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  1. ....will have major Texas ties!
  2. Harvey used us.........we need to realize that and hate him
  3. Calling Rivals for a refund....this is BS for what we pay them!
  4. Nick isn't in to A&M yet...............could it be???????
  5. I got a good feeling Nick Harvey is gonna shock the world today!!!!!!!!
  6. anybody who thinks that is not being used against us is crazy!!!!
  7. I just wish CS would not have openly gone USMC with all the changes...........It's being used against us. I am 100% for it, but why air all of our dirty laundry!
  9. Has anybody seen film of this kid from Cy Creek? My buddy coaches at Cy Fair and he is a huge horn fan and he is shaking his head.
  10. Stealing recruits from Colorado.........wow!
  11. I think aggy has a real coach with a real plan.....that is disturbing. Like Sumlin or not, he has been impressive. He did parlay Sherman recruits (JFF, JOECKLE,MATTHEWS, SWOPE,EVANS ETC..) into production. CS has a plan and if given time it will pay off. If you can win at Louisville you can win in Austin. QB play will dictate everything next year.
  12. I ain't worried about their last two years, I am extremely scared of what they might do in the next 5 years!!!!! SEC SEC Network Sumlin swag Recruiting Stadium upgrade Our roster needs to be overhauled before we play them. Their young talent is better than ours, just saying. Let Strong have time to actually change the culture before we take them down.

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