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  1. I guess it doesn't seem to bother the "little 12" how petty they are with their awards or officiating. I have felt that both Texas & Okla have gotten the short end of the stick since declaring to move. My cousin who is not a real football fan mentioned how poorly the officiating has been this year in regard to us. I will be happy when get free of this conference.
  2. Mark, I meant my question about the Dixie Belle onions to you. I was not paying attention when I copied Eastexhorn. I did not have much luck with my garden last year and hoped to plant my onions early this year. thanks in advance
  3. Where do you buy your Dixie Belles? Do they come as small onions or seed?
  4. It may be only my imagination but since Texas informed the Big 12 of its intention to move to the SEC, I have felt most 50-50 calls have gone against Texas.
  5. SHA I want to thank you for your contributions to both this site and the regular hornsport blog. It must take a considerable amount of time. thanks again, and this is Not a johnny deep posting
  6. Mark I believe you said to put down first pre-emergent in August. I have never tried to combine different chemicals when spraying. I would like to add some msm truf and quinclorac. I believe both are considered safe being added. Is it too late in the year for such a solution? thanks in advance (quinclorac is to kill some encroaching st augustine)
  7. No, I had not asked before. The item I saw said he had removed all Texas info from his social page. As I remember someone had mentioned he seemed somewhat immature. It made me wonder if he had changed his mind. I thank you for your response.
  8. This maybe old news, but what happened to Aglye Hall? I just read a headline on my computer's homepage that he was no longer listed on the team roster.
  9. Why worry about a verbal commitment when it means nothing? I would not be in too big of a hurry until Manning decides however I doubt he chooses Texas. To me a silent commit is just as valid as a public one- neither carries any weight.
  10. Like Baron, I too have trouble understanding many of the posts. I realize that most of my problem is me, but still how do others understand today's lingo. I have to look up most of the abbreviations and when today's players respond with comments, I am completely clueless. The "golden years" my arse.
  11. Now that is what I call real service. I don;t get my question posted until you have the answer. Thanks
  12. Unfortunately, I believe you are close to correct.
  13. Not sure this is proper thread to ask this. What time is the Orange/White game scheduled for? I know it is the 23 of March but not sure if it is afternoon are night. Thanks in advance.

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