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  1. Who are we expected to come aboard? I'm a lil behind just welcomed a baby longhorn to our family.
  2. If Wilson commits to Ohio State.. The staff needs to stay on him and if we can't change his mind next man up!!
  3. It looks like Watson in set on leaving GA. I wonder why UGA didn't make his final schools list?
  4. If we land Whittington what position should we expect to see him line up at?
  5. Thanks! I knew there was someone on the docket!
  6. Looks like BJ foster got his 5th star over at Espn also graded at 90.
  7. Besides our QB commit Johnson. Who are a couple of guys we can't miss on in 19'?
  8. A couple of guys are reporting that Aranda is staying with LSU.
  9. I'm with you on his Dad. Seems like he is making it very comfortable for him to exit the boot state if he wants to do so. Seems like maybe some Lsu homers has been ragging him about a certain record in witch he said records don't matter. I know most say Lsu but this seems different.
  10. Is anybody of the opinion we might have a slight lead for Terrace Marshall?
  11. Do we still have a chance at flipping Cameron Wire or Chasen Hines?
  12. Whats the latest on Anthony Cook & Terrace Marshall? Predictions on what our o-line class looks like on NSD?
  13. Of our current commits who will be EE? As far as our targets go who would be EE if they pick the horns?
  14. Couple of crystal ball picks for Cook to Texas today.
  15. I will be at center High school tomorrow night to see keaontay Ingram. Really excited to see him do his thing under the bright lights!
  16. Does anyone have info on where and when the bus will arrive at the cotton bowl? I would like to greet our boys when they get there if possible.
  17. Slimer!! Ingram will be at Center high school this season as the Riders Host Carthage. I'm a center grad and will be at the game.
  18. If epps jumps on board will he be the loan TE commit? If the staff chooses to grab another TE not just who is the highest rated but from scheme witch TE fits us best MM or Ford?
  19. Exciting spot to be in for all of us. I wasn't sure if Crawford or Tommy Bush would be the next guy on the board from a skill standpoint. I think we will be in nice shape either way!
  20. If we loose Watkins and add Eagles, Woodard to go along with Moore. Who would and should be the the 4th WR we take?

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