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  1. Without the holding that’s Worthy catching that
  2. Bowman just decommitted. Any chance to get him back? Sanders staying? Surprised he didn’t wait until after RRR.
  3. During the all star games, there was a picture of I think three Texas signees and a another player doing the hook em. Without Catalon, is he an option? Cali kid I think.
  4. Didn’t Riley tell Rattler they were not going to take a transfer qb?
  5. This also gives SC a Texas connection for players.
  6. Did he ask how she felt doing an interview with someone that will follow boys into restrooms?
  7. Wonder boy Riley looked pretty average. It was almost like Bush on the sidelines when they kept running the ball.
  8. Defense has held the high scoring Missouri down. Guess they don’t play good defense in their conference.
  9. I believe Sanders has family in and around Stillwater too.
  10. Seems like Chip no longer has a reliable source so he is just throwing things up to get attention. May need to call him Chip Bayless before long.

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