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  1. He's back... Everyone's favorite Twitter troll has reactivated all of his accounts, including @TAMU_Sports and @DanielFigurelli
  2. Who knew that the market for twitter accounts with explicitly homophobic usernames and fewer than 10 followers was so robust. Here I am slaving away in an office all day when I could be sitting at home, creating twitter accounts with 'a software', and selling them for tens of dollars. Two full days and thats the best he could come up with? Good grief.
  3. This post is embarrassing. It was such a well-known secret that no one - anywhere - brought it up at the time Strong was hired or after. IT has backed off of their initial report that 'everyone knew' - to now they're saying 'we're not sure'. No one has a f##king clue. This might amount to nothing more than a fishing expedition by a pissed off husband who will do whatever he can to annoy/embarrass his soon to be ex. Little chance the judge rules in Blue's favor on any of the requests in that document.
  4. Glad that he's staying if only because it would be nice to have some continuity at the position both in coaching and recruiting - plus despite the fact I don't think of Brick as an upper echelon coach/recruiter, there is always a chance that you end up not upgrading the position.
  5. I have a serious issue with schools pulling offers after a player is already committed. Schools and the grown men (women?) who coach them need to be held to a higher standard than the kids they're trying to recruit. Don't accept the commitment if you're not willing to have that kid sign an NLI on NSD - regardless of how shitty their Senior season might turn out. Big fan of this coach now:
  6. I chuckle each time I see stability as a selling point for A&M.
  7. FWIW - Higdon says that Texas didn't match anything.
  8. Was at South Carolina in 2003 when Charlie was there. Experience coaching WR's all the way back to 1988. Time split pretty evenly between college and NFL. Coaching Career 1984 Long Beach City College Defensive Backs 1986-1987 New Mexico State Running Backs 1988-1991 TCU Wide Receivers/Running Backs 1992 Minnesota Wide Receivers 1993-1995 University of Miami (Fla.) Wide Receivers 1996-2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receivers 2003 South Carolina Wide Receivers 2004-2006 Arizona Wide Receivers 2007-2011 North Carolina Wide Receivers 2012-2014 Indianapolis Colts Wide Receivers 2015 Indianapolis Colts Running Backs
  9. A general timeline of what went down at LSU: Early December all defensive coaches are given contract extensions to sign. All do except for CHavis who is upset because the contract doesn't guarantee his salary if Miles is fired. Late December aggy reaches out to Chavis about becoming their DC, Chavis has still not signed his LSU extension. End of December/First of the year aggy hires John Chavis as their DC. Allegedly Chavis is given the option to sacrifice some of his salary so that aggy can buyout and hire some/one of his former assistants at LSU. Doesn't happen. USC decides not to retain Ed Orgeron as Head Coach. Orgeron sits out the 2014 season in hopes that a HC job will be available for him in 2015. No HC positions look to be available to Ed, so LSU sees a chance to hire him as DL coach. Brick Haley is 'reassigned' to a closet some where in Tiger stadium and Orgeron is named the new DL coach. Chavis would love to hire Haley as his DL coach at aggy, but because of the contentious nature of his leaving and possible litigation, LSU declines to waive Haleys buyout and aggy refuses to pay the buyout. Haley has 900k guaranteed to him by LSU, so he has no interest in quitting and forfeiting that money. Haley also has a son who is autistic and at least one report said Haley was worried about treatment options available elsewhere (The Haley's were very comfortable with treatment LSU had arranged for his son). Haley and his wife are very involved in autism groups/charities around BR. Chris Rumph informs Charlie Strong in early Feb that he is taking the Florida job. Charlie Strong reaches out to Brick Haley shortly thereafter about becoming the DL coach at Texas. Haley is hired Feb 13th as DL coach at Texas. Haley isn't a 'great coach' and isn't a 'great recruiter'. He definitely had some connections/relationships in LA that helped us with Wilbon, Roach, DCG, and Aucoin - but Traylor played a role and Strong was the closer for those guys. LSU fans biggest criticism of Haley was that he wasn't someone who could go out and get the big recruit - they thought that Haley was a guy who far too often came in 'second place' in recruiting. On the flip side - at LSU Haley had to work for a guy who didn't/wouldn't recruit in Chavis. LSU fans also think that their Defensive Lines under-performed far too often considering the level of talent they had. At least part of that can be explained in that Chavis seemed to favor more of a two gap style where the DL occupied blockers so that the athletes Chavis had at LB and Safety could make plays. I don't want to lose Brick - both for his connections in LA and because I would love to maintain some continuity at the DL coach position. But if Haley wants to reunite with Chavis - and aggy is willing to overpay him to do it - then lets go out and hire the best DL coach money can buy and look ahead to next season.
  10. Huh? No. FWIW - Brick has a son with Autism. His son and the treatment he requires was one of the reasons Brick wasn't planning on leaving LSU, even after they demoted him and shoved him into the broom closet. The only reason he agreed to take the UT job was because of the treatment options available to them in Austin. I'd be surprised if he moved again to go to College Station.
  11. Definitely has the resume. Ohio St, Arkansas, Special Teams coach in the NFL for a season, GA at Notre Dame.
  12. Uh-Oh. Tate Martell is not happy. A&M just offered another QB in the 2017 class (Tua Tagovaiola). Tate just tweeted that loyalty is key... ...and now its a little suspect
  13. I think Perkins stays at Guard and Nichelson or Major starts at RT.
  14. FYI - IF you have an ios device, and download the 247 app, you can read all the articles.
  15. This kid has been my #1 since I first watched his 12 minute highlight reel. Can't wait to see what he can do here - just an incredible talent.

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