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  1. Mark I'm really old but I don't recognize what type of tomato that is. Could it be a Colorado weed? What I really want to ask is why has my lantana not bloomed this year? I have tried cutting them back but no luck. Thanks in advance
  2. Soldierhorn thanks for the reply. I too have given up on the St A due to it being too much for me at my age. I think there are certain weed killers that state to Not use on St A and I'm hoping I can use it to clean up my bermuda and at the same time do away with the returning St A.
  3. As always I appreciate your landscape thread. I have a question which is directly opposite to what most gardeners want, How do I kill out St Augustine grass from my Bermuda lawn. My lawn was originally St Aug. but died out two years ago and I have been trying to encourage the Bermuda, Now about 10% of the St Aug. is trying to come back. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. As much as I hate to see us hire a coach from another team within our conference, I feel Beard might be the best available whom, to my knowledge does not have negative baggage attached to him. How soon until there is more verification of this hire?
  5. Young Man do you ever get a day off. I appreciate your commitment and hard work.
  6. I can't express how pleased I am with this group of new coaches. I personally did not want Urban Myers ( too full of himself and wanted way too much money). I think Sark is perfect. The surprise homerun may turn out to be Pete K (eleven letter name as someone called him earlier). For the first time since Mack Brown I am excited for Texas Football. I have an Aggie friend who follows college football closely, who called me earlier and said he feels for the first time since Brown we may have gotten it right.
  7. Primal D That article was dated Oct 2019- If that matters
  8. I doubt I will get much agreement on my opinion but I am very pleased to have Sark rather than Urban. To start with I doubt Urban would stay very long and I seriously doubt his commitment to coaching here. No football coach is worth 12-14 million a year. Sark is so much younger and seems hungry to prove himself. I believe his past mistakes make him the better choice. Now if he just doesn't hire coach boom as yall call him. I will state now if Musch. is hired within two years of him being here, we will have numerous defensive players transferring. His frantic approach will grow thin quickly. I'm excited about the Horns' future.
  9. I have been extremely satisfied with our selection of newly hired coaches. The big one left leaves me worried. I certainly hope it is Not Will Much. His style of violent antics would not motivate me at all. I have no bases for my thoughts other than he seems to quickly lose the faith of his teams. Show me that video clip of him attacking a chalk board and I would say "No Thanks".
  10. Hi Mark I appreciate the effort & time you give to the hornsports blog. I watch every month for your lawn care posts. I recently purchased and older home in the Kilgore area and realize I have a large mole problem. I have ordered some milky spore powder & hope to eliminate the grubs in my lawn.. Will it still be effective if I apply it now, or should I wait until spring, I think I read somewhere that the powder does not lose strength due to time. Your advise will be appreciated.
  11. Hi Mark I always enjoy your landscaping thread. I am in the process of buying a older home which has been neglected for some time. The yard is filled with weeds & thistles but does have some scattered St Augustine grass. Would it be better for the first summer to just fertilize & water or try to use some Weed be gone, fertilize & water? Thank you in advance. gmcc
  12. Unlike some have reported, as i remember, George Springer was already in the Astro system when Crane bought the team. After suffering thru 3 one hundred losing seasons, I'm not sure how to react to a world series championship. What is going to really hurt is when the Astros are unable resign several of their young players to new contracts.
  13. Hi Mark Do you remember a guy named Jerry Baker (whom I think has since passed away) who use to be on PBS frequently promoting his use of a tonic of beer, coke, ammonia, mouthwash and sometimes chewing tobacco for use on your lawn? What is your opinion of this approach? I ask because I have a friend who uses a similar tonic (mostly ammonia, beer & syrup) and says he has good results (his yard does look healthy). Would be a lot cheaper than the chemical fertilizers. Also some golf greens keeper in Oklahoma (sorry) also promotes a similar tonic. thanks gmcc
  14. I remember after the Orange/White scrimmage that Herman mentioned the 2 sacks by Jordan Elliott and I thought then, "wait until you have seen the film". It was true he had two tackles at the line of scrimmage but both plays came to him, in other words not due to any great effort on his part. I watched him closely as the second team would come off the field- he just did not act as though he wanted to be there. I think mentally, Jordan checked out some time ago. I would have been very shocked if he and the new coaching staff did not go "head to head" due to his total lack of effort. If what he showed in the scrimmage is what we had to look forward to in the remainder of his career, I do not feel we have suffered a great lose. I'd be willing to play a much smaller player with quickness and aggressiveness before a large immovable object. I think he probably has a ton of talent but until he decides to put it to it's real use, he is not going far. I hope he wakes up soon. I expect I will take some heat from this post, but all I ask is take a minute and go back and watch closely his effort in the scrimmage.
  15. I certainly hope you are correct but please watch the Top 10 plays article on Burnt Orange Nation blog. Watch #92 (Jordan) on plays 10, 4, 3, 2 and tell me that is the effort you want from your prized defensive lineman. He never gets low enough to force any type of penetration. As I say I hope I'm wrong but I have a tendency to watch the linemen rather than the ball. I don't remember which play it was, but Vahe (whom is not suppose to be a good pass blocker) goes one on one with him and stands him straight up with no chance of him penetrating into the back field.
  16. Jordan Elliott notched at least two sacks today during the scrimmage. If he gets his weight down and keeps coming along he is going to be quite the player. Daniel, I agree most of your assessment, but not the part about Jordan. When he was first recruited, I was extremely high on him, but his effort today was disappointing to me. Even on the sidelines he seemed dis-interested. Both his sacks were plays that come directly to him. He merely stood there and allowed the play to come to him. He made no special effort of any kind that I saw. In just my opinion his overall grade for today will be poor. I certainly hope with some weight loss he will do better, but as of now I would not have him running second team. I hope I'm wrong.
  17. Hi SHA Could you address your beliefs on synthetic fertilizer vs organic. Also since most of the orgainic products have much lower N content, does that mean you must use considerably more of the product & if so how much more? How about mixing the two? thanks for your continued contribution. gmcc
  18. Keep up the good work, Joeywa. You are my only source for Horns' BB. I really appreciate your efforts.
  19. Hi Mark I know it is too early for flowers but I am enlarging two of my beds and would appreciate if you could suggest some plant color combinations that go well together. I've tried different groupings but they all look like a kinder garden kid did them. I live in Longview, beds get about 8 hrs sun each day. My soil is very sandy but has been amended. Would love lots of color that will last most of summer. Thanks in advance.
  20. Notice the lack of any new data since Juan Grande has gone. Site will be severely lacking without him.
  21. SHA thanks for your updates. I don't read all the posts on this thread but your's & Juan Grandes' always get my attention. thanks again
  22. I have no knowledge input other than what I read on a couple of Horn related web sites but my sense is we' are Not presently attracting the better quality players. I feel this is due to our dismal record during the last few years. The kids seem to enjoy our hospitality & post their "Texas" offer, but fail to commit. If I were Herman, rather than take kids I feel are a "reach", I might consider telling the recruits, either commit or we will move on and possibly save our scholarships for next year when I sincerely believe we will have a better win/loss record. If next season we get decent qb play I think we can get by with the talent we presently have on hand and then try to "load the boat."
  23. Go back to sleep Daniel and dream of more Texas recruits. ( I appreciate your work here ).
  24. I really like this guy's film. To me he is not just an edge rusher. I read somewhere where there is some question about his overall speed, but he looks plenty quick. Again I really like him.

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