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  1. Fortunately, neither one of you call the shots. It takes time to build a team. The O-line is respectable for a young line and the D-Line is actually pretty good. You don't even see that this was a very good ND team, because you're so focused on your unrealsitic expectations, I've seen silly fans like you before and it's annoying! Shut up!
  2. Nice report, as usual! So is TCU the opponent to fear for the rest of the Big 12? The offensive line looks like the best in the league and TCU is picked to win it .
  3. Played in a packed WVU stadium one time against a Bobby Bowden led team. Pretty loud at first!
  4. Good article...I like the part about the silence that comes from concentration on the field. And, I like the quieting of an opponent's crowd when you are beating them.
  5. I understand Coleman will be doing color commentary on a live stream of some Spring Game this weekend.
  6. Players like small tweaks in their look on the field. A black uniform with burnt orange trim is very cool and would make the players feel special when they wore them. Players like it when they feel good about themselves running out of the tunnel and it translates to playing well on the field.
  7. Good article Coleman. I wonder how many people noticed that the field seemed to be more crowded with zebras in that NCAA Championship game.
  8. Evidently, the call was the one the coach sent in and not Pete...the OC. Butler was not just in the right place at the righ time...he knew this play from film study. He sussed it out and made the decision to jump the route. Good choice! Here's my dilemma...Best running back in the game, making three yards a carry without difficulty all game long; Pats on their heels believing Lynch will run the ball and Wilson lines up in a pistol instead of under center; doesn't run a play action with a fake to Lynch; just runs a routine goal line pass play...WTF?
  9. For a great many D1 teams recruiting JCs is a way of filling holes created by the normal loss of players, dismissals, and mistakes in recruiting in the first place. I don't think anyone should view bringing in JCs as anything but a smart move to make sure we have the strength, maturity and experience needed at each position. JCs fill holes on almost every D1 team, every year and some turn out to be great players. Charlie is not trying to fix his team quickly, but rather using a stop gap measure to stay somewhat cometitive while permanently "fixing" his team through better high school recruiting. Think of it as using every tool at his disposal to make his team a winner, short and long term.
  10. Good stuff Coleman! It'll be fun to watch this class of recruits, especially the JCs. See if they can have an immediate impact.
  11. The NIKE camp puts these kids through their paces and plenty of QBs there had better footwork, were faster and released the ball quicker. Maybe he was loafing that day.
  12. Nice article! Very informative! Chalk Talk should be required reading for every High School Mom that has a kid playing.

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