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  1. If you are not an x and o guy, and acknowledge OL and QB are poor, why would you be critical of OC? We run a ton of roll outs and boot legs. The problem with that is that you instantly lose 1/2 the field and it's a more difficult throw. Inexperienced QB, with average at best accuracy, and poor OL. It ain't x's and o's at this stage. Football is, and always be an execution first game.
  2. From a free site; Nine players have been dismissed from the team at Texas since Charlie Strong took over as head coach. The most recent dismissal occurred this week. Today, former Texas head coach Mack Brown visited with Paul Finebaum to share his thoughts on the situation. Brown candidly said, “One of the problems in our business right now is that there are so many stories and rumors out there that people are saying about a lot of different programs and they don’t have information. I have that information. At some point, you share it.†He later added, “When you’ve got a program like Texas or one like USC, every little thing is scrutinized. Charlie had two players leave in the spring. And now that he’s had some leave in the fall, it’s gotten more attention than it would say in a transition at a lot of the other schools that don’t get as much attention. But there were kids that left when I came here. There were kids that left when Nick went to Alabama. That’s part of it. You’re just going to have that. The one thing about Texas, the good and the bad, it’s a lightning rod. When I asked Coach Royal the best thing about coaching at Texas, he said 27 million people care about what you do every day of your life. I asked what is the worst thing about Texas and he said 27 million people care about every moment of your life. “So I’ve turned all of these thoughts over to Charlie Strong. It’s his team. He has a right to do whatever he wants. I have not had an opinion of those. I haven’t talked to the parents. I haven’t talked to the kids. I do know this and I think Charlie would tell you the same thing: No coach ever wants to run off a kid. You want to save them.†Texas will try to even its record at 2-2 when the travel to Lawrence to play Kansas on Saturday.
  3. Out of curiousty, does anyone give a damn if you go to games or not? Seriously.
  4. Yup. And the difference between a true freshman and a red shirt freshman are multiple light years. My foggy memory recalls maybe 2 true frosh - I think maybe Kosar for Miami, and one of the thug QB's for an option ou team ever had success. Then game is vastly different now - just too much on the plate for a true freshman.
  5. One of the most intelligent posts I've seen. YES, you are screwed when #1 QB goes down. Just like at ou this year, or 99% of all college teams. Really, pay attention you guys.
  6. Mayabe so, but if it's true we are in very bad shape. True frosh QB's just don't have the ability to do it on a D1 level guys. I don't care how many stars Ketch gave them. Swoopes isn't ready, and may not be a D1 QB either. Espinosa out, freshman making OL calls and QB with zero experience. It that ain't the end of the world, I don't know what is. Yeah, 22 starters but it's a dream if you think center and QB out are the same as losing a WR and TE. I'd love so say it ain't so, but even on the internet, you have to be realistic sometimes.
  7. Good Lord, get a friggin' grip. Quit whining for God's sake! Getting the finger because no beer at the games?? Don't show up because YOU didn't get something most of the college stadiums don't have anyway? Your loyalty is amazing. Try comeing to a game to root for the team, not as an excuse to drink.
  8. I think there is a misconception here - I'm gatherhing that your friend is upset that with some students not getting into UT, and therefore going to Tech or someplace is costing UT money somehow. Yes, UT loses the tuition, but what you have to understand is that tuition alone does not begin to cover the cost of running the university. Not by a long shot. We are not hurting financially by turning some students down. The University needs state, federal, and research dollars to survive. Hence, examine tuitions for schools without state funding (private schools) or check what OOS tuition is. We aren't missing any "dollars". If more instate kids should get in is another argument, but saying we are losing dollars for it is incorrect.
  9. Thanks a bunch - I didn't think it was the dogs - Had several different lawn services - I'm betting it's the grub like you said. Thanks a bunch, Hook 'em!
  10. I've got brown patches in spots, about the size of a dessert plate, and the grass just dies. One lawn guy says it's from my dogs, another says the dogs will fertilize. The thing is, the dogs are in both the front and back yards, and the only problem shows up in the back. It's mostly Zoysia in the back, and bermuda in the front, and the one guy says it's the dogs, and zoysia is more succeptable. Any ideas? It's weird like I said because pups go both in front and back, and these things are almost perfectly round.
  11. Good God - this thread starts based on one friggin' year of NFL drafts. Get a friggin' grip. Football is cyclical in nature, years, sometimes a decade. Unfortunatly boards are dominated by guys not old enough to vote. SEC has had a remarkable run, no doubt. But you mention PAC 12? Outside of USC, name a tradition power with NC skins on the wall. Stanford has had a few good years recently, and a few with Elway, but nothing else. Cal has never been good, the AZ teams a decent 8-2 every decade or so. UCLA hasn't been a contender in decades. Washington State never, and UW a few years with James. How many rabid fan bases in Pac12? You can count on one hand and have plently of fingers lieft to pick both nostrils. Who sells out? Oregon does, with what 55k seats? Big deal. B10 essentially is tOSU and Michigan, and Michigan sucks. Iowa, M State a few good years here and there. Northwestern a few good years in the last 30, but they were so bad in the 70's people talked about kicking them out of the conference. Indian sucks and so does Illinois. tOSU and Michigan sell out, name any other B10 school that is noted as a feared place to go. SEC has the most rabid fan base, much better than Texas, even when we were winning. But, all this whining is, well, just whining. Knee meet jerk reactions.
  12. BYU offensive line isn't young - they have a bunch of upper classmen that started returning. Looks like you have Texas pretty much going undefeated. I like your optimism, but without anything solid at QB, it's going to be a tough row to hoe.

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