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  1. Not in the know here, but somewhere I read/heard Ebola accounted for 2 deaths in America. Not sure if that is correct or not, but that is lower than 130,000.
  2. Same injury as Grey correct. Would be better to blowout the ACL vs Achilles’ as far as return to prior level of function with football.
  3. I was there as well. Was pissed nearing halftime and went to the alumni center for beer. Heard a large cheer as I left the stadium as we scored right before halftime. Second half was a complete ass kicking by Texas and the world was a better place.
  4. Hope you get a negative test. I’ve had 4 tests, the last because they either lost my sample or the test didn’t work for some reason. The first few tests were done because I was sick, ended up being pneumonia. The last 2 were done at my workplace which is a nursing home. Fortunately all tests in our building have been negative, and covid has been kept at bay thus far. Get healthy my friend!
  5. Don’t forget all of the folks who had events and parties over Memorial Day weekend. EDIT: and the “Beer Pong” party in Lakeway
  6. Congrats as they are UT graduates! Gotta say Fields’ time at UT was disappointing to me as I expected great things from him. Hope he does well wherever he lands.
  7. Maybe he will make the Henry Melton/Chris Whaley move to DT soon
  8. As long as nobody at the pool coughs or breathes in your face. Staying under water is recommended!
  9. Agree, but as we see not everyone will wear masks.
  10. Ok, look forward to seeing you in 2025! Hope the lake doesn’t run out of fish.
  11. Decided not to watch this one, but apparently he is 00% committed at this time based on what the headline says. “Respect my decision”. Anyone else tired of this silly catch phrase every recruit has to put on their commitment posts? Get off my lawn.
  12. Aggy gonna love the recruiting ranking bump with a Texas commit!
  13. Watching UT vs Hawaii on LHN which I believe was Ricky’s first game as a Horn. Have to chuckle as I see the infamous Ron McKelvey sitting on the bench with the defense.

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