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  1. I'm probably the only person in the world that would rather have 100 degrees than 50. Cold weather is painful. I like to sweat.
  2. Hoop Dreams is my favorite. I'm also a big fan of The Smashing Machine.
  3. I was a big fan of Gladys Cafe in St. Thomas. I don't remember the exact dish, but I had some sort of mutton that was delicious.
  4. I'm thinking about changing my name to Frank Feldman. Funny jokes. Thanks for sharing. My daughter is sick and I can't sleep. A little laugh will help.
  5. I thought being arrested for marijuana at TCU gets you moved up on the depth chart.
  6. In the state of Texas it's about evaluation, fit, and most importantly coaching. This state has tons of really good players that are off the beaten path. Schools like Oregon St, KState and Utah St have found these guys and turned them into fine players. I'm excited about this new era.
  7. You need a deer rifle too. Ask about that. There will be a thousand answers there too.
  8. For what use? Is it for fun (plinking at targets)? Is it to carry for self defense? Is it for home defense? For home defense, my wife has "the judge". It will also fire a 410 shotgun shell. In close quarters, with nervous hands, you won't miss an intruder. Like others, I highly recommend you take a firearm safety/shooting course.
  9. Amen! For how long have we lamented that we need a coaching staff that wins titles on the field rather than recruiting titles? We have the opposite of Mack Brown and we need to be patient. It's not a bad thing if we lose a few recruits that want helicopter rides, neon uniforms, and country club atmosphere.
  10. Add Cory Joseph and you have solid depth at the guard position.
  11. Recruits seem to be enamored with uniforms. To me, nothing beats the burnt orange and longhorn logo. Objectively speaking, I admit that the aggie black uniform was pretty cool looking.
  12. Malcolm Brown and Malcom Brown. Both will be 1st team all big12.

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