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  1. This is good advice. People don't hang around a guy who just crapped himself to ask about the underlying reasons for the crapping. They just leave and write you off as gross.
  2. Terry is a friend of mine, too. I live in Lockhart, by the way, so I am pretty hard to impress when it comes to bbq joints. Never heard of Gatlins, but I will try them out if I find myself nearby one of these days.
  3. Yeah, Pittman's TD catch before the half was when you knew OU had exactly zero chance to pull an upset against us. That was a thing of beauty!
  4. I say we sign both of them and not worry about your question!
  5. Hey Johnny, Call us when you can generate a QBR greater than your jersey number!
  6. I have been curious of late about some of our past Longhorn athletes; where they are, what they are doing professionally, etc. I think most all of us know in a general sense what is going with Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, Vince Young, and many of the other very well known Texas players. But as we head into football's offseason, I thought I would start a thread to ask about some of the athletes who may not come immediately to mind. My hope is that the HornSports community will join in and offer up names of players they would like to hear about, and perhaps the folks with media ties can find them and possibly interview a few to keep the offseason more interesting and fresh. So let me start: Whatever happened to Shannon Kelley? I kid, I kid! Seriously, I'd like to know whatever happened to Phil Brown, RB in the early 90's. You guys join in and let's get a list going.
  7. Matt, I would suggest the black outline makes it easier to call balls in or out, and probably does not have much if anything to do with alternate color schemes. The men's basketball unis on the other hand - yuck!
  8. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about the shorts!
  9. Graet video, thanks for posting. We were following the action from Italy, and the Texas Exes there were very proud of the comeback/no quit displayed by our Horns. It is great to see that feeling existed in the stands as well.
  10. The thread pretty much sums up Monarch too.
  11. Anybody want to guess the likelihood of DGB making it through a full year in Norman without having any brushes with the police?
  12. If that had "Johnny Clipboard" emblazoned on it, I might buy one.
  13. Aside from missing the upper deck altogether, it's not bad.
  14. I do. As others have noted, this site is far less juvenile than the others, with far less Jr High level behavior from posters. I for one appreciate that. I appreciate it enough to come here and not to the other sites, except when linked to them by some interesting post placed here. Inside info is only one way to compete.
  15. It's very cute. I wonder how long it will be before they cover sections of the seats in this one with a gigantic tarp that reads BU...
  16. Jerry Jones is an exceptionally mediocre GM, as evidenced by the fact the Cowboys are a cumulative 146-142 in the 18 seasons since their last Super Bowl victory. Once Jimmy Johnson's influence fully waned the Cowboys have been nothing but crappy. Therefore, it is a safe bet to presume the Cowboys organization will continue to put up exceptionally mediocre records as long as Skeletor remains in charge. 8-8 is the best case scenario.
  17. Given the dearth of old timers on the wall, I would consider Hub Bechtol, one of only two 3-time All American Longhorns. The other 3-timer removed himself from consideration thanks to his off the field infamy. Freddie Steinmark is an excellent choice too.
  18. Yes, Randolph, please provide quotes from the coaching staff to back up your assertion that they think they won't be delivering much of a team.
  19. Top notch points, crudely stated. I like it.

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