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    gmcc reacted to UTfish in 2022 Texas Portal News   
    Good hands, good size, goes after the ball, but how fast is he? Looks fast against competition on film.
    Welcome back to sunny south, Mr Neyor. Hook'em!
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    gmcc reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Texas Portal News   
    It won't be close, and Marion will recruit outside of his position as well.
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    gmcc got a reaction from North Texas Golfer in Anwar Richardson is a moron   
    True so True.  
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    gmcc reacted to North Texas Golfer in Anwar Richardson is a moron   
    “The only sure rule in golf is he who has the fastest golf cart never has to play the bad lie.”
    ‒ Mickey Mantle
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    gmcc reacted to North Texas Golfer in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Damn, I'm glad Americans didn't just give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. 
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    gmcc reacted to UT1983 in 2022 Texas Portal News   
    I also stopped watching NFL football years ago.   Pro baseball a couple of years ago.  NBA decades ago.   Didn’t like the preaching of values I do not support nor the premadonnas thinking they walk on water.  
    College football is becoming NFL lite.   I can stop watching CF if it gets just as bad.  
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    gmcc reacted to TB14 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    His father passed away is what I was told. He had to help the family. By everyone who knows him he’s a great kid. He’s a player who’s NIL money could really help the family. 
  8. #HookEm
    gmcc reacted to Soldierhorn in Basketball News/Recruiting Thread   
    yeah, probably but on a WV board the response was...

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    gmcc reacted to BWilk55 in 2022 Texas Portal News   
    Your point still stands, lots of guys getting PT or starting are transferring. One time transfer obviously made this a possibility and I think NIL opportunities are also making it more attractive. Previously, there was not much advantage to leave to a good situation, odds of finding a better situation was pretty low. I think we will see the rich getting richer in this current climate. Fortunately, I think Texas is one of the programs that could benefit overall.
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    gmcc reacted to BWilk55 in 2023 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    I really don't understand the logic here (I've mentioned this before). 
    If Arch Manning is less interested in Texas because of Ewers, it means he sees Ewers as a threat to him playing. If Manning sees Ewers as a threat, it means he believes Ewers is a stud QB who will have won the starting QB job and will have success running it prior to Manning being on Campus. If Ewers wins the starting job and has success running it, Ewers will be in the NFL after the 2023 season. If Ewers is in the NFL after 2023, Ewers and Manning will have only overlapped on campus during Manning's true freshmen season.
    So, is Manning really going to bump down a school because he doesn't have a clear shot at starting as a true freshmen? I'd think as a 5 star QB an ideal development path would be to redshirt (or at least be 2nd string with limited action) as a true freshmen, start 2 years, go pro. 
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    gmcc reacted to Sirhornsalot in January landscapes – Aeration, compost set the tone for the year!   
    Aeration, topdressing set the tone for the growing season!
    January is one of my favorite months in the landscape. Sounds crazy, right? I know, I know. But its the truth.
    January is significant to me because I know that what I’m doing this month will have a lasting impact on my landscape and lawn. What am I doing? Performing aeration and applying compost topdressing to both the lawn and the landscape beds.
    It’s January. Why now? The turf is dormant.
    Doing it now allows enough time for the compost to have a very positive effect. The aeration of course allows oxygen into the soil, reviving it. The compost will refurbish the soil.
    Each time it rains, the rainwater sifts through the compost topdressing and creates a “compost tea” as it gets to the soil. That tea is carrying important nutrients and enzymes into the soil that set the table for an awesome start to the growing season. The benefits of this will still be seen in July and August but is really noticeable when the turf and perennials come out of dormancy in March/April and are green and vibrant.

    So what type of compost should you use?
    Frankly, most all compost is valuable for plant life of any kind. But some are better than others. I prefer to use Cotton Burr Compost because of the soil I deal with (black clay soil, DFW Metroplex) and the goals I want to achieve.
    Cotton burr compost is 100% cotton plant waste, composted. It is highly nutritious and is a natural clay softener. High nutrition + clay softener = win/win for me.
    The cotton plant soaks up an incredible amount of nutrition surrounding it. That nutrition supports the energy required to produce the cotton bolls. Farmers back in the 1800s noticed that crops were better when the plants were returned to the fields to decompose. They noticed how healthy the growth was around the piles of dead plants they created after the growing season. Thanks to this, they were able to grow good crops year after year.
    Likewise, we have found valuable use for cotton burr compost in the landscape industry. We use it as part of our planting mixture. We can use it to mulch. And we use it for topdressing purposes.

    So what is a topdressing anyway?
    A topdressing is a substance, such as compost, that is spread over the lawn. It is a thin layer that ideally sinks into the turf to the soil. Combined with aeration (three-four inch holes in the turf), the effect is accelerated and made more effective.
    The compost topdressing doesn’t actually cover the lawn or hide it. Bulk cotton burr compost is ground up fine, so it falls through to the soil level faster than the larger, chunkier product sold in bags. So bulk is the more appropriate format to use in this case.
    If you’re doing this yourself at home, know that it is best to start by taking small marker flags and sticking them in every location where you have a sprinkler head. This will help prevent you from hitting a head while you’re aerating the lawn.
    If you have a drip irrigation system in your turf, unfortunately, you are unable to aerate your lawn without causing a lot of damage to the drip lines. In that case, skip the aeration and do the topdressing only.
    Cotton burr compost, while 100% cotton plant waste, does have an odor with it that will dissipate after a few hours after it’s applied.
    This is great, but why do I need to do this?
    Each year, we water our lawns. Sometimes three to four times a week. The sun bakes the moisture back out. The chlorine that we put out with that water kills valuable enzymes in our soils. The sun bakes some of those nutrients to the point they’re no longer valuable. Wear and tear is a real thing with lawns and landscapes. Consider the aeration/topdressing a refurbishing of the soil. And that’s where everything starts in growing – the soil.
    Other items this month . . .
    1. This Fall and so far this winter, things have been dry. Very dry. And it’s been windy. The effects of the wind, along with the lack of normal rainfall, create a very hard environment for plants to grow in. And decline due to this is hard to detect if the plant/tree is deciduous and has no leaves right now. Make sure you are watering at least once a week throughout winter.
    2. January is the driest month of the year in most of Texas. We get even less rainfall this month, on average, then we get in July or August. The effects of La Niña could very well exacerbate the already dry conditions as we go into January, the driest month.
    3. If you have a drainage system at your property or home, make sure they are cleared. The Fall leaf dump has left many drains and surface drain grates clogged with leaves. There is nothing worse than paying a couple of thousand dollars for a good drain system, then having it clog and not work.
    4. Many folks will be mulching now that the fall leaf dump is over and the brunt of winter is ahead of us. Make sure you do NOT mulch right up to the root flare of the tree (at the bottom of the trunk). If you have a service that mulches for you, either speak to them before they begin or return when they’re gone to correct whatever mistakes they made. Mulching around the root flare will cause all kinds of problems down the road. For a human understanding, it is much the same as someone putting their hands around your throat. Its cuts off blood and oxygen. For the tree, mulch at the root flare cuts off the valuable nutrients and moisture that are supposed to go up the trunk to the canopy. Think of the trunk as more or less a highway of nutrients and moisture.
    5. For you backyard gardeners, if you are going to have Onions this year, get them in the ground by Jan. 15 or as soon after that date as possible. My onions not only survived the winter storm we had last February, but they ended up being some of the nicest onions that I’ve grown.
    6. The first round of pre-emergent for the 2022 growing season begins this month. You want to get it applied to the lawn and beds by the end of the month or as soon as possible after that date. Weed seeds will be germinating in February so putting the pre emergent down in January will protect the lawn from getting in influx of new weeds.
    7. If you have over-seeded your lawn with winter rye this year, you will want to give it another feeding by the middle of this month.
  12. Haha
    gmcc reacted to RickyFlair in Reports: Texas to hire Brennan Marion as WR coach   
    Not me, I was thinking Urban Meyer again. 
  13. Like
    gmcc reacted to DMAC in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Every year its the same thing.  This guy is a day one starter. 
    I still remember Patrick Hudson was the answer to everything and we didnt even see him until year 2?  then he medically retired I think.  Our OL has sucked wind for a very long time, even when Conner Williams was here.  To think some 17-18 year old OL is just going to stroll in here and start is very unusual and highly unlikely.  OL is one of those positions that takes a certain level physical toughness, stamina and mental understanding.  Its not like sticking a freshman RB into the system in year one.  Even if they are more talented than the existing group of linemen, which is more than likely true, its not going to be pretty at first.  They have to build an understanding and cohesiveness together as all OL have to.
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    gmcc reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    I should add that IT threw out some hints that Campbell has already signed with Texas.
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    gmcc reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    We're getting the Watts kid from Ohio State.
  16. Thanks
    gmcc reacted to DMAC in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    I am probably going to get flamed for this post but NFG.  You know you are my brother @DBut82 so this isnt directed at only your post.
    I dont get it.  What is this The University of Casey Thompson?  Why he left doesnt matter he is leaving by his own choice.  I dont blame him but I am not going to cry a river of "We will miss you!".  Some of you guys get so emotional with the common accolades "played his heart out" blah blah.  Seriously how many players say "FU" team and fans when the bowl game comes around because they want to protect their NFL future?  We see it more and more.  How many recruits ditch UT for other schools even though they grew up longhorn fans for money or NFL aspirations?  Yet we are all supposed to show empathetic FEELINGS for players that do this to the team.  He left by his own choice.  Bye!  He is thinking of himself and thats his life.  I dont blame him for it but wont kiss his ass for it either.  I will support the players that stay on the team
    Roschon is a team player.  Played a different position to help his team.  Plays with heart.  That is a player I salute.  Not Casey Thompson.  Casey said something like "I think I had a good game but I cant make the defense do their job."  I am paraphrasing of course but it was after a game the defense sucked.  How did that look to the fam?  Even though its true I am sure it didnt go well with the family in the locker room. 
    Yes players leave early for the NFL or transfer or sit out games.  Thats their choice but its my choice who I support.  I have said many times VY is my fav.  I realize he left early for the NFL but he had nothing left to prove except for winning the Heisman which he should have won regardless.  He wouldnt leave his team hanging in a bowl game.  Hes a true longhorn.  Players like him and Roschon are the players I salute not players like Casey Thompson.
    Nothing wrong with thanking a player but honestly this is business.  You want to win or ne an emo center of caring.  They make business decisions then good luck...next
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    gmcc reacted to dssl in Texas QB Casey Thompson enters transfer portal   
    I hope Sark figures a way to get him to stay.
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    gmcc reacted to Jameson McCausland in Texas QB Casey Thompson enters transfer portal   
    If Thompson wanted the starting job assured to him or to open spring practice as the favorite, then Sark made the right call in telling him neither of those things were going to happen and he would have to earn everything.
    Texas just won 5 games last year. Outside of Bijan and Worthy, every single spot should be a wide open competition starting in the spring.
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    gmcc reacted to tejasrulz in 2022 Texas Portal News   
    Dang, was really hoping he would stay. Kid played with heart, wish him well.
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    gmcc reacted to Sirhornsalot in Texas QB Casey Thompson enters transfer portal   
    Hate to see him go. I wish him the best.. . except when playing Texas.
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    gmcc reacted to RickyFlair in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    We dodged a huge bullet by not hiring this clown. He’s massively inflated ego got exactly what it needed. 
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    gmcc reacted to Big Daddy Cane in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    True... Texas has never had an issue recruiting.. The difference this year is the haul on both lines and a potential generational QB. Finish it off with a couple more DBs and WRs and could be special in a couple of years. Now need a successful year on the field and stack a few recruiting classes together and things may be different this time.  Or I may be drinking the burnt orange Kool-aid...
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    gmcc reacted to TexCoyote in National Signing Day 1 Thread   
    Sark and staff put together a class like this with us only winning 5 games.  All I can say is they better get their licks in now because it’s about to get super ugly (in a good way 😀) around here like really really soon.  
  24. Laugh+
    gmcc reacted to Sirhornsalot in National Signing Day 1 Thread   
    And Bowie fought for . .  .. Texas.
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    gmcc reacted to okiehorn in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   

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