooooooooooooooooong day. Not even home yet. Running errands w/my daughter . Appt went well. Much better than even expected. 24% reduction on average of all tumors. Only one that has not reduced is main Thyroid tumor but there is significant evidence of necrosis from within. Which is much more important. Than just reduction in size. It means it's dying from within. Sr Subbiah, the dude just couldn't stop smiling. He said he expects the tumor to eventually die. Yes, he said that! However, that doesn't mean something else doesn't kreep into the picture or the Cancer Mutation morph into something the drug is ineffective on. But for now we're headed in the right direction. He threw out some more numbers, mainly for my daughter, Jennifer since she hasn't met him or been on any of my Appts. There are less than 200 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer diagnosis each year in the USA. Of those only about 30 have the BRAFF Mutation. Only two or three are actually tested and discovered to have the Mutation in order to enter "proper" treatment. In other words, the Clinical Trial Drug that I'm on. Outstanding! OK, I just sat down at my laptop to type up a HS update now that I got home.
  21. An Update...... Today I had the second Big CT Scan. Tomorrow I meet with the Clinical Trial team and find out just where I stand. Everyone is optimistic. If the results are where we anticipate they may well be then the head of the Clinical trial team wants to have me participate in a follow-up piece that came out of Ken Burns Documentary "The Emperor of all Maladies." It would require me to go to Boston to be interviewed. However, the University of Texas is actually in a position to Leverage the incredible success they are having by using my situation as well as another Trial participants success. Naturally, I am more than willing to help UT and MD Anderson. But I have to get past tomorrow with a good report. Even then it may be premature. I'll find out and share when I know. You wouldn't believe who all has reached out to me and just who all is involved in this. I am overwhelmed. MD Anderson is on the cutting edge of some wonderful break troughs. The University of Texas is in a position to really establish itself as a world wide leader in the new Cancer technologies. I may be one of just a few that will be the examples they put forth. Again, thanks for all the Prayers. As it turns out they are being answered in ways that no one, not a single one of us could have imagined. I am truly blessed. And Hook Em!

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