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  1. No, I had not asked before. The item I saw said he had removed all Texas info from his social page. As I remember someone had mentioned he seemed somewhat immature. It made me wonder if he had changed his mind. I thank you for your response.
  2. This maybe old news, but what happened to Aglye Hall? I just read a headline on my computer's homepage that he was no longer listed on the team roster.
  3. Why worry about a verbal commitment when it means nothing? I would not be in too big of a hurry until Manning decides however I doubt he chooses Texas. To me a silent commit is just as valid as a public one- neither carries any weight.
  4. Like Baron, I too have trouble understanding many of the posts. I realize that most of my problem is me, but still how do others understand today's lingo. I have to look up most of the abbreviations and when today's players respond with comments, I am completely clueless. The "golden years" my arse.
  5. Now that is what I call real service. I don;t get my question posted until you have the answer. Thanks
  6. Unfortunately, I believe you are close to correct.
  7. Not sure this is proper thread to ask this. What time is the Orange/White game scheduled for? I know it is the 23 of March but not sure if it is afternoon are night. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi SHA When is a good time to scalp (I can only cut to about 1.2 in.) a Bermuda lawn? Can it be safely done before pre-emergent is applied? I live in Kilgore and have sandy soil. thanks in advance gmcc
  9. How many "likes" can you give one post? I have always felt it was "all" about Urban. He found once he got to the pros things were different.
  10. So glad we did Not hire Urban. When he announced he would not be coming to Texas, my sense was most thought Texas was Not good enough for him. How do you feel now?
  11. Not sure this is the correct thread for my questions. Does the current academic semester have any bearing on when a player can safely enter the transfer portal? Should a player wait until the current semester is complete? Has a date been established for the actual move to the SEC?
  12. I do not get to watch all of our football games but the few I do see, one thing appears constant. We are severely lacking in overall speed. From week to week the opposing team seems much faster (and I do not mean only the elite teams). Having watched some of the other conferences' championship games, we are slow. I understand why our defensive backs get beat repeatedly. It is not only our d backs but overall team speed, I think Sark understood this from the beginning, which is why he was so glad to get X. Until we can sign exceptionable speed we will be a second tier football team. Coaching can only marginally improve a player's quickness- that is God given. Ask yourself why we have so few players drafted into the NFL. I am No fan of Urban M. but when asked what was wrong with Texas, he said on national TV before he returned to coaching, that Texas had to get "better" players. Nick S, not addressing Texas per say, said you cannot become elite until you get the people (players) right. If given time Sark will turn Texas into a strong contender.
  13. jrcruz1026 The person who recorded the video was kicked of the team Has this been verified?

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