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  1. Slamming back beers while taunting a bunch of ou sh*t kickers, ill be there!
  2. Great to know, that sounds like the plan then. Is there anyway to buy coupons prior to arrival or do they need to be bought on site?
  3. Guys iv been living in F###ing Florida for the last 17 year and have been to games in Austin but never been to this one. Me and a friend just bought tickets, his first time in Dallas. Is anyone tailgating? iv been a periodic poster over the last 6 years and full time drinker. OU Sucks!
  4. #PreseasonRankingsAreFake please give me some aggie tears
  5. i think we are about to see the preseason polls get blown out of the water for a second straight week. all i want now is a Atm loss and a horns win and this will be a great Saturday.
  6. we are on the path to we suck until we dont. today was a great first step forward. our offense did a great job and i loved seeing our defense in the back field. i think the D needs to still step up a notch more but this was a good first step.
  7. im always surprised i make it it through the off-season. thank you lord, please bless me with a playoff berth this year. Ahmen
  8. the season rest on the defense and our Heisman winning running back. if both produce we make the playoffs. this coaching staff has it.
  9. All I hear about is vaccinated people getting covid. How many people do you hear about having covid once and getting it again?
  10. There have been a couple Heisman players that were transfer portal players. Not worried, we will pick up what we need in the portal. All we need to do is showcase a good team and convince the 5star transfer portal kids that with them we can be a great team
  11. Everyone is going to realize that they are not wanted as much as they think. They hate us because they ain't us

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