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  1. I had thought that once, I was proven wrong. This was not too long ago.....
  2. Admin can we keep these threads recruiting related? The arguing has gone back and forth long enough, warn and ban if they don’t adhere
  3. I wish we still had Cam Rising I always liked him. Glad to see him getting an opportunity and playing well with Utah
  4. Texas could always go after Malachi Nelson, he isnt playing for OU for anytime soon
  5. Offense did the defense 0 favors in second half penalties destroyed the defense
  6. What a garbage football team... as fans we have been cursed
  7. It will be like the loss to Miss State and Arky never happened.
  8. “Insider info” Harris is a kid and hasn’t made a decision yet and could still go anywhere. Also he isn’t choosing until national signing day so seasons for the most part will over other than bowl games and all that will play into his decision. That being said, it’s gonna be Texas!
  9. Looks like Brennan Thompson from the photos I’ve seen before
  10. Louisiana prime for the taking this year, LSU sucks
  11. It will be interesting to see what happens at OSU this year if Stroud kills it, exodus of qbs in transfer portal? How long do they stick around!
  12. Could use more tight ends and Rbs for sure if low on WR bodies
  13. Mr. Glass, Whitt is unreliable we shouldn’t count on him doing anything this year until he shows consistently he can finish a game
  14. I used to like your posts and contributions but lately you’ve been a dick to everyone. Just my observation. aggys haven’t had the issues we have and have had more stability and right now they simply are out recruiting us. That’s a fact. Hopefully I hat changes with success this fall.
  15. Don’t they already have two top RBs committed in the class already? How you winning a heisman in a three back backfield and based on current ratings be the third guy?
  16. It’s a néw age with the transfer portal to. Anyone who doesn’t play right away this year and years following may leave early I think that will add extra room each year
  17. Or D there to recruit for another school =(
  18. We have the money to be, must have all given up hope after Strong and Herman
  19. Oh by the way the QB from Austin that isn’t going to Texas got MVP honors at elite 11, hype and could be, might be, we can coach him up etc I don’t care, I would rather have Cade over Maalik, sorry not sorry
  20. I don’t understand the draw to Oregon for top kids from Texas...
  21. He seems butt hurt with his tweets, then again it’s hard to tell now a days

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