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  1. Haven't been on this site for a while and just happened to get on saw this. I'm out and about right now but I'll try to stop by too. Be nice to put a face to some of you miserable jerks
  2. Although I am against any sort of pay-for-play, allowing players to charge for their autograph, etc, I was very much for total cost of attending. And frankly, I was surprised it wasn't already a part of a scholarship a long time ago. If you're going to offer a student a full scholarship then give them a FULL scholarship. It's only right. And for those concerned about the slippery slope, the cost of attending (COA) amount is set by others and reported to the Dept of Education. Every school that participates in any federal financial aid (read: all of them) are required to publish a COA that must be audited and approved by the DOEd. This amount has major implications on scholarships, financial aid and federal funding across the board for all students. A college would not play with this number to help them recruit a football player at the risk of breaking federal law. And to be clear, it is the amount FAFSA uses to determine Pell grants and any federal financial aid. SO if that amount is considered the baseline for normal student financial aid, why has it not been considered the baseline for student-athletes? Should have been all along and glad it is now.
  3. Orangebred

    Oh Aggy.

    My first thought too. How many times during the broadcast (ok, on ESPN since there's no way in hell this game is on tv) will the announcers have to point out this was the helmet aggy wore when they last won their MNC?
  4. A few interesting points. PR and social media departments do have metrics they use to measure the success of virtually every tweet, webpage story, blog, etc that is put out. And they tweak their messages/posts based on those metrics results. So whether the results are good or not, UT at least has a way of determining results in much more detail than the average reader. It would be interesting to see those results...and Patterson does see them. Maybe they aren't as bad as we think. Who knows? It was just a few short years ago that most, including those "in the know", thought that anm had one of the worst and most embarrassing marketing/PR/Social media depts. around. Not sure what has changed other than an upswing in general presence and the move to SEC giving anm...well, the upswing in general presence. UT College of Communications has recently created a sports media degree (or actually maybe just a minor or certificate program, not sure) Some of the professors involved have a very good and impressive background. One for example worked for the PGA for years and developed most of the campaigns over the last few years that we all recognize (for example the "These Guys Are Good" campaign off the top of my head) Another worked for the Sacramento Kings and created some award winning campaigns there. Point being, we have people on campus right now that are very good and very experienced at this stuff and we are now in the process of teaching these same skills to our students. On the lines of the last point, there has recently been a major "shift" in the relationship between Marketing/PR/Advertising/Social Media/ and even journalism. Although some things remain the same, many aspects of these elements have changed and this whole field is kind of "new" again. I'm not so sure our athletic dept is as up to date on these changes as they should be...particularly at a school that has the #1 Advertising and #2 PR depts among all US Universities. Hopefully Patterson sees that.
  5. Here's what's wrong with that article and the whole argument we keep hearing for that matter. How many times was a coach or someone quoted as saying AnM has been winning and Texas has been losing? It's all about how well aggy has done and how Texas has been down. But over the last 3 seasons Texas is 25-14 and aggy is 27-12. Not that Texas was exactly great last year but 4 of aggy's 9 wins last year were to Rice, Sam Houston, SMU and UTEP. With a squeeker over Duke thrown in. They only played 4 decent teams last year and lost all 4 of them. The problem is perception, not actual performance. Aggy standards were so bad for so long it's "feels" like they are doing great and Texas standards were so high it feels like we're terrible. And that perception came straight out of a high school coaches mouth who should know better.
  6. Freeport Lake Jackson Austin McAllen Freeport again Austin for college Lake Jackson again out of state Granbury out of state Houston/Cypress the last 18 years Edit: that first time in Austin was 1967-1974 and in that time we lived in 6 different houses, 5 of which were within a few miles of each other. My mom liked to move a lot!
  7. I'll just throw my two cents in here. I've never bought into the whole 4 super-conference idea and I'm not even so sure that conferences at all are the answer any more. At least not for everyone. The Big XII split $220mil last year. From a few different things I've read, Texas alone accounted for over $100mil of that. It's has always been the deal that the majority of the teams in a conference rode the coattails of one or two teams. I'm not talking wins, I'm talking money. Who brings the money to the table because of TV audience, brand recognition, etc. That was always ok in a "union" sort of way because the Texas' needed someone to play and also because we were talking all that much money. Now we are. Too much money to ignore. And most importantly, why would some of these teams want to add even more schools to the coattails than they already have? So when someone says follow the money, I agree 100%. We just may not be talking about money the same way. Texas and DeLoss have already set the example. We have the LHN and as a major although often ignored result, ownership of our media rights past and present. Now there will no longer be bowl tie ins or a BCS championship...there's a playoff that should and will be determined by a committee just like basketball, so that the best teams play, regardless of what conference they're in, if the win it, if they play a conf cham game, etc. Just the best teams, period. And I have very little doubt that will expand to 8 teams fairly soon. Four is just a stepping stone. What happens when a handful of superior, blue-blood teams decide to forego a conference and agree to play each other every year? Say Texas, Florida, ND, Michigan, USC, etc. Yes, they'd have to get out of their conference but we'll see what happens with Maryland to see how feasible that is. So they break out and create networks similar to LHN because Texas has already laid the groundwork for that. They agree to play each other and then work out regional deals to fill in the rest of their games. So say Texas plays Florida, ND, Michigan, USC, OU, Tech, Baylor, TCU and a few others (I'd guess there'd need to be about 7 big name teams go independent for it to work) Who knows, maybe the Big XII goes to 14 with some of those new teams being FSU or someone who would work as a regional rival to some of the other independents and then make a deal to be a "sister" conference to all of them. And with Texas out they can create their own conference network also. Not saying it will happen, just thinking outside the box here but it may not be as far fetched as you think. And I have a hard time thinking independent networks would have a hard time getting carriage when most of the games of some of the "bluest blooded" teams in college football are only carried on those networks. The top schools can take the tv contracts completely away from the major networks if they wanted to. That's following the money. No need for a handful to carry everyone else in conferences when you can go independent and form a coalition that is similar to a conference but let's you retain everything that you bring to the table instead of sharing it with the Iowa States of the world.
  8. They really like to throw that out there but I read another article not long ago that said they were very concerned about how to pay for their stadium. Lost in all the hoopla is the fact that a decent percentage of that money is in pledges, many of which are the some die when I die kind of pledge. How many years have we been working on our current big fundraising effort? I don't think it's been all THAT many and we're well over $2bil right now. That money also is at least partially in pledges but you don't see us blowing ourselves and shouting from the rooftops about it.
  9. Really nice article. Long but well worth the read. Thanks for posting.
  10. I agree with bcherry. All this hand wringing and gnashing of the teeth is crazy and somewhat childish. The Big XII wasn't at it's best this season but it was much better last season...and the season before. Most of the top QBs (as well as other skill positions) in the nation played in the Big XII and most graduated at about the same time. Hence not as many to graduate and get drafted this year. It takes a year or two for the teams to rebuild and that will happen and the Big XII will be better. So many people on the boards complain that the Big XII schedule is boring because all we play is Baylor, Okie State, etc. Even though many of the teams that we downplay and think of as boring have played some pretty good football the last few years and were on the national stage. We're just bringing in our "old" biases because they weren't as good when we were growing up. Then we state un-categorically that high school recruits would never want to play for Big XII teams because they're no good. But you can't think that 17-18 years olds will bring in the same old biases as you...they weren't even alive back then. What they really know is what happened the last 3-4 years, not 20 years ago. What I like about the Big XII is that year in and year out there will be some good, highly ranked teams (not just Texas and OU). They may not always be the same teams but they will be there. But with a smaller number of teams it also frees us up to play a tougher OOC schedule. That way we're not as tied down to play as many of the crap teams that just about every conference has.
  11. Pretty cool event. I may be slow but can someone explain what they mean by each team getting a 4th game at home against an opponent? Not against one of the 4 teams listed right? I assume they mean just ANY other team but if so, how does that tie in whatsoever with this event?
  12. I agree with a lot of what he says here. Sure, there are some generalizations but the basis is sound. As for the asst coaches wives thing, I've seen that first hand although on the high school level. Good friend was a HS asst coach. Had a really hot wife but at the same time she never really bought in to the whole coaches wife thing. She looked down on some of the other wives who seemed to support their husbands 100% and let their lives become all about his success. She looked at his job as his job and something he only did for a paycheck...also something that he should turn off at 5:00. He was a good coach but the friction that it eventually caused at home took it's toll. They eventually got a divorce because she was basically jealous of the attention football took away from her. After the divorce he was a different guy, started applying for other coaching jobs and ended up with a really good head coaching gig at a big Houston hs. HAs since remarried and his current wife looks at his career as "their" career. 100% better situation not only for him but for the team. I can only imagine how much more important that is on the college level.
  13. Slim, I agree with you completely. My annual subscription over there is up and I didn't renew, although like you I may re-sign just to go over there from time to time. I am glad that you steered me over here because so far I really like it. As for OBs, I think that in an effort to grow his "kingdom" and try to be the Howard Stern (King of All Media) in the college sports arena, he has ignored the very foundation that his brand is built on. And it shows. When I look for my UT "fix" I'm actually looking for two things. 1) a source of information on everything UT and 2) a community of guys I enjoy "talking" to. Those two things do not have to come from the same place although it's better if they do. I've always been happy with the information part of OBs but even more so the camaraderie of the message boards. But that's now gone and I found myself going there less and less for that, which kept me away from the information aspect too. Making it worse I guess is that I just don't particularly like Ketch's writing. I am by no means a grammar Nazi or even a very good writer but his style just grates me. For a "journalist" it is really not very good...at all. Add to that, that I'm subjected to more and more of the "personal" Ketch (as someone else mentioned) instead of reporting and information and it's a no brainer for me to look elsewhere. I just don't care about his opinions on general subjects because I usually think they are shallow and not well considered. And I could really care less about his taste in music or his Miley Cyrus love and respect for the way she "plays the game" of popularity (again, the words shallow and naïve pop up)
  14. None. People, and usually the kids themselves, seriously underestimate how difficult it is to make it to the NBA. If you're not 1st round or high 2nd round it's not too likely that you'll make the team. Although there is sometimes a place for a disciplined, fundamental player that can play great defense even if they aren't a top scorer. Those guys can make a team as an undrafted sometimes. In my opinion, that's the best bet for the guys we have now. And they've got the right coach to get them there because they seem to be listening to him and buying in.

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