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  1. Does the fanbase also have a sense of entitlement?
  2. It is my belief that Texas is in bed with Sark for at least 6 years; the program cannot afford to continue to have the coaching turnover it has had the past decade; it is the reason why there are high profile coaches that will not touch Texas with a ten foot pole and the ones Texas will attract are looking for a major payday like Tom Herman got.
  3. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/wgypWuFqauk?clip=UgkxLQH8oO0XiCWoywqIeeRrChhSeN8z7PSQ&amp;clipt=EAAYpM4B" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Sir Horns Alot is the boss in this video
  4. I would not be surprised if Wright wins the 2nd string QB job if he performs well against UTSA; Card is not trusted in the middle of the field to throw, almost all of his throws were on the outside, the only throw in the interior of the secondary that Card made was the Cain reception toward the end of the game. This means the coaching staff is very concerned with his ability to made decisions.
  5. Our offense will not stay on the field long at all in any early series, we will not sustain long drives in the first half and our defense will get tired quick; Sabans defense will show our oline and Ewers defensive looks that will confuse them a lot. This will be ugly, I won't give a score but Bama easily covers the spread on this game, don't buy the hype
  6. So does that mean he could still flip?
  7. Why Meh, Stars aren't everything; ask Poona
  8. Wichita Falls is its own Planet, id believe it if it were Tyler, TX
  9. Papa Manning said if Momma Manning doesn't like Arch's decision; he has Kate to fall back on
  10. If Momma stops putting out, Papa is gonna fall in line fast
  11. We can match Louisville when it comes to NIL but I think the concern this kid might have is immediate playing time, he wont get it here, our backfield is stacked and will continue to be stacked
  12. According to a source close to his family, Mathis is going to Nebraska
  13. NCAA and college ball will part ways, the conferences own College football not the NCAA, this news is irrelevant
  14. When Hudson hits his low ceiling, probably half time in our first game lol
  15. My Bold Prediction, Ewers does not start at the beginning of the year
  16. if someone says Texas told a 5* that we had no room as the reason why they would take other visits, I will call bullshit on that claim
  17. I agree with this assessment, his hand technique is better and seems to be able to rush inside and outside, Burke is a pure edge guy who uses quickness on the outside
  18. I honestly think that all parties involved always planned for OU and Texas to leave in 2024; that is when the Big 12 will be adding Cincy, Houston, and UCF (BYU having already been added in 2023)
  19. https://247sports.com/Player/TJ-Shanahan-46101254/ We cannot lose this young man, he's right in our backyard; Flood needs to make sure we snag him
  20. He needed to go, he was not producing on the recruiting front and not getting much out of any of our receivers other than Worthy on the field
  21. https://247sports.com/Player/Colton-Vasek-46128697/ Im surprised we've not offered this young man, he had a great hame yesterday
  22. We gotta stop worrying about how others are doing and self reflect; our program was an embarrassment this year; its sad bc yes for over a decade we've been nothing close to a blue blood program, we need yo get back to that, it comes down to blocking and tackling on the field I don't admire Aggie or any other program, I just know that ours isn't up to par at the moment, Aggie is throwing massive amounts of money at recruits as are we, but that doesn't guarantee anything Hard work, grit, and determination/ GOOD COACHING do; ie. Cincy

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