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  1. He's back... Everyone's favorite Twitter troll has reactivated all of his accounts, including @TAMU_Sports and @DanielFigurelli
  2. Who knew that the market for twitter accounts with explicitly homophobic usernames and fewer than 10 followers was so robust. Here I am slaving away in an office all day when I could be sitting at home, creating twitter accounts with 'a software', and selling them for tens of dollars. Two full days and thats the best he could come up with? Good grief.
  3. This post is embarrassing. It was such a well-known secret that no one - anywhere - brought it up at the time Strong was hired or after. IT has backed off of their initial report that 'everyone knew' - to now they're saying 'we're not sure'. No one has a f##king clue. This might amount to nothing more than a fishing expedition by a pissed off husband who will do whatever he can to annoy/embarrass his soon to be ex. Little chance the judge rules in Blue's favor on any of the requests in that document.
  4. Glad that he's staying if only because it would be nice to have some continuity at the position both in coaching and recruiting - plus despite the fact I don't think of Brick as an upper echelon coach/recruiter, there is always a chance that you end up not upgrading the position.
  5. I have a serious issue with schools pulling offers after a player is already committed. Schools and the grown men (women?) who coach them need to be held to a higher standard than the kids they're trying to recruit. Don't accept the commitment if you're not willing to have that kid sign an NLI on NSD - regardless of how shitty their Senior season might turn out. Big fan of this coach now:
  6. I chuckle each time I see stability as a selling point for A&M.
  7. FWIW - Higdon says that Texas didn't match anything.

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