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  1. Our national recruiting presence is joining the big league. This isn't 2002 when you could stay in state. This is a statement. Hookem
  2. Just sign some linemen and linebackers and I will be happy. Both sides of the line and LB has been the weakest link for some time
  3. Now knowing we have a coaching staff that will not play a position-by-committee approach I feel like we will maybe lose one game and have a heisman this next year.
  4. This feels really good if this actually went down. Always feels good to stick it to a Stoops.
  5. Or maybe we just fill up the roster with both like every other national powerhouse. I don't care if we draft kids in India, just field the best.
  6. Good luck to him. If Sark doesn't think he fits into our plans then this is no problem.
  7. I don't understand what is happening right now?!!! Did we just go from trainwreck to having hope in a month?
  8. Terry Joseph is an incredible recruiter. This is welcoming news. Alot of people were hoping he would take over the DC title at notre dame.
  9. Saban chose to keep him through the NC game and just had nothing but amazing things to say about him. Kiffin did not get the same thing going into a title game.

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